South Sudan Accused of Threatening Aid Groups

New Vision | Oct 25, 2014

A letter to over 100 international aid agencies from South Sudan's NGO Forum detailed the "increasing trend of harassment and interference targeting NGOs" that is "marked by increased hostility and threats from officials".

Syrian Official Honored for Work Protecting Antiquities

The New York Times | Oct 25, 2014

The award, the Cultural Heritage Rescue Prize, was established by Francesco Rutelli, of Italy’s Associazione Priorità Cultura and the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin, to reward “the courage and determination of those fighting to preserve culture as universal heritage,” according to the organizers, who decided to give the inaugural award to a person or organization involved in the Syrian conflict.

Rwanda Suspends BBC Broadcasts Over Genocide Film

New Vision | Oct 25, 2014

Rwanda on Friday partially suspended BBC broadcasts over a controversial documentary on the central African country's leadership and the 1994 genocide.

UN Peace Conference Renews Commitment Against Extremism of All Kinds

Cihan | Oct 25, 2014

At a United Nations conference organized by the Journalists and Writers Foundation (GYV) on Friday in Geneva, a wide range of participants agreed that global challenges against peace should not lead to apathy, while reiterating their commitment against all kinds of extremism. 

How Russia Is Using Propaganda

The Daily Signal | Oct 25, 2014

Russia also has ramped up its advances on the information warfare front, aiming a barrage of propaganda at foreigners, particularly at Russian speakers living in its “near abroad.”

Embassy in Brazil Prepares for Road to Rio 2016

Jamaica Information Service | Oct 25, 2014

Jamaican Ambassador to Brazil, Her Excellency Alison Stone Roofe, says her embassy staff has already started preparations to capitalize on the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Tokyo Festival and Japan Foundation Reach Out to Asian Region

Variety | Oct 25, 2014

The festival has struck a multi-year deal with the Japan Foundation’s recently created Asia Center to help it bring in Asian films and film-makers to Tokyo and also to expand Japanese cultural influence in Asia.

Brazilian Film Week Features Documentaries About the Country’s Music

The Washington Post | Oct 25, 2014

Brazilian Embassy cultural attache Raphael Tosti de Almeida Vieira has an ace up his sleeve. (...)His ace is Brazilian music. “It’s the Brazilian soft power,” Tosti says of his country’s rich musical heritage that includes internationally beloved genres such as samba and bossa nova.


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