Zimbabwean Hip-Hop Producer F.T.R. Holds Pop-Up Show

New Zimbabwe | Apr 17, 2015

F.T.R is one of six international artists chosen to take part in a two-week residency in the United States. The team has been in Chapel Hill for the week to conclude the program, which will feature a showcase concert Friday.

Vietnam, Singapore Armies Conduct First Military Medicine Mission

The Diplomat | Apr 17, 2015

In a Facebook post, Ng said the Singapore Armed Forces and the Vietnam People’s Army had conducted their first joint military medicine mission, providing basic health care, dental and eye services to residents in the Binh Xuyen district of Vinh Phuc province in Vietnam.

Is Iran Overstretched in Syria?

Foreign Policy | Apr 17, 2015

Tehran faces a classic case of mission creep: It is being forced to commit ever-greater military and financial resources in Syria, falling deeper into the Syrian quagmire with no clear exit strategy. After four years of war, Assad’s forces are overstretched, the regime’s Alawite base is demoralized, and the Syrian economy is in a free-fall.

Economic Strength Will Decide West's Standoff With Russia

The Moscow Times | Apr 17, 2015

Speaking at a Brookings Institution event in Washington, Schaeuble described the standoff with Russian President Vladimir Putin as a "new systemic conflict" that would be won by the side with greater "soft power" and a stronger economy.

Korea Plays Nice at Trilateral Meeting With Japan and U.S.

Foreign Policy | Apr 17, 2015

Despite repeated attempts by reporters to bait him into dredging up lingering resentments against Japan, a senior South Korean diplomat bit his tongue, downplaying 70-year-old tensions at a trilateral meeting in Washington. “Diplomacy is about trying to find a way to work together while we have healthy differences on issues,” South Korea’s Vice Foreign Minister Cho Tae-yong told reporters at the State Department on Thursday.

British Government in 'Spending Frenzy' on International Aid as it Seeks to Meet Target of 0.7% GDP

International Business Times | Apr 17, 2015

Britain is paying professional aid staff up to £1,000 a day to work in developing countries as part of a spending "frenzy" to meet a government target, a new report suggestst. Spending on consultants has doubled in the past four years to £1.4bn with the bill for outside help now eating up more than 10 per cent of the aid budget. The figures prompted anger among MPs, who described the practice as a "grotesque waste".

US Diplomat Defends Defence of ‘Speech We Hate’

Today | Apr 17, 2015

With the majority of radical websites and social media messages hosted on servers in the United States, US Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Richard Stengel yesterday found himself defending America’s stance of upholding the freedoms of religion and expression, including “the speech that we hate”, in response to questions on why the US authorities are not doing more to clamp down on such communications.

Does Australia Do Digital Diplomacy?

The Interpreter | Apr 17, 2015

After a decade of swimming against the tide, the Australian Government is slowly engaging in the world of digital diplomacy. (...) Today, digital diplomacy is a foreign policy essential. We live in a world where state and non-state entities all compete for influence and power in the same online space. 


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