Australian Artists Storm Venice

The Art Newspaper | Mar 5, 2015

Many attribute Venice’s Aussie invasion to the country’s new cultural policy. The scheme, which launched last August, seeks to promote Australian arts abroad and grow cultural tourism in part by inviting tastemakers like Enwezor to the country.

Diplomacy of the People

The Week | Mar 5, 2015

H E George Hisaeda, Ambassador of Japan to Oman, believes diplomacy is not exclusive to diplomats. “Grassroots or people-to-people diplomacy is increasingly important in the interconnected ‘global village’ of modernity,” he says.

Korea, U.S. Strive to Contain Fallout of Attack on Lippert

The Korea Herald | Mar 5, 2015

Seoul and Washington are striving to minimize the fallout from a knife attack against the U.S. ambassador here which triggered concerns that it may dampen public sentiment and set hurdles for the allies’ future cooperation.

American Power: The End is Not Nigh

The Economist | Mar 5, 2015

Mr Nye, a veteran observer of global affairs, is more optimistic. He expects that America will still play the central role in the global balance of power in the 2040s. What, after all, is the alternative?

Andrew Lack Leaves Broadcasting Board of Governors After 6 Weeks

The New York Times | Mar 5, 2015

The board, which oversees United States government-supported international news media like Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, is scheduled to meet on Friday to begin looking for a successor to Mr. Lack.

The Civil War is Not Just For Americans

The Daily Beast | Mar 5, 2015

The phrase public diplomacy may not have become an official term in the popular press until World War I. But it was during the Civil War that deliberate, state sponsored programs began attempting to influence the public mind abroad about American foreign policy.

Health Minister Urges EU Support for Medical Diplomacy in Africa

The Guardian | Mar 5, 2015

SUPERVISING Minister of Health, Dr Khaliru Alhassan, has urged the European Union (EU) to support medical diplomacy in Africa with concrete long term solutions to boost health delivery in the continent.

How Pope Francis’s Vatican Got Its Political Swagger Back

Time | Mar 5, 2015

Nowhere is the contrast between Benedict XVI and Francis more tangible than in the degree to which the papacy seems to have recovered its diplomatic and geopolitical swagger. The normalization of relations between the U.S. and Cuba in December 2014 came about in part thanks to Francis, who wrote private letters to President Obama and Cuban president Raúl Castro that reportedly helped break the ice between the two leaders.


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