These are the Faces of People Facing HIV/AIDS: #WorldAidsDay

NPR | Dec 1, 2015

Jon Cohen, who covers HIV/AIDS for Science magazine, and photographer Malcolm Linton have been documenting the lives of HIV-infected people in Tijuana for two years. In their new book, Tomorrow Is A Long Time, they tell stories of the people in El Bordo as well as the Zona Norte (the red light district) and La Mesa prison.

The Dark Alliance of Global Philanthropy and Capitalism

Al-Jazeera | Dec 1, 2015

The sad truth is that a significant number of global philanthropic foundations have investments in the fossil fuel industry, including those where donations to environmental causes and climate change is a significant part of their portfolio… As we move from the UN's Sustainable Development the Climate Change Summit in Paris...the deep contradictions in global philanthropy must be acknowledged.

Surprise! Hollywood Has a Public Diplomacy Hit

CPD Blog | Dec 1, 2015

The movie was The Martian, and it had everything we should be promoting: It showed Americans as smart, resourceful, and innovative. It showed us as independent thinkers, but also as selfless team members who worked together when needed... And it showed America as a culturally diverse nation where people with talent could succeed, regardless of their race or religion.

Love It or Hate It, #GivingTuesday Has Become 'A Thing'

NPR | Dec 1, 2015

#GivingTuesday was born four years ago to encourage people to open their wallets for a good cause...Some critics think #GivingTuesday clutters people's inboxes with empty fundraising appeals…On the other hand, it's hard to argue with the results. Last year alone, #GivingTuesday pulled in a whopping $46 million in charitable donations…The event has expanded to countries like Singapore, Kenya and New Zealand.

Japan’s Cute Army

The New Yorker | Dec 1, 2015

The militaries of many nations harness mass media and pop culture for promotional purposes… Japan is no different. But what makes their military unusual is that the image being projected isn’t one of might or machismo but of cuteness…this kawaii (cute) imagery is...a testament to the deep ambivalence the Japanese retain about both the history and the changing role of their armed forces.

Leveraging China-Africa Relations Starts With Communication

All Africa | Dec 1, 2015

There are obviously concerns about the impact on Africa through a decrease in commodity exports (and income) to China. Yet such shifts also signal opportunity and perhaps changes in China's approach towards the continent, to include 'softer' issues - like closer public interaction…The 6th iteration of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) will be held this week in Johannesburg, South Africa.

DoD Gets Go-Ahead to Counter Islamic State Messaging

FAS | Nov 30, 2015

“They [Congress] tend to view… efforts to influence civilians outside an area of conflict as Public Diplomacy, the responsibility of the Department of State or Broadcasting Board of Governors.” By contrast, “We [at US Special Operations Command] believe there is a complementary role for the Department of Defense in this space which acknowledges the need for a civilian lead, but allows DOD to pursue appropriate missions, such as counter-recruitment and reducing the flow of foreign fighters,” he wrote.

Around The World, A Focus On Sending Less Food To Landfills

PRI | Nov 30, 2015

Food waste is not only an issue in the United States — roughly one-third of all the food that is produced in the world is never eaten. [...] “I think we have to look at where we are as a global community,” says Stanley. “Our consumer standard is so high that there’s no room for imperfection anymore, and that really drives the overproduction of food and, at the same time, conversely, a lack of value for food.”


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