British Media 'Most Right-Wing and Biased' in Europe

Sputnik International | Feb 8, 2016

Concerns over the economy, fears about refugees and stories on housing - it seems many are skeptical about press coverage in the UK with the British media regarded as the most "right-wing" and "biased" in Europe, according to a new poll.

Facebook Loses a Battle in India Over Its Free Basics Program

New York Times | Feb 8, 2016

In a setback for Facebook, Indian regulators have banned free mobile data programs that favor some Internet services over others. The regulations, issued Monday after months of intense public debate over how to extend the Internet to India’s poorest citizens, effectively block Facebook’s controversial Free Basics program in India. 

Turkish Group Behind Gaza Flotilla Setting Up First Refugee 'Safe Haven' on Syrian Soil

Haaretz | Feb 8, 2016

Inside a big, shiny, spanking clean structure equipped with an advanced computer system are activists working for The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief, known by its Turkish acronym IHH. They are coordinating the extensive activity involved in transferring aid to the Syrian refugees and setting up camps on Syrian soil.

Empowering Educators of Tomorrow Through Cross-cultural Academic Exchange

The News International | Feb 7, 2016

The TEA Programme in Pakistan, sponsored by the US Department of State, has sent more than 150 Pakistani teachers to the United States since 2012. The programme has been designed to build on teachers’ existing expertise and equip them with a better understanding of lesson planning, methodology, and the use of technology in teaching. Programme participants develop these proficiencies, while also learning about diversity and culture in the United States.

Pope Francis Visit to Celebrate Mexico’s Indigenous Church

The Washington Post | Feb 7, 2016

Francis’ visit comes amid strong challenges to the church in the southern state, including huge inroads by evangelical Protestants and grinding poverty in a region rich with coffee, Mayan ruins, pine-covered hills and jungles. [...] The challenges have always included the church’s relations with indigenous communities who have struggled for centuries to maintain their traditions and independence, sometimes embracing and sometimes clashing with the hierarchy.

The Limits of German Power

Sunday's Zaman | Feb 7, 2016

German policymakers continue to believe that political and economic means of influence are more effective than violence, implying further development of soft-power tools, including digital diplomacy. They are also eager to develop more “networked” national and European foreign policies that take into account the activities and possible contributions of non-state actors.

Chinese Art Troupe to Perform Ancient Music and Theatre at FHSU

Hays Post | Feb 7, 2016

The performance at the Beach/Schmidt Performing Arts Center is part of a long-standing cultural exchange program between Fort Hays State and its sister schools in Henan Province, which is China’s sister state with Kansas. The performance is one of only four in the troupe’s U.S. tour, including a performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., ahead of the FHSU performance.

A New Chapter in Diplomacy

Mehr News Agency | Feb 7, 2016

Europe and Iran have common interests in several areas. In light of their historical and traditional bilateral relations as well as other positive sources, such as the existence of complementary economies, mutually-beneficial cooperation in the fields of energy and technology [...] through both collective and bilateral mechanisms, it is possible to actively pursue the struggle against the important threats such as terrorism, violence, extremism, drug trafficking.


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