China's Rail Diplomacy has Huge Potential for the Nation and Allies

South China Morning Post | Sep 17, 2014

China has global ambitions to export its technology, with the twin objectives of securing access to energy and other commodities in return for financial and technical support. The Indian ventures would be a stepping stone towards realizing ambitious proposals to build high-speed railway lines from China to Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, and across South America and Africa. 

Morocco’s Ribab Fusion Kicks Off Their US Tour at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C

Morocco World News | Sep 17, 2014

Last night Ribab Fusion kicked off their month long tour in the United-States with a concert on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. Ribab Fusion’s music celebrates Morocco’s Amazigh (Berber) culture, moving from 70s-style funk to Afropop dance vibes, from slow jams to high-energy call-and-responses choruses.

US Public Diplomacy Attempts to Confront Islamic State

Al Monitor | Sep 17, 2014

The Barack Obama administration is focusing its public diplomacy efforts on persuading “swing voters” in the Muslim world that the group calling itself the Islamic State (IS) is a bigger threat to them than US policies, the State Department’s top communications official says.

Freeeeedom! Hollywood Fights for Scottish Independence

The Daily Beast | Sep 17, 2014

Hollywood has been beguiled by this romantic quest for liberation, offering a tantalizing glimpse at the leading role the film industry could play in an independent Scotland if voters choose freedom in Thursday’s referendum.

Obama Announces Plan To Send 3,000 Troops to Liberia in Ebola Fight

Voice of America | Sep 16, 2014

The United States is ready to take leadership for a global response to the deadly Ebola virus that is ravaging West Africa, President Barack Obama said Tuesday, as he announced plans to send thousands of U.S. troops to the region.

Social Media Week ’14 to Focus on Change

Indian Express | Sep 16, 2014

The world’s foremost experts and influencers of social media from across the globe — including politicians, diplomats and authors — will gather in Mumbai for the country’s third and the city’s second edition of the Social Media Week (SMW 2014). To be held between September 22 and 26, the theme this year will be ‘Social Media for Social Change’.

Water Diplomacy: China's Xi Jinping Heads to Sri Lanka to Promote 'Maritime Silk Road'

First Post | Sep 16, 2014

President Xi Jinping wason  Tuesday due in Sri Lanka where he will launch construction of a Chinese-backed $1.4 billion port city as he promotes his vision of a "maritime silk road" in the face of growing competition from Japan and India.

UI Officials Discuss Music Diplomacy

Daily Iowan | Sep 16, 2014

The University of Iowa took part in a national discussion Monday to relate culture, specifically music, in strengthening relations with other countries.  Hancher Programming Director Jacob Yarrow said he wants to bring a sense of empathy and perception to the UI, something that comes with these kinds of conversations.


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