A Competition of Successful Student Initiatives for Countering Violent Extremism Previewed At State Department Showcase

All Africa | Feb 11, 2016

The "Peer 2 Peer (P2P): Challenging Extremism" project, launched in spring 2015, is based on the premise that empowering student "experts" in reaching their peers was a critical strategy in efforts to combat extremist propaganda. 

Avenues to Debate Foreign Policy

The Statesman | Feb 11, 2016

The emphasis that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid on setting and revamping India’s foreign policy agenda is indeed laudable. In his foreign trips, there has been a constant focus on creating a perception around and effectively projecting ‘Brand India’. It is here that the importance of public diplomacy comes in. 

Patient DFAT Officials Defend Ping-Pong Diplomacy, Yet Again

Canberra Times | Feb 11, 2016

It wouldn't be senate estimates without senior Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade officials having to justify the presence of a $6300 ping-pong table in the 'InnovationXchange' ideas hub.[...]  "Senator you call it a ping pong table, I call it a meeting table," he said. "It is used all day for meeting and not for ping pong. It is actively used throughout the day and sits 10 or 12 people around it."

Listen Up: Digital Media's Many Opportunities to Stay Informed and Data-Driven

CPD Blog | Feb 10, 2016

In an earlier CPD blog post, Sohaela Amiri’s list of essential tools for digital diplomats concluded: “Impactful social media presence is primarily about listening.” We agree. Our recently published research, moreover, outlines some ways that the ease of search, categorization, and analysis of digital media content can be put to use to learn more about how nations are represented in online media.

A Taste for Life: Meet Food Diplomat Ami Matsuzawa

Japan Today | Feb 10, 2016

Ami Matsuzawa is an inquisitive person. This is probably why First Lady Akie Abe wanted to meet her as part of an international group of young women that is helping Japan engage with the world.

Little Norway Spends Big on Syrian Refugee Crisis

USA Today | Feb 10, 2016

While Germany has grabbed most of the attention for its response to Europe's migrant crisis, little fjord-filled Norway has quietly emerged as one of the largest contributors of humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees.The oil-rich Scandinavian  country of 5 million has pledged $1.2 billion over the next four years for people who have fled Syria's nearly 5-year-old civil war.

Two of a Kind

The Arctic Journal | Feb 10, 2016

Announcements made by the Russian news agency TASS confirmed that Beijing’s State Oceanic Administration (SOA) would prepare its seventh Arctic exploration mission later this year and would seek a partnership with Russia to conduct a joint exploration and research mission in the Arctic. 

The Politics of Language: Teaching Arabic in U.S. Colleges

The Tufts Daily | Feb 10, 2016

Chang highlighted the shortcomings of the “al-Kitaab” textbook series, which graces the shelves of college bookstores fromStanford, CA to Medford, Mass. She pointed out how early chapters of the textbook, which in congruent levels of learning Spanish or French would include colors and months, are riddled with vocabulary about the United Nations, the State Department and diplomacy.


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