Test for Modi Diplomacy

The Hans India | Feb 27, 2015

India with its quest for attracting greater foreign direct investments (FDI) has stepped up its diplomatic efforts around the world. These have gained a renewed vigour after the country relaxed FDI norms and shortlisted as many as 25 sectors to attract investments under the ambitious ‘Make-in-India’ programme.

What Does Japan's New Charter Mean for Development?

Devex | Feb 27, 2015

Japan’s Development Cooperation Charter, government officials say, is designed to more effectively utilize the financial aid scheme to bolster Tokyo’s role in global affairs.

Ruxit is Real: Russia’s Exit from Europe

European Council on Foreign | Feb 27, 2015

Obviously, Putin fears European soft power, since it is a force to which he has no response.  Russia’s lack of attraction is one of its most serious weak spots. Its leverage rests on its state-controlled extracting industries and its military. 

The Challenges of People-to-People Programs – and How to Surmount Them

CPD Blog | Feb 27, 2015

This year marks the 75th anniversary of official international exchanges supported by the U.S. Department of State. This important milestone was celebrated at a recent event by the nonprofit organization Global Ties U.S., a network of over 100 nonprofit organizations from 44 American states. 

Conan O’Brien, America’s Comic Diplomat to Cuba

Vulture | Feb 27, 2015

The Havana excursion, which Team Coco’s editors are still furiously cutting together, represents a new form for him, an hour-long episode set to air March 4 where he is the perpetual “fish out of water” — an attempt to use comedy as a kind of diplomacy. “Maybe it's not a bad form of diplomacy. Maybe it's not bad to send a comedian over,” Conan said of the thawing U.S.-Cuba relations spearheaded by the Obama administration. 

BBC 'UK's Strongest Cultural Brand'

Daily Gazette | Feb 27, 2015

House Of Cards author Michael Dobbs has described the BBC as "arguably this country's strongest cultural brand". (...) "It has an impact in every corner of the globe. It is one of the prime weapon systems in our arsenal of soft power that will grow increasingly important in the years of uncertainty that lie ahead."

A Lurch onto the World Stage

The Economist | Feb 27, 2015

Germany is emerging, faster than it wanted, as a global diplomatic force. (...) Its new engagement is evident in the awe-inspiring stamina of Mrs Merkel’s diplomacy. In one recent week, she shuttled between Berlin, Kiev, Munich, Washington, Ottawa, Minsk and Brussels on consecutive days. In Minsk, as the picture shows, she negotiated through the night for more than 17 hours with four complicated men (the presidents of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and France).

Obama Sends Top Officials to Address Jewish Group

The New York Times | Feb 27, 2015

President Obama will send Susan E. Rice, his national security adviser, and Samantha Power, his envoy to the United Nations, to speak to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee at its conference here next week, officials at the White House said Thursday.


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