Aussie CEO to Fly to Greece to Pay Pension of Old Friend of the Family

NZ Herald | Jul 7, 2015

Two days ago Australian website ran pictures of an elderly Greek man slumped on the pavement outside a bank in Thessaloniki. He was openly weeping. James Koufos, a finance CEO based in Sydney, recognised him as Giorgos Chatzifotiadis, an old friend of the family, and decided he had to do something.

Afghan Delegation in Pakistan for Talks with Taliban

Pakistan Today | Jul 7, 2015

An Afghan delegation has travelled to Islamabad in the latest bid to start peace talks with the Taliban, officials said on Tuesday, though there was no confirmation the militants would take part.

7/7 Bombings Anniversary: #WalkTogether Trends on Twitter in London as Thousands Remember 52 Victims of Terror Attacks

The Independent | Jul 7, 2015

Thousands have taken to Twitter as the hashtag #WalkTogether trended across London on the 10th anniversary of the London 7/7 bombings in which 52 people were killed. It urges commuters to leave their Tubes a stop early and walk, remembering the afternoon of the attack when thousands took to London’s streets as public transport network shut.

Legendary Princess Is Icon for Modern Indo-Korean Ties

The New Indian Express | Jul 7, 2015

As one of its new initiatives, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), the cultural diplomacy wing of the Ministry of External Affairs, is organising an International Conference about Princess Suriratna of Ayodhya, who is believed to have married a Korean King.

Kenya: Mama Sarah Obama Endorse the Safari Initiative

Geeska Afrika | Jul 7, 2015

Grand Mama Sarah Obama the Grand Mother of U.S. President Barack Obama Jr. endorsed the Safari Initiative, for the first US President ever to visit Kenya. The Presidency, Foreign Affairs and Tourism ministries, and security agencies top the list of State departments that have received millions of the Obama-visit funds.

Another Sign that U.S.-China Relations Are Souring

The National Interest | Jul 7, 2015

First introduced by then-Vice President Xi during a state visit in 2012, the NTGPR framework has since come to dominate Chinese public diplomacy towards the United States. Like the “China Dream” and “One Belt, One Road,” the “new model” of Sino-American relations occupies an important ideological space for the Party’s 5th generation leadership. 

Nobel Laureates Urge Donors to Boost Education Funds Ahead of Global Meet

Reuters | Jul 6, 2015

International donors must boost aid to developing nations to ensure that millions of the world's poorest and marginalised children can go to school, a group of Nobel laureates said on Monday, ahead of a global conference on financing for education.

BRICS Summit Gives Putin a Chance to Show Russia not Isolated

Reuters | Jul 6, 2015

The BRICS emerging economies will launch a development bank at a summit this week which President Vladimir Putin hopes will help reduce Western dominance of world financial institutions and show Moscow is not isolated.


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