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Korean Language Becomes College Entrance Exam Subject in France

Korean has been designated an official foreign language subject for college entrance exam in France, according to the French Embassy in Korea. An embassy official said on Sunday that France's Ministry of Education included Korean among foreign languages for the Baccalaureat ― an academic qualification test that French high school students must pass to graduate and enter university ― late last year.

Tags: south korea, france, French Embassy, korean language, foreign language, Cultural Diplomacy, cultural exchange

Reflecting on Eight Years of U.S. Refugee Assistance

In addition to being the world’s leading donor of humanitarian aid, we have worked to ensure the rights of conflict victims – including women and girls, the elderly, the disabled, minorities, and LGBTI persons – are respected. We have also backed efforts to use both humanitarian and development resources to help societies that host large numbers of refugees so their citizens do not suffer from overburdened hospitals and overcrowded classroom

Tags: united states, global aid & development, refugees, international migration, human rights, LGBT rights

Trumping Traditional Public Diplomacy

As the new president-elect prepares to take office, traditional analysts scramble to prepare policy papers on their public diplomacy recommendations. In keeping with the twist of the Trump candidacy, it seems fitting to turn the tables and see what insights public diplomacy may glean from the Trump run. Social media, emotion, and identity are redefining traditional strategies, and Trump has exploited these shifting communication dynamics.

Tags: americas, Donald Trump, Digital Diplomacy & New Technology, twitter, social media, communications, united states

Taiwan Placed 34th in Nation Brand Rankings

Taiwan fell by one place from a year ago to 34th in the 2016 Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands IndexSM report, behind Japan, Singapore, South Korea and China, the Ministry of Economic Affairs said Tuesday. Conducted annually, the study measures global perceptions of 50 countries in terms of their exports, governance, culture, people, tourism and immigration/investment.

Tags: taiwan, Nation Image, nation branding, immigration, tourism, good governance, Cultural Diplomacy

Changes Ahead in Sino-US Ties Under Trump

When dealing with the Trump administration, China should pay attention to several factors. First, China should get to know Trump's political ambitions, and establish contacts with his core team. China should strengthen the role of non-governmental actors in public diplomacy, and improve Sino-US public diplomacy by using think tanks to effectively control conflicts. Last but not the least, China needs to enhance social media communication and promote international discourse.

Tags: china, united states, sino-us relation, Donald Trump, Opinion, op-ed, non-governmental organizations, economic cooperation, social media, digital diplomacy

Learn About Australia with Work & Holiday Visa

According to the Australian government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection website: “The Work & Holiday (Temporary) visa (subclass 462) is for young people who want to holiday and work in Australia for up to a year. It is a temporary visa that encourages cultural exchange and closer ties between Australia and eligible partner countries.”

Tags: australia, cultural work visas, Cultural Diplomacy, cultural exchange, immigration, government pd, educational exchange

Unruly Chinese Tourists Counteract the Government's Soft Power Plans

For China, tourism is a tool. The country sees it as a facilitator of people-to-people communication and a way to spread international friendship. In other words: soft power. [...] However, in the discussions during the evening reception, most participants were first asking questions and offering stories about different forms of outrageous behavior seen among Chinese travelers. 

Tags: china, smart & soft power, tourism, international image, cultural exchange, people to people diplomacy, education, media

Enterprise Estonia Launches the Country’s New Gateway Page

Enterprise Estonia, the state-run agency responsible for promoting Estonia abroad and attracting investment, launched two brand new web platforms, estonia.ee and brand.estonia.ee, at the cost of €200,000. The new website estonia.ee replaces the estonia.eu site that had become obsolete and outdated, both in design and content. The long-serving “Welcome to Estonia” logo will be dumped as well.

Tags: nation branding, estonia, digital diplomacy & new tech, international image, economic development, brand estonia


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