Research that include historical cases and literature, theories of public diplomacy, and evaluation techniques.


Related CPD Research Projects

The goal of this project is to gain critical insights into the drivers and barriers of M&E-related behavior of practitioners in the PD domain.

In the midst of what some scholars have called a “global communications arms race” the U.S. House of Representatives is considering legislation to overhaul the structure of U.S. international broadcasting (USIB).

Public diplomacy and nation branding, both rather new, practice-oriented disciplines, suffer from the lack of theory that is needed to optimize either teaching or researching in either component subject. To address this gap, this project will introduce, for the first time, Fullerton’s “Model of Country Concept.”

This research project centered on the Indo-U.S. diplomatic relationship throughout the post-war period, and investigated the role (and probable failure) of U.S. public diplomacy in India. The two core outputs of this research included a detailed historical survey of U.S. public diplomacy in India and an overview of perceptions and misperceptions of the United States in contemporary India.

The goal of this project was to stimulate greater awareness and knowledge of how culture influences public diplomacy and help generate multicultural perspectives of public diplomacy. Although cultural diplomacy may benefit from culture as a highly visible tool for promoting mutual understanding, public diplomacy is vulnerable to the hidden aspects of culture that can generate mutual misunderstanding.

November 10, 2009

This project has examined extant research on the topic of public diplomacy evaluation. It focused on various approaches to evaluation taken by the private sector, especially in the field of public relations, and by foreign governments (the UK in particular).