Don't Expect Too Much From Inter-Korean Diplomacy

The Diplomat | Jan 24, 2015

The most recent round of mini-détente on the Korean peninsula began with a surprise visit by a high-caliber North Korean delegation to the closing ceremony of the Asian Games last October. Though the two sides agreed to more meetings later in October or November, North Korea backed off, citing consternation over activists’ leaflet campaigns. On December 29, Seoul’s unification minister, Ryoo Kihl-jae, sent a letter to the North, seeking negotiations on bilateral issues such as family reunions for those separated by the Korean War (1950-53).

Former Chancellor Condemns ‘Gold Plating’ Foreign Aid Budget

Breitbart | Jan 24, 2015

The Former Chancellor Lord Lawson has spoken out against plans to tie future governments to spending commitments on foreign aid. The Tory grandee said proposals to make all future administrations ‘gold plate’ Britain’s annual foreign aid budget would not help people in poor countries, the Express reports.

Global Media Hail Abdullah’s Legacy

Arab News | Jan 24, 2015

Newspapers all over the world were unanimous in praising the legacy of reforms and peace-making efforts by the late King Abdullah. All noted his efforts at giving Saudi women a greater role in society by having better educational and professional opportunities, and highlighted the fact that he extended the right to vote to women.

Obama Looking to Leverage Ties with Modi During India Trip

The Japan News | Jan 24, 2015

Barack Obama will do something in India on Monday that an American president almost never does in public: He’ll sit in one place, in a foreign country, for hours.(...) The unusual appearance, also making him the only two-time U.S. presidential visitor to India, caps a remarkable turnaround in bilateral ties since the December 2013 arrest of an Indian diplomat in New York.

New Israel-U.S. Spat is Good News for Netanyahu

Haaretz | Jan 24, 2015

As long as the PM plays the security-political card while ignoring the country's real problems, he’s only helping his campaign – especially if he succeeds in bickering with the Obama administration. Meanwhile, a Likud-Habayit Hayehudi merger looks increasingly possible.

First Secret Meetings, Then Open Diplomacy: Leahy On Restoring Relations With Cuba

VPR | Jan 24, 2015

This past weekend, Sen. Patrick Leahy led a special congressional delegation to Cuba. It’s part of an effort to normalize relations between the two countries – relations that were severed in 1961 when Fidel Castro came to power. Leahy’s was the first congressional delegation visit since President Obama announced his intentions last month of ending the current restrictions between the United States and Cuba.

The State of the Union Speech Is Still Relevant

The Daily Signal | Jan 24, 2015

This speech made history. No State of the Union address in the modern era makes the case more that America stands as strong and resilient as ever. (...) The State of the Union address shows not just Americans, but the entire world, that America is still an exceptional nation—one that believes in the rule “by the people for the people.” Mobs and factions can never take our sovereignty away from us.

‘India Has Both Hard And Soft Power, Needs Higher Growth’

Outlook | Jan 24, 2015

An interview with the man whose coinage 'smart power' is much in use in diplomatic-strategic circles. Joseph S. Nye Jr. is a leading US political scientist. He is also a former dean of Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and worked in various capacities with several American presidents. Nye is a prolific writer and has written over 13 books and over 150 critically acclaimed articles in professional and policy journals. 


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