Why a Communist Dictator May Be the World’s Most Popular Leader – at Home and Abroad

The Washington Post | Dec 18, 2014

He presides over a one-party state that jails more journaliststhan any other on the planet, silences its critics ruthlessly and censors the Internet extensively. But China’s President Xi Jinping is not only wildly popular in his own country, he could be the most popular world leader globally.

‘Interview’ Cancellation Aftermath: Obama Wants Us to Go to the Movies

The Washington Post | Dec 18, 2014

After multiple theater chains announced that they would not screen “The Interview” on its Dec. 25 release date, Sony abandoned the movie. This kicked off a number of industry-wide reverberations, some yet-to-be-seen. So let’s get down to the business of digesting the multi-headed hydra that is Sony’s” Interview” catastrophe.

U.S. Stokes Flames Of Discontent Between Korea And Japan

Forbes | Dec 18, 2014

With Abe now entrenched as Japan’s most powerful leader in years, having comfortably secured another term through last weekend’s snap election, Japan’s diplomatic spats over its past misdeeds, especially when it involves South Korea, may well get worse before it gets any better. And if relations do deteriorate further, we are likely to see more American commentators urging Japan to show greater remorse for wartime actions vis-à-vis its neighbor.

Castro Brothers Resistance to Change Could Test Renewed U.S.-Cuba Diplomacy

The Washington Post | Dec 18, 2014

President Obama's move to normalize relations with Cuba will test a theory that has been popular for years in Democratic circles, and a few Republican ones too. The Castro government doesn't fear the embargo and interminable hostilities with the United States; it has thrived on them, so the thinking goes. What worries the island's control-minded leaders far more is change.

Ethiopia: Public Diplomacy Team for Dam Project in Cairo

Geeska Africa | Dec 17, 2014

According to HAN, this mission is to promote understanding of Ethiopian foreign policy to the World. The Ministry of Foreign Affair’s Public Diplomacy section manages three major areas of communications for the Ethiopian Missions: media relations, diaspora community outreach and feedback correspondence from the Ethiopian Ambassadors.

Towards Moroccanism: Royal Aspirations

Morocco World News | Dec 17, 2014

When I introduced the word Moroccanism to academia, I was thinking of a unifying cultural concept that can bring all the Moroccans together whether they consider themselves African, Amazigh, Arab, Hebrew, Mediterranean or Andalusian.

Cultural Exchange Year to push China-ASEAN Relations to Higher Stage: Chinese Vice President

Xinhuanet | Dec 17, 2014

Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao said on Tuesday that the holding of China-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Year-2014 was to enhance the spiritual link between peoples in the region, increase traditional friendship and push China-ASEAN relations to a higher stage.

Political Will, Not Tourism, Key to Nation Brands Now

Business Standard | Dec 17, 2014

While India has an enduring campaign in 'Incredible India', However, it could be argued that the phrasing does not sufficiently differentiate India from other nations.


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