Canadian Government Working On Matchmaking Site For Foreign Aid

The Huffington Post | Apr 18, 2015

Instead of bringing together love-starved singles, the project would introduce strangers with shared interest in development, including for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, governments and international agencies.

Shanxi Training Afghan Medical Staff

Xinhua | Apr 18, 2015

North China's Shanxi Province has begun a training program for Afghan hospital administrators and medics. It will train 64 Afghans within the next two years, and 19 of them are already training in the province, its health department said on Saturday.

Muslim Rock Idea Shows Lack of US Anti-ISIL Propaganda Policy

Sputnik News | Apr 18, 2015

According to former CIA officer, the US asking Sony Pictures Entertainment to find a Muslim version of Western rock musician Bob Geldof to counter Islamic State propaganda demonstrates that US President Barack Obama lacks a coherent strategy to address extremist information operations.

Dominating Asia: AIIB And The US-Chinese Economic Battle

Daily Sabah | Apr 18, 2015

Controlling a multilateral investment bank will give Beijing greater influence over the Asia-Pacific region that needs a whopping $8 trillion-worth of infrastructure investment until 2020 to keep pace with global technological and demographic changes

The Demise Of Turkish Soft Power

Today's Zaman | Apr 18, 2015

Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party discovered the effectiveness of “soft power” early on in its rule. Soft power was successfully used to promote Turkey as a modern Muslim democracy. Unfortunately, this has now gone into reverse gear due to the increasing authoritarian trends of Turkey's leadership.

Enterprising Chinese Flock To Dubai

Yahoo! News | Apr 18, 2015

Those who travelled and saw opportunities for work, business, and leisure in the UAE stayed or came back and formed part of the now 250,000-strong Chinese expatriate community in the UAE.

NBA Tests Waters In Cuba, But Not Everyone's Happy

CNBC | Apr 18, 2015

The National Basketball Association wasted little time reaching out to Cuba. But lingering enmity toward the communist nation may force the NBA—and other sports leagues—to proceed with caution.

Why Iran Matters to South Korea -- and Why South Korea's Middle East Posture Should Matter to the United States

The Huffington Post | Apr 18, 2015

Seoul is an increasingly active player in the Middle East. Relying almost entirely on foreign oil imports, South Korea is economically disposed to chart a delicate political course between its suppliers in Iran and the Gulf.


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