An Open Letter to the Iranian Negotiating Team

Brookings Institute | Aug 20, 2014

Dear Iranian Negotiators: Some of you may remember me from the time I served on the American delegation to the nuclear talks.  Although I left the U.S. Government over a year ago, I try to follow the negotiations closely, and I have been impressed by the determination and professionalism that you – as well as the Americans and indeed all the parties – have brought to the table.

Why a China-South Korea Alliance Won't Happen

The Diplomat | Aug 20, 2014

There has been much debate recently on the possibility of a China-South Korea alliance. The “pro” arguments quite often begin by noting that China has been emerging rapidly in a multi-polar world, making a strategic competition or even stand-off between China and the United States more probable.

The People of Syria Pay Tribute to James Foley

i100 | Aug 20, 2014

Every week residents in the town of Kafranbel in Idlib, north west Syria, release a photo or sign related to current events in an attempt to draw the world’s attention to the ongoing civil war in their country.

Protesters Climbed Iconic Moscow Skyscraper, Planted Ukranian Flag and Took A Selfie

Washington Post | Aug 20, 2014

For about three hours Wednesday morning, the Ukrainian flag was flying high over Russia’s capital city. Protesters fastened a blue-and-yellow banner to the Soviet star atop the spire of one of Moscow’s Stalin-era “Seven Sisters” skyscrapers on the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment about a mile from the Kremlin.

Islamic State Magazines: Violent Extremism in Glossy Form

Wall Street Journal | Aug 20, 2014

In addition to pictures of mass executions and beheading videos, the Islamic State also puts out propaganda magazines containing stories about stoning adulterers and joining the jihad — all wrapped in a package with high production values.

Egypt Trolls Uncle Sam With Advice on How Best to Police Ferguson

Foreign Policy | Aug 19, 2014

Egypt's generals appear to have an awfully short memory. A year after they massacred supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in the streets of Cairo, they have some advice for American authorities on how to handle the spiraling unrest in Ferguson, Mo.

North America and Europe are Still Writing History—Now Through Wikipedia

Quartz | Aug 19, 2014

Wikipedia is often seen as a great equalizer. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people collaborate on a seemingly endless range of topics by writing, editing and discussing articles, and uploading images and video content.

Al Gore and WPP Agencies Ask Young Adults to Advocate for the Environment

Creativity | Aug 19, 2014

A group of eight WPP agencies have banded together to launch a multimedia campaign for Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project in an effort to prompt global leaders to reduce carbon emissions in the days leading up to the U.N. Climate Summit on September 23.


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