Listen Up: Digital Media's Many Opportunities to Stay Informed and Data-Driven

CPD Blog | Feb 10, 2016

In an earlier CPD blog post, Sohaela Amiri’s list of essential tools for digital diplomats concluded: “Impactful social media presence is primarily about listening.” We agree. Our recently published research, moreover, outlines some ways that the ease of search, categorization, and analysis of digital media content can be put to use to learn more about how nations are represented in online media.

A Taste for Life: Meet Food Diplomat Ami Matsuzawa

Japan Today | Feb 10, 2016

Ami Matsuzawa is an inquisitive person. This is probably why First Lady Akie Abe wanted to meet her as part of an international group of young women that is helping Japan engage with the world.

Little Norway Spends Big on Syrian Refugee Crisis

USA Today | Feb 10, 2016

While Germany has grabbed most of the attention for its response to Europe's migrant crisis, little fjord-filled Norway has quietly emerged as one of the largest contributors of humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees.The oil-rich Scandinavian  country of 5 million has pledged $1.2 billion over the next four years for people who have fled Syria's nearly 5-year-old civil war.

Two of a Kind

The Arctic Journal | Feb 10, 2016

Announcements made by the Russian news agency TASS confirmed that Beijing’s State Oceanic Administration (SOA) would prepare its seventh Arctic exploration mission later this year and would seek a partnership with Russia to conduct a joint exploration and research mission in the Arctic. 

The Politics of Language: Teaching Arabic in U.S. Colleges

The Tufts Daily | Feb 10, 2016

Chang highlighted the shortcomings of the “al-Kitaab” textbook series, which graces the shelves of college bookstores fromStanford, CA to Medford, Mass. She pointed out how early chapters of the textbook, which in congruent levels of learning Spanish or French would include colors and months, are riddled with vocabulary about the United Nations, the State Department and diplomacy.

Lunar New Year Tourists Expected to Spend Big on Australian Fashion

SBS | Feb 10, 2016

While Chinese tourists in Australia for Lunar New Year are being targeted in the hope they will spend big on Australian fashion [...] Mr Coghlan is helping find ways to build cultural connections and "soft power diplomacy" between the two countries, by taking designers and Australian fashion industry representatives into China - and vice versa.

The Useful Idiots Show

CPD Blog | Feb 9, 2016

During the 1950s, there was a term that was sometimes used to describe people who were exploited by Soviet communists to publicly support their ideology. The term was “useful idiots.” The phrase, like communism itself, has largely disappeared from use, but there are still plenty of useful idiots around. If you don’t believe it, just spend some time watching RT.

Can Your PlayStation Stop a War?

Foreign Policy | Feb 9, 2016

For government agencies and NGOs that work to foster peace [...] video games are the obvious next step in the fight to reach new audiences and change minds. […] And quite apart from the large, established game market in North America, Europe, and Asia, the gaming population in some conflict zones around the world is large and growing.


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