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Al-Hurra Is Thriving

The June 23 front-page story about al- Hurra television, "U.S. Network Falters in Mideast Mission," failed to acknowledge the significant successes of the U.S.-funded Arabic-language broadcast and reflected a fundamental misunderstanding of U.S. international broadcasting. By law, the mission of U.S. international broadcasting is journalistic -- not propagandistic.


Amazing Soft Power

Next January a new administration will take over in Washington. Regardless of who is elected, there will be an opportunity to introduce soft power into the context of U.S. foreign policy to Iraq and around the world...Nowhere in the Middle East has U.S. soft power been more historically effective than in Lebanon.


The voice of change

Through the medium of film, we allow ourselves to view the distinctions and familiarities between us all. In a region that continues to be pulled into conflict, a new concept has arisen to heal the rift and bridge the gap of understanding between East and West. Documentary Voices is a cutting-edge programme of documentary film screenings and workshops designed to develop and empower filmmakers from the Middle East and abroad.


Quietly, Brazil Eclipses an Ally

President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil clasped hands here at a summit meeting late last month...But the carefully orchestrated event disguised a more recent turn in Latin America that presents new opportunities for the United States: Mr. da Silva has steadily peeled himself away from Venezuela’s leader and quietly supplanted him as he nurtures Brazil into a regional powerhouse.


Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan to launch joint TV network

Representatives of the Islamic Republic, Tajikistan and Afghanistan in their first working group session inked an agreement here Sunday to establish a joint Persian-language TV network in the near future.


Politics on Facebook brings trouble for young Egyptian

Ahmed Maher says he was arrested and tortured by Egyptian authorities for starting a group on the popular social-networking site that was intended to support a nationwide strike.


Once Upon a Time, Hollywood Actually Helped U.S. Image Abroad…

Much of the anti-American disinformation that is eagerly consumed overseas comes not from governments but from Hollywood. A frequent theme in American-made movies is the threat posed by rogue agencies within the U.S. government or by predatory American corporations that seek world domination.


US share of tourists drops

Despite the weak US dollar, a global boom in travel has not translated into an explosion of foreign tourists to the United States....Whatever the cause, travel industry experts say the US is missing an opportunity to make up for the shortfall in domestic tourism caused by high fuel prices.



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