Global Classrooms Initiative to Launch Next Semester, Provides International Experience

Diamondback Online | Nov 26, 2014

Last semester, 10 students from this university had the opportunity to take a virtual, project-based course in international development and conflict management with 10 students from Tel Aviv University as part of the university’s new Global Classrooms Initiative.

Why I Tweet as a British Ambassador in a Country Without Free Speech

The Guardian | Nov 26, 2014

Tweeting in Cuba isn’t like tweeting in most other places in the world. With no easy access to Wi-Fi or 3G and no broadband, it’s not simple to get online. Only about 5% of people in Cuba use the internet. I’m one of the lucky ones, because the British embassy provides me with internet via satellite so I can blog, tweet or post to my heart’s content.

World Council Backs U.N.'s Development Goals

Credit Union Times | Nov 26, 2014

The United Nations is undertaking a process to develop a set of sustainable development goals that will be used to target international development assistance during the post-Millennium Development Goal period of 2015–2030.

Indian Community in UAE Gears Up for National Day Fete

Khaleej Times | Nov 26, 2014

Indian community members across the emirates have geared up to celebrate the 43rd UAE National Day, showing solidarity to a country that is hosting more than two million Indians, the largest expatriate community here.

Counter-Piracy Lite? The EU's Soft Security

The Maritime Executive | Nov 26, 2014

Operation Atalanta (EU NAVFOR) has unquestionably grabbed the limelight as the EU’s most important contribution to combating piracy. However, that mission’s mandate ends in 2014, and while it may be extended it appears to be scaling down as the piracy epidemic off the coast of Somalia has much reduced.

Soft Power: The Vaccine Against Oppression

Breaking Defense | Nov 26, 2014

 As General Myers, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has observed, “every dollar spent on the soft power of ideas is worth 100 in hard power.”(...) In the years ahead, no matter who controls the White House or Congress, our nation must focus more of our efforts on soft power.

Learning from EU

My Republica | Nov 26, 2014

The European Union (EU) is hopeful that progress can be made on many issues affecting the South Asia Region at the 18th SAARC Summit in Kathmandu.

Column: Truce, Not Breakthrough, Avoids Hard Choices by US and Iran

Voice of America | Nov 26, 2014

After failing to reach their own deadline for a comprehensive nuclear agreement, the world’s major powers and Iran settled for an extended truce that avoids the hard political choices that neither Washington nor Tehran could make.


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