On World Day Against Death Penalty, UN Says Practice Deters neither Drug Crimes nor Abuse

UN News Centre | Oct 10, 2015

The death penalty does not deter drug crimes, nor does it protect people from drug abuse, said United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, reiterating the world body's ongoing call to abolish the practice altogether, while emphasizing that if used, that it be applied only to the crime of intentional killing.

Asia's Largest Film Festival Closes With Record Visitors

ABC News | Oct 10, 2015

A typhoon and a government budget cut did not stop cinema lovers from flocking to Asia's most influential film festival. The annual Busan International Film Festival drew to a close on Saturday with a record number of visitors and many new Asian movies for the world to enjoy.

Malaysia Will Set Up Regional Centre to Counter ISIS Propaganda

The Straits Times | Oct 10, 2015

Malaysia will set up a regional centre that sends out the "right" message to counter the distorted narrative of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in its recruitment of foreign fighters for its cause.

A Path Less Chosun: South Korea's New Trilateral Diplomacy

Foreign Affairs | Oct 9, 2015

What we are actually seeing is Diplomacy 2.0 on the Korean peninsula: a nuanced, three-dimensional foreign policy strategy designed to alter Chinese strategic thinking, engage U.S. interests, and ultimately build Northeast Asian cooperation where there was little in the past.

How to Brand Bangladesh Right

| Oct 9, 2015

The image of our country is the lowest it’s been [...] Bangladesh is yet to become attractive to G-7 investors. Bangladesh’s potential as a liberal Muslim country is not discussed at the right tables in the Middle East.

Hello Kitty's Trek to World Domination

Sydney Morning Herald | Oct 9, 2015

Kitty is just so cute. Cute and mute. She's a cypher, a logo: and yet magically so broad in her appeal that she has become a carrier for and a manifestation of Japanese soft power throughout East Asia and beyond, Yano says. She's the globally recognised ambassador for Japan's cute or "kawaii" culture. 

Ethiopia: Pope's Visit to Ethiopia - a Testament to the Growing Ethio-Egypt Ties

allAfrica | Oct 9, 2015

The longstanding relations between Ethiopia and Egypt are growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. The recent government officials, public diplomacy and religious leader exchange of visits between the two countries help the two countries to further cementing relations.

You Might Think The Geneva Conventions Protect Civilians, Or That The Red Cross Does. Think Again.

Washington Post | Oct 9, 2015

[W]e found that the ICRC tends to issue such statements only after a massacre has already taken place. For instance, when we studied the Bosnian civil war, we examined the timing of the use of force and the public diplomacy in the form of “naming and shaming” the disputants. The ICRC voiced its concerns 13 times, 11 times quite mildly. The ICRC reacts to international humanitarian law abuses. But its public condemnations do not reduce the carnage in the weeks that follow.


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