Canada in the World

Ottowa Citizen | Jul 25, 2014

Canada’s environmental, public-safety, agricultural, foreign-affairs and trade policies all affect global prosperity and resilience — and by extension in an interconnected world, Canadian prosperity and resilience.

The All-American Expo That Invaded Cold War Russia

Paleofuture | Jul 25, 2014

Over the course of six weeks during the height of the Cold War, almost three million Soviets visited an exhibition that celebrated America. American kitchens, American art, American cars, and most especially American capitalism. The American National Exhibition in Moscow was a full-court press to convince the Soviet people of American superiority.

Why the U.S. Is Building a Fantastical Aquarium in Brazil

The Atlantic | Jul 25, 2014

Soon enough, Brazil will be able to boast the largest aquarium in South America. It may also be the most truly American project in the Western Hemisphere. While the backers of Acquario Ceará are aiming to create a new design symbol for South America, it will be almost entirely a product of North America. 

Gastón Acurio, South America’s Super Chef

Washington Post | Jul 25, 2014

With a swelling franchise of 44 international restaurants, Gastón Acurio has made the varied food of Peru its proudest export.  Then Gastón Acurio opened his first restaurant in 1994, and began remaking gritty Lima into the culinary capital of South America.

Aarne Saluveer Helps Meld an Alienated Russian Minority into Estonia’s Culture

The Christian Science Monitor | Jul 24, 2014

On a recent spring day in Rugodiv auditorium in Narva, a city on Estonia’s eastern border with Russia, 280 children are singing: “This is what I hear/ This is what I see/ This is what I feel/ This is my homeland.” Standing shoulder to shoulder, they all sing in Estonian, a surprise in this Russian enclave of 58,600 on the dividing line between the European Union and the Russian Federation. 

World Gathers to Give 'Brand Scotland' a Boost

CNBC | Jul 24, 2014

Wednesday night's opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games – with its inflatable Loch Ness Monster, giant kilts and rolling heather -- raised as many eyebrows as it did smiles. Nonetheless, experts agree that the event is likely to give "Brand Scotland" a much-needed boost. Some 1 billion viewers across 71 countries are estimated to have tuned in and watched the opening ceremony on Wednesday, which was held at the Celtic Park stadium in Glasgow. 

New Cold War on the UN Stage and Closing Curtain on 'We the People'

The World Post | Jul 24, 2014

The UN is as much stage as platform for diplomatic exchange, and the Kremlin is no longer so keen on keeping the curtain up. From news to manifestations in popular culture, diplomacy is evolving, modern communication defining both obsolescence and new demands/opportunities. The conversation is increasingly moving beyond states to the global citizen and access to news and perspectives is part of the diplomatic arsenal.

Russia To Re-open Trade Mission In Nigeria

Leadership | Jul 24, 2014

The Russian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Nikolay Udovincheko, says Russian Trade Mission to Nigeria will be reopened to promote trade and economic ties between the two countries. Udovincheko stated this during a courtesy visit by the Managing Director of News Agency of Nigeria, Mr Ima Niboro, to the Russian Embassy on Wednesday in Abuja. The ambassador said the embassy was also working towards opening a cultural centre in Nigeria to promote cultural diplomacy between both countries.


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