Anxieties About Chinese Film Industry Play into an Outdated Fear of ‘Yellow Peril’

The Conversation | Aug 22, 2014

People want to know “what China wants”. And there are many suggested answers. China wants to control the global discourse about it. It wants to change the bad image of itself seen in much of the outside world – the Tank Man; blanket of smog; tainted baby milk; routine police torture; suppression of free speech, and so on.

Beheading Video Poses Challenge for Social Media

CNN | Aug 22, 2014

At first glance, it seems obvious -- of course Twitter and YouTube have the right to take down a video showing the American journalist, James Foley, being beheaded. The question is why taking it down is controversial at all. The answer, I think, shows how important services like Twitter have become, and how this has thrust unexpected responsibilities onto them.

The Voice of America: A Worthy Mission for the 21st Century

CPD Blog | Aug 21, 2014

Recently, there has been a great deal of debate, and no small amount of axe grinding, regarding the mission and the effectiveness of U.S. international broadcasting under the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

The Ice Bucket Challenge And Other Good Causes: Do Stars Really Help?

NPR | Aug 21, 2014

It's been the social media hit of the summer — some of the world's biggest celebrities dousing themselves with buckets of ice water to raise money for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), better known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Welcome to Extremistan

Foreign Policy | Aug 21, 2014

Anyone with a brain or a heart cannot help but be deeply disturbed by the unending and seemingly accelerating torrent of grim -- sometimes horrifying -- stories emanating from the Middle East. This week's gruesome, heartbreaking news of the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley is shocking evidence to this effect. 

US Bars Diplomats From Ice Bucket Challenge 'No Matter How Worthy'

The Guardian (UK) | Aug 21, 2014

The charity stunt has lured athletes, celebrities, politicians and rock stars and gone viral on the Internet, but don’t look for US diplomats to get in on the fun.

Teen Scholarship Winner Heads to China in Line with Diplomatic Priorities

AFS-USA | Aug 21, 2014

This Fall, Houston area high school student, Karen Ortega, will embark on a yearlong study abroad program in China with AFS. For ten months Karen, who has never traveled outside of the U.S., will live leave behind everything she knows to live with a Chinese host family, study in a Chinese high school and gain an intimate understanding of Chinese culture.

Watching WHO: Public Diplomacy and the People’s Health Movement

CPD Blog | Aug 21, 2014

Diplomacy expert Manuel Castells defined public diplomacy as “the projection in the international arena of the values and ideas of the public." Perhaps no other international entity embodies that definition better than the People’s Health Movement (PHM), a global network that brings together grassroots health activists, civil society organizations, and academic institutions from more than 70 countries.


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