China’s Alternative Diplomacy

The Diplomat | Jan 30, 2015

China watchers have been combing through the details of the new initiatives and proposals Xi has recently introduced, such as “One Belt, One Road” (1B1R) and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Even though these new initiatives are still under construction, the fact is that this has been the biggest foreign policy shift in Beijing since 1989. The bigger question here is, what is the grand strategy behind Xi’s plans?

UN Reviewing its Operations in Gaza After Offices Attacked

Haaretz | Jan 30, 2015

Following a violent protest and rising political tension, the danger of internal violent conflict becomes ever more possible, which only adds to the local populaces' reasons to fear.

Japan Seeks to Promote ‘Correct’ View of Wartime Past

Bloomberg | Jan 30, 2015

Japan is stepping up a campaign to promote a “correct understanding” of its wartime past, in a move that may anger China and South Korea ahead of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in August. 

This US Ambassador to Britain Practices 'Vinyl Diplomacy'

PRI | Jan 30, 2015

A poster of Johnny Cash shares space on his office walls with portraits of President Obama and Winston Churchill. Since being appointed ambassador in 2013, he's plopped a turntable and a swelling record collection front and center, removed the conference tables and name cards, and brought in indie bands like Belle & Sebastian, Damien Jurado and The National to mingle with guests such as Prime Minister David Cameron.

BBC in Fear of Falling Behind Russian, Chinese Media

Sputnik News | Jan 29, 2015

The BBC warned the UK government in its Future of News report that it might soon be unable to compete with state-supported foreign rivals, including Russia’s RT, China's CCTV and Qatar's Al-Jazeera, in terms of global news presence, if its huge budget cuts are not reversed.

From a Show of Military Might to a Display of Soft Power

Gulf News | Jan 29, 2015

As India celebrated its 66th Republic Day with much fanfare in the presence of US President Barack Obama, it has diligently, over the years, turned the parade that was initially envisaged as a platform to demonstrate military might into one that exhibits its soft power to the world.

The Truth About Startup Nation: Pretty but Precarious

Haaretz | Jan 29, 2015

Israel may be facing increasing isolation, yet all the world seems to want to buy or invest in an Israel tech company – Microsoft, Dropbox, the Russians, the Chinese.

UK Partners With Islamic Development Bank On Arab Women's Business Initiative

All Africa | Jan 29, 2015

The UK and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding to help boost business opportunities and create jobs for thousands of women across the Middle East and North Africa.


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