Technology and Public Diplomacy Speaker Series: Michael Ayers

U.S.-Canada Fulbright scholar Cory Doctorow welcomed Michael Ayers, the Toshiba lawyer who negotiates their DRM deals for a discussion on digital rights management, copyright and new technology. Ayers started out as an engineer and switched to law. He was there when the anti-copying standards were set for DVDs, DVD audio, digital TV, Secure Digital cards, and he is the president of the DTLA consortium, which licenses out the DTCP control-ware from Hitachi, Intel, Matsushita, Sony, and Toshiba. Ayers is the chair of the "Business Group" for AACS, the technology that controls users of Blu-Ray and DVD-HD.

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Michael Ayers Poster


Wednesday, September 20, 2006 - 1:00am


USC Annenberg ASC 207