There’s Nothing Egalitarian About Deep Cuts to Foreign Aid

The Guardian | Dec 19, 2014

At a time when the world is giving more to aid, Australia has cut its aid budget by a quarter. What does this say about the kind of country [they] want to be?

The Modus Operandi of Putin’s Russia

ECFR | Dec 19, 2014

The idea of Russian “soft power” became fashionable, but it was very different to European “soft power”. So-called Russian soft power was just “softer power”, including any means of coercion not involving tanks. It was, in the English phrase, “softly-softly” power, or “covert power”, the type of behind-the-scenes influence encapsulated in the Russian phrase kuluarna polityka – politics in corridors, not just away from public influence, but without formal record.

Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Delegation in Cairo

All Africa | Dec 19, 2014

On the occasion, Speaker of the House of People's Representatives, Honorable Abadula Gemeda said, "Ethiopia and Egypt have very long standing historical, religious, cultural and social relations." (...) He stressed the point that Ethiopia and Egypt need to foster cooperation in areas including education, trade, tourism and investment.

Tourists Behaving Badly: China's Image Problem

The Diplomat | Dec 19, 2014

There is a disconnect between China’s growing national power and the international image of the Chinese people.

Francis’ US-Cuba Coup Demonstrates the Church’s Soft Power

The Tablet | Dec 18, 2014

The news of Pope Francis’ role in bringing about a new chapter in relations between the United States and Cuba demonstrates compellingly what Holy See diplomacy is able to achieve.

Educating for the Future: Learning Mandarin As a Key to U.S.-China Relations

Huffington Post | Dec 18, 2014

Yes, English will to be the universal language far into the future. Even so, learning languages like Mandarin is imperative. It is a matter of respect for the people with whom we are increasingly engaged in the new global economy.

Armenia: a Road to the Wild Side

CPD Blog | Dec 18, 2014

For the small landlocked country of Armenia, it is critical to reassess the ways it has utilized its natural wealth. Whether it is for promoting commerce, the travel industry, or increasing the country's soft power, Armenia has much untapped potential. 

From ‘I Love Lucy’ to Pop Music, Cuba’s Influence on America Runs Deep

MSNBC | Dec 18, 2014

Now that the decades-long trade embargo between the U.S. and Cuba looks to be a thing of the past, Americans may soon be partying with Cuban goods like it’s 1959. Culturally, however, Cuba’s influence has been here all along.


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