Civil Society Gathers at UN to Help Shape New Vision for Global Development, Prosperity

UN News Centre | Aug 28, 2014

Civil society converged on United Nations Headquarters in New York today to make their voices heard regarding the future global development agenda that will point the way forward on a range of issues such as eradicating poverty, eliminating hunger and combating disease.

Tragedy Can Be Tweeted, But Our Rage Should Transcend Social Media

Vice News | Aug 28, 2014

In the past week or so, major social media events have included a funeral, a police shooting, and a beheading. I don't mean to suggest that the ceremony for Mike Brown in Ferguson, the shooting of Kajieme Powell a few miles away, or the Islamic State's beheading of James Foley in Syria were primarily social media events. They are all tragedies, which have taken and shattered lives.

Our Mining Experience Shared Internationally

ABC | Aug 28, 2014

A couple of weeks ago you may remember I brought to you the story of 20 international delegates from countries in Asia, Africa and South America who were visiting Central Queensland to see how we manage the social and environmental impact of mining.

Scottish Anti-Independence Ad Backfires, Sparks #PatronisingBTLady

Al Jazeera | Aug 28, 2014

As Scotland's September referendum on independence approaches, groups both for and against separation from the United Kingdom are making efforts to appeal to undecided voters. But one particular advertisement has caused a fury of commotion online.  Scottish Twitter users had mostly negative initial reactions to the advertisement, which was widely considered condescending and outdated.

Tanzania Challenges Violence-Hit Kenya as Regional Tourism Hub

Thomson Reuters Foundation | Aug 28, 2014

Tanzania expects tourist numbers to double to 2 million by 2017, the state tourist board said, challenging regional rival Kenya where Islamist attacks have scared away visitors. Tanzania, famed for its pristine beaches and safari parks beneath snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, has always played second-fiddle to Kenya, which has a more developed tourism industry and better air links to the key markets in Europe and United States.

North Korea Joins Chorus of Trolls Slamming U.S. Over Ferguson

Foreign Policy | Aug 28, 2014

North Korea is arguably one of the world's most racist societies, so it's with no small measure of irony that the country's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday bashed the United States for the happenings in Ferguson, Missouri, which has been gripped by unrest following the death of a black teenager at the hands of a white police officer.

Indonesia Seeks to Increase Cooperation with Turkey

Daily Sabah | Aug 28, 2014

The alliance between Indonesia and Turkey dates back to the 16th century when Portuguese pirates started attacking Indonesian boats while traveling to Mecca to fulfill their religious duty. In response, the Ottoman Empire sent a navy to stop the pirates from looting the Indonesian ships. 

UK’s £600 Million Syrian Aid ‘Largest Ever’ Response to Humanitarian Crisis

RT | Aug 27, 2014

In the UK’s biggest ever response to a humanitarian crisis, the government has committed over £600 million to help those affected by the conflict in Syria – the second highest total after the US. Aid is being allocated to help a million refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq. 


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