The Duality and Mission of ISIS on Social Media

PBS | Aug 30, 2014

The State Department actually has a Twitter account focused on countering some of these jihadis and extremists online and specifically on Twitter. It’s hard to say how effective that is, perhaps it’s better than doing nothing. But we shouldn’t kind of delude ourselves into thinking that public diplomacy can really change people’s minds in a very obvious way. The American government doesn’t have a lot of credibility with anyone who is going to be vaguely sympathetic to the aims of t

Where Foreign Students are Coming From

The Huffington Post | Aug 30, 2014

Foreign countries are sending tens of thousands of students to American universities every year, propping up school budgets and contributing billions of dollars to the U.S. economy. And no city sends students to American universities quite like Seoul. The South Korean capital funneled more than 56,000 students into U.S. bachelors, masters, and PhD programs between 2008 and 2012, according to a new study by The Brookings Institute. 

Elevating Muslim-American culture? Detroit Event Takes on Big Ideas

Al Arabiya | Aug 30, 2014

This year, its call for "Generations Rise: Elevating Muslim-American Culture," may sound overly ambitious and insurmountable, with the Muslim American population being heterogeneous in ethnicity as well as political attitudes and religious beliefs; but understanding what a healthy culture looks like for the vibrant religious community in the U.S. is vital and timely, especially as challenges with integration of Muslim identity with American culture remains at the forefront of issues impacting American Muslims today.

Voiceless in the South Pacific

The Age | Aug 30, 2014

Much of Dorney's reporting about the Pacific has been aimed at an audience in the Pacific, a service Australia provided to foster good will in the region and a sense of community. Now that voice is lost to the airways. Dorney's job is one of dozens axed from the ABC in the wake of the Abbott government's decision to squeeze the broadcaster's budget and cancel the $223 million contract for the overseas television service, Australia Network.

To Defeat Terror, We Need the World’s Help

The New York Times | Aug 30, 2014

In a polarized region and a complicated world, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria presents a unifying threat to a broad array of countries, including the United States. What’s needed to confront its nihilistic vision and genocidal agenda is a global coalition using political, humanitarian, economic, law enforcement and intelligence tools to support military force.

Learning From China’s Oil Rig Standoff With Vietnam

The Diplomat | Aug 30, 2014

China’s overreach was costly, among other things it accelerated a developing arms race in Asia and amplified calls for Washington and Tokyo to counter Beijing. Still, China acquired useful information to hone its ongoing strategy in the South China Sea. Understanding why Beijing took this action and its attendant lessons will help Washington and its partners deal with China.

Xi Hitting all the right Diplomatic Spots: Duowei

Want China Times | Aug 30, 2014

China's president, Xi Jinping, has paid visits to Russia, South Korea and Mongolia since February this year, visits that have "hit pressure points" that "cut right to the chase," according to Duowei News, an overseas Chinese news outlet. Zhang Jiuhuan, vice chair of the China Public Diplomacy Association, compared Xi's recent official foreign visits to hitting pressure points, or points on the energy channels of the body — in other words, they were "short, fast, rich in content and fruitful." 

Maldives Media Raise Nearly $2 Million for Gaza Victims

Al Arabiya | Aug 30, 2014

Media outlets in the Maldives have raised nearly $2 million to help Gaza residents affected by massive destruction caused in the 50-day war between Israel and Hamas, a fundraising organizer said Saturday. “About 10 media institutions, including on-line and print, came together to raise this money,” spokesman Ahmed Zahir said by telephone from Male, the capital of the Sunni Muslim archipelago.


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