At Climate March in New York, a Clarion Call for Action

New York Times | Sep 21, 2014

Climates marches were held across the globe on Sunday, from Paris to Papua New Guinea, and with world leaders gathering at the United Nations on Tuesday for a climate summit meeting, marchers said the timing was right for the populist message in support of limits on carbon emissions. The signs that marchers held were as varied as the movement: “There is No Planet B,” “Forests Not for Sale” and “Jobs, Justice, Clean Energy.”

Arab States Lag in Media War Against Extremists

Quincy Harold-Whig | Sep 21, 2014

As the Islamic State group battles across Syria and Iraq, pushing back larger armies and ruling over entire cities, it is also waging an increasingly sophisticated media campaign that has rallied disenfranchised youth and outpaced the sluggish efforts of Arab governments to stem its appeal.

Berlin to Host Saudi Cultural Event

Arab News | Sep 21, 2014

Culture and Information Minister Abdul Aziz Khoja will open on Tuesday a weeklong cultural event in Berlin coinciding with the Saudi National Day celebrations.  A major event in the festival will be a comprehensive exhibition showcasing the past and present of the Saudi culture. 

Envoy Speak: Japan’s ‘Soft Power’ Pitches for Brotherhood

Times of Oman | Sep 21, 2014

With a wealth of 'soft power' resources, Japan continually strives to enhance the attractiveness of its image overseas through human, cultural and intellectual exchange, and public diplomacy. In particular, Japan's so-called sub-culture of animation (anime), movies, comics (manga), pop music and Japanese cuisine, has significant global reach.

Africa's Growth is a Development Story: Canada

CNBC Africa | Sep 21, 2014

“Africa’s development is not only an important economic growth story, it is also a development story,” said minister Christian Paradis.  In his address to Canadian and African businesses, the minister added that economic growth was critical to creating better communities.

China-Asean Relations: Hamstrung Soft Power in South China Sea?

Establishment Post | Sep 21, 2014

China and Southeast Asia are more intertwined than ever. Trade between these two regions is booming, and Chinese investors are pouring into Southeast Asia. China is fully involved in most regional security meetings organised by Asean. This era of Sino-Southeast Asian relations should therefore be a golden age bringing mutual peace and prosperity for all concerned.

Soft Power, Hard Battles: Inventing the Asian Games is a Forgotten Facet of the Nehruvian Idea of India

Times of India | Sep 21, 2014

As Indian athletes get ready to compete in Incheon today few remember how the modern Asian Games themselves were virtually invented by India, how central these Games were for the hopes, aspirations and ideals of Nehruvian India and the role they played in soft power diplomacy in the early years after independence.

New U.N. Ebola Mission Will Depend on International Support

U.S Department of Defense | Sep 21, 2014

In an emergency session yesterday convened by the United States, 131 members of the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution declaring the Ebola outbreak spreading now in Africa a threat to international peace and security.


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