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AFRICOM Halts HQ Plan; Will Phase in Staff

The U.S. Africa Command has shelved plans to build a new headquarters on the African continent in favor of placing staff there as needs arise.


Six Afghan exchange students flee to Canada

But three weeks ago, the Afghan exchange students on a U.S. State Department program started to go missing. Since the second week of April, six have fled to Canada to make asylum bids just weeks before they were to have been returned to their Afghan villages.


Syrian Cultural Week announced

The PM, with the Yemeni and Syrian Culture Ministers, announced that the opening of the Syrian Cultural Center in Sana’a will be on May 12 at Yemeni Syrian committee meetings. The Syrian Cultural Center’s manager told Mo’tamarnet that the cultural week will accompany the Center’s official opening, adding that this activity comes at a great time of bilateral cultural relations.


Critic accuses Hollywood of vilifying Arabs

Hollywood's depiction of Arabs has eased the path for U.S. administration policy, he argues. Decades of portraying Arabs and Muslims as the enemy "made it that much easier for us to go into Iraq", he said. "There were very few people protesting.


Cheers outweigh protest at Hong Kong’s Olympic torch relay

Hong Kong immigration officials held Ms. Farrow for questioning on her arrival Thursday but allowed her to enter, and she spoke out Friday on Darfur. That was a smart PR move, given her international profile, says David Zweig, director of the Center on China's Transnational Relations at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He says that far from surrendering free speech, Hong Kong has continued its role since 1997 as the most cosmopolitan and democratic corner of China, and a refuge for dissenting voices.


AFRICOM Expo Attracts Businesses Eager To Get In On The Development

Coverage of the AFRICOM/Business Transformation Agency exposition where participants were hoping to do business with U.S. Africa Command and other agencies once the new military command gets up to full speed.


Nigeria, US Ties May Chart AFRICOM Path

Amid opposition to AFRICOM, Nigeria is pushing a different vision of military partnership that could make US troops less visible but still effective.


Mbeki is losing his global standing amid his failed Zimbabwe policies

Despite his reputation for international diplomacy, Mbeki's standing has been undermined by the fallout over Robert Mugabe's refusal to release the results of the March 29 elections - widely believed to have been won by opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Mbeki's soft stance has all but destroyed his credibility as the region's mediator and international point man over Zimbabwe.



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