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Reading Room of the Allies. Interior. Partial View.

New access to U.S. historical documents shed welcome light on history of PD

San Andreas Fault in the Carrizo Plain

Nick Cull on why this year's NBI spells trouble for the U.S. - and the rest of the world.

Nicholas Cull and CPD mourn the loss on October 31 of one of the country's finest public diplomats.

Professor Nicholas J. Cull remembers Walter R. Roberts, who passed away on June 29, 2014.

Nicholas Cull on the role of film in public diplomacy. 

Mexican Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai

Last week the Shanghai Expo 2010 closed. On three sweltering days this summer I toured the vast and frenzied space that was the Expo.

It’s that time of year again. 12 October 2010 saw the publication of this year’s results for the Anholt Roper GfK Nation Brands Index. As has been the case in recent years, there are few surprises in this year’s result. Obama’s US retains the top spot ahead of the familiar family of European big hitters and Japan.

Recent years have seen a welcome resurgence in U.S. Cultural Diplomacy, which after honorable service in the Cold War, sailed into the doldrums in the mid-1990s. Today, the State Department is reaching out to foreign publics in partnership with major private sector partners including Jazz at the Lincoln Center and the Brooklyn Academy of Music as well as maintaining its own program of visits, exhibitions and tours. While the new initiatives began under the administration of George W.