Koreas Share History of Sports Engagement

The Korea Times | Sep 22, 2014

Given the troubled history between South and North Korea, it's difficult to imagine that the sides marched under the same flag at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. The unified marches, also held at the Sydney and Athens Games, fell in line with a reconciliatory mood on the peninsula as well as the idea that, in the words of the late Nelson Mandela, sport "has the power to change the world."

Israel Asks Countries to Cancel Travel Warnings Issued During Gaza War

Haaretz | Sep 22, 2014

The Foreign Ministry has been running a diplomatic campaign in world capitals in recent weeks to get them to cancel their travel advisories to Israel, which they issued to their citizens during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. Foreign Ministry officials fear that every day the advisories remain in effect is damaging to both tourism and investments from abroad. 

World Leaders Flock to UN General Assembly

BBC News | Sep 22, 2014

A marquee has been erected on the driveway of the United Nations to deprive potential snipers of a line of site, as world leaders lever themselves out of their limousines. Even inside the headquarters building, blue partitions have been put up, presumably to sequester the leaders from the journalists who work here day in day out. With some 140 heads of state and government scheduled to attend, a record-breaking number, leaders' week at the United Nations is like no other.

Fact-Checking ‘Madam Secretary’ with a State Department Vet

The Washington Post | Sep 22, 2014

We asked State Department veteran Tara Sonenshine to watch the premiere episode of the series, which centers on an unconventional secretary of state, a former CIA analyst played by Tea Leoni, with us to see how accurately the show gets Washington and the world of Foggy Bottom diplomacy.

At Climate March in New York, a Clarion Call for Action

New York Times | Sep 21, 2014

Climates marches were held across the globe on Sunday, from Paris to Papua New Guinea, and with world leaders gathering at the United Nations on Tuesday for a climate summit meeting, marchers said the timing was right for the populist message in support of limits on carbon emissions. The signs that marchers held were as varied as the movement: “There is No Planet B,” “Forests Not for Sale” and “Jobs, Justice, Clean Energy.”

Arab States Lag in Media War Against Extremists

Quincy Harold-Whig | Sep 21, 2014

As the Islamic State group battles across Syria and Iraq, pushing back larger armies and ruling over entire cities, it is also waging an increasingly sophisticated media campaign that has rallied disenfranchised youth and outpaced the sluggish efforts of Arab governments to stem its appeal.

Berlin to Host Saudi Cultural Event

Arab News | Sep 21, 2014

Culture and Information Minister Abdul Aziz Khoja will open on Tuesday a weeklong cultural event in Berlin coinciding with the Saudi National Day celebrations.  A major event in the festival will be a comprehensive exhibition showcasing the past and present of the Saudi culture. 

Envoy Speak: Japan’s ‘Soft Power’ Pitches for Brotherhood

Times of Oman | Sep 21, 2014

With a wealth of 'soft power' resources, Japan continually strives to enhance the attractiveness of its image overseas through human, cultural and intellectual exchange, and public diplomacy. In particular, Japan's so-called sub-culture of animation (anime), movies, comics (manga), pop music and Japanese cuisine, has significant global reach.


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