Australian Government 'Attacks' Public Broadcasters ABC, SBS

Telesur | Nov 20, 2014

Australia's prime minister has long accused public broadcaster ABC of being “unpatriotic,” now he has slashed its budget by US$219 million.

Storytelling Trumps Smartphones in Ebola Crisis, Experts Say

Reuters | Nov 20, 2014

S torytelling and plays trump smartphones to deliver messages on Ebola in some communities, illustrating how new technologies have their limits in aid delivery, humanitarian experts said on Wednesday.

Foreign Press Association Hits Back at Israeli Diplomat's 'Inappropriate' Remarks

Haaretz | Nov 20, 2014

A Foreign Ministry spokesman's criticism of the international media coverage of terror attacks in Israel was "inappropriate," the Foreign Press Association said Wednesday.

Briefing: Country Pledges to the UN's Green Climate Fund

The Carbon Brief | Nov 20, 2014

Countries are meeting in Berlin today to announce how much they will give to the UN's climate adaptation fund. 

Xi Jinping Shows Soft Power Skills in Australia

Want China Times | Nov 20, 2014

China's new leadership has been following a new pattern of diplomacy that features increasing softer elements and a down-to-earth manner. President Xi Jinping's just-concluded trip to Australia serves as a good example. During the state visit, the two Asia-Pacific giants lifted their relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership and concluded their nine-year-long bilateral free trade talks.

Funds Crunch in Way of Recast of Cultural Diplomacy

The Times of India | Nov 20, 2014

India's soft power was being driven by its economic growth. But all that crashed after 2008. Almost 85 chairs for India studies were created, new cultural centres conceived and opened. But as budgets did not grow, they took a hit in the last couple of years.

Press Releases: 2014 Secretary's Award for Corporate Excellence Finalists Selected

Newsroom America | Nov 20, 2014

The U.S. Department of State Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs is pleased to announce the selection of nine finalists for the Secretary of State’s prestigious 2014 Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE).

Yemen, US Discuss Cooperation Priorities

Yemen News Agency | Nov 19, 2014

Prime Minister Khalid Bahah discussed on Tuesday with the U.S. ambassador to Yemen Matthew Tueller the priorities of cooperation relations between the two countries.


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