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Beijing Olympics 2008: China creates anti-terror squad

China has created a special 100,000 anti-terrorist force for the Olympics, reinforcing the impression that the Games will be dominated by tough security measures. Restrictions on Chinese and foreigners in Beijing are mounting as the Olympic torch begins the second half of its trip round Chinato Beijing.


Chinese athletes pushed to the limit, and beyond, for Olympic gold

Pressured by the national athletic system and tempted by the commercial riches awaiting star performers in the 2008 Games, China's athletes are pushing themselves to their limits and beyond, causing some to risk their health in pursuit of nationalist glory.


Beijing Announces Traffic Plan for Olympics

Beijing officials on Friday announced temporary measures to unsnarl the city’s traffic and reduce its chronic and sometimes choking air pollution. It will restrict owners of private cars to driving on alternate days, depending on whether the last number of their license plate is even or odd, officials said at a news conference. Operating hours for public transportation will be extended during the two-month period, the officials said.


China to bar people with AIDS, other diseases from Olympics

China is putting out the welcome mat for foreign tourists during the Olympics -- as long as they're not sick. Kyodo News reports that Beijing plans to bar foreigners with certain medical conditions from entering the country during the games. The Japanese news organization says Beijing's list includes: yellow fever, cholera, venereal disease, leprosy, infectious pulmonary tuberculosis and AIDS.


Rudd says he’ll go to Beijing

Months of speculation over whether Prime Minister Kevin Rudd would attend the Beijing Olympic Games ended yesterday when he announced he would be attending the opening ceremony and ''the first few'' events. The decision brought an immediate rebuke from Greens senator Bob Brown, who said Mr Rudd's ''predictable'' decision raised the question of why he had kept Australia waiting so long. He said the Government had done nothing since the bloodshed in Tibet in March to lift Beijing's suppression of seven million Tibetans.


Five Asian nations branded ‘worst’ violators of refugee rights

China, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Bangladesh have been identified as among the worst violators of refugees' rights in a global survey released ahead of Friday's World Refugees Day.


Eyeing tourism, Haiti battles its violent reputation

Once a popular destination, it sees few tourists despite UN data that indicate country is among the region's safest.


China’s president chats online, but skates by tough questions

President Hu Jintao sat down before a computer Friday for a rare live chat session and declared himself a regular, if silent, visitor to Web sites, skirting tough questions posted by surprised Internet users. Hu took only three softball questions in his brief appearance on the Web site of People's Daily, the organ of the Chinese Communist Party.



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