Fidel Castro Sends Word That He’s Alive — and Cautiously Optimistic About Talks With the U.S.

Time | Jan 28, 2015

The former Cuban leader and lifelong revolutionary makes it clear that he won't stand in the way of diplomacy with Washington. 

Obama’s Climate Diplomacy

The Diplomat | Jan 28, 2015

Climate change has been at the forefront of the president’s recent diplomatic agenda. It should stay there. This week, U.S. President Barack Obama made his second visit to India. As during his trip to China last year, where he signed a landmark agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, climate change ranked near the top of the agenda.

Top American Diplomat Decries ‘Lies’ of Russian Media

Foreign Policy | Jan 28, 2015

America’s top diplomat for Europe denounced Russian state-media coverage of the Ukraine crisis on Tuesday and belittled the Kremlin’s propaganda efforts in the United States as fallacious and ineffective. “All you have to do is look at RT’s tiny, tiny audience in the United States to understand what happens when you broadcast untruths in a media space that is full of dynamic, truthful opinion,” said Victoria Nuland, the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, referring to the Kremlin-backed global media company. 

In One Day of Diplomacy, Obama Showcased an American Double Standard

The Washington Post | Jan 28, 2015

And Obama didn't just lecture on the need for tolerance of religious minorities. He spoke of the importance of women's rights in a country where shocking abuses still endure. (...) These are unobjectionable remarks, and a point of view shared by likely everyone who crowded in to hear the American president speak. But don't expect Obama to share the same message with the United States' Saudi partners, whose cooperation on matters of counterterrorism in the Middle East and energy policy are vital for Washington's interests.

UK Jews and Muslims Team Up Against Hate

Al Jazeera | Jan 27, 2015

Muslims and Jews living in the same North London neighbourhood are making a stand together against hate crime amid concerns of an increased threat to both communities in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.

Tradition Meets Twitter as Saudis Pledge to New King

Middle East Institute | Jan 27, 2015

Thousands of Saudis have poured into the palace of King Salman who acceded the throne after the death of his half-brother Abdullah last week.  But thousands of others have pledged their allegiance to the new ruler online, taking advantage of social media networks.

U.N. Suspends Aid to Help Rebuild Gaza, Citing Lack of Funding

Los Angeles Times | Jan 27, 2015

A United Nations agency said Tuesday that conditions in the Gaza Strip are growing more desperate following its decision to suspend aid to repair homes damaged in last summer’s conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Russian Telecoms Watchdog Interested in Resuming CNN Broadcasts in Russia

Sputnik News | Jan 27, 2015

The Russian communications and media watchdog Roskomnadzor and representatives from CNN International have expressed an interest in resuming CNN broadcasting in Russia, the press release on the Roskomnadzor's website said Tuesday.


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