World Service Fears Losing Information War as Russia Today Ramps up Pressure

The Guardian | Dec 21, 2014

he BBC World Service is being financially outgunned by Russian and Chinese state-owned news channels, its former director Peter Horrocks has warned, amid high-level concerns that Britain and the US are losing a global “information war” with the Kremlin.

Janet Jackson on Palestine, Syria Peace Mission

Al Arabiya | Dec 21, 2014

Pop-music icon Janet Jackson was in Palestine on Sunday during a visit to Occupied Jerusalem with her Qatari billionaire husband Wissam al-Mana.  Jackson, also a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, posted pictures on her Twitter account of herself posing with “beautiful Palestinian students.”

The Mexican Kitchen's Islamic Connection

Saudi Aramco World | Dec 21, 2014

Although Mexico and India were on opposite sides of the globe, the brown, spicy, aromatic curries that he was offered in India sparked memories of Mexico’s national dish, mole (pronounced MO-lay). Is mole, he wondered, “an ingenious Mexican version of curry, or is curry a Hindu adaptation of a Mexican sauce?”

Does America Need a BBC?

In Homeland Security | Dec 21, 2014

Washington would do well to incorporate the business approaches of the BBC and other successful models that mix entertainment, education and news with a massive stock pile of programs for the foreign audience to consume. 

U.S.-Cuba Cultural Ties, Long Hearty, at Crossroads

Wall Street Journal | Dec 21, 2014

With Detente, Politics Is Finally Catching Up With a Mutual Fascination That Survived a Half Century of Hostility Between Washington and Havana.

Obama's New Diplomacy — Who doesn't Want Cuban Cigars?

The Hill | Dec 20, 2014

When the president of the United States moved to normalize relations with the communist nation, many on the right cried foul. (...) These criticisms refer not to President Obama's new Cuba policy, but to President Nixon's opening to China in 1971. Nixon's critics were on the wrong side of history then, just as Obama's critics are now.

First South Korea-Taiwan Cultural Exchange Seminar Held

The China Post | Dec 20, 2014

South Korea's de facto embassy in Taiwan yesterday held the first-ever South Korea-Taiwan Cultural Exchange Seminar in Taipei to promote closer bilateral exchanges.

Why Hostels May Be the 21st Century Embassies

Huffington Post | Dec 20, 2014

Every year Cultural Tourism DC, in conjunction with international embassies, hosts the famous "Around the World" and "Shortcut to Europe" open house series. This tremendous two day event spaced over two weekends, gives visitors the chance to tour more than 70 embassies where they can learn about different cultures through food, art and music. But what happens if you are not in town during this once a year grand event? If you want a similar effect, consider staying at a hostel.


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