Portuguese from Cape to Cape

Language Magazine | Jul 29, 2015

Despite hundreds of years of violent colonial relations with Portugal, these nations all adopted Portuguese as their official language and collaborate with Brazil, Portugal, and East Timor to make up the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLC). The CPLC aims to foster diplomacy and political cooperation among member states and to promote the Portuguese language.

Zaobao.com 'A Symbol of Singapore's Soft Power'

Straits Times | Jul 29, 2015

The website of Lianhe Zaobao has helped Singapore's leading Chinese-language newspaper become an important symbol of the Republic's soft power, a prominent Chinese thinker said last night as the online portal marked its 20th anniversary.

Arctic Diplomacy Requires Convergence of Military and Scientific Interests

National Geographic | Jul 29, 2015

The delegates recognized that there would be many hurdles to traverse for the military and scientists to fully harness the fruits of Arctic diplomacy. In particular, the distrust of China as a non-Arctic nation taking interest in the region needed to be moderated with a recognition of other global powers having presence in areas very distant from their own regional vicinity.

Media Freedom: South African Government Sees How its Done in China

Daily Maverick | Jul 29, 2015

It is China’s heightened interest in South African media, however, which has raised questions about the country’s intentions and objectives which could be viewed as the seeking of “soft power”, or how it can leverage its perception and influence on the continent.

Panda Diplomacy: Charting China's Reform

WPTZ | Jul 29, 2015

Known as "panda diplomacy," China has long been sending its pandas as gifts to other countries as a sign of friendship. [...] We chart the course of Jia Jia's life in parallel with the extraordinary changes in China over the past four decades.

Israel Losing the Current War

Globes | Jul 29, 2015

Israel needs a new information agency to improve its pathetically inadequate public diplomacy efforts, insists Dr. Norman Bailey. [...] Right now, however, it is badly losing a war fought with words, not bullets, but the effect of which can be just as devastating for Israel’s future.

Chinese State Media: Obama ‘Playing the Family Card’ in Africa

Foreign Policy | Jul 28, 2015

One state media take veered dangerously close to racism: on July 24, the day Obama arrived in Kenya’s capital city Nairobi, the English language website of state-run outlet Global Times ran a cartoon titled “Homecoming,” portraying the president wearing what appeared to be tribal attire and carrying a spear near a herd of zebra on an open plain.

2022 Games Vote Tops Agenda as International Olympic Committee Meetings Begin in Malaysia

Fox News | Jul 28, 2015

The choice between Beijing and Almaty, Kazakhstan is the centerpiece of the weeklong meetings in the Malaysian capital. The executive board and later the full IOC membership will also receive status updates on preparations for next year's Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.


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