Cultural Diplomacy

Business World Online | Mar 3, 2015

In China, every province has a cultural department with cultural exchange programs that send their local artists abroad. One such is the north eastern China province of Jilin, whose Jilin Art Troupe is the highlight of the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ (CCP) Outreach Tour.

New Book’s 10 Strategies for Women to Get Ahead in the Workplace

The Reporter | Mar 3, 2015

In the sometimes rough-and-tumble sport known as American business, there’s a strategy that savvy competitors like to employ. It’s called “soft power" - a way of networking, building relationships, inspiring people to your cause and expanding your power base.

Why Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress Is Churchillian

The Daily Signal | Mar 3, 2015

In his unprecedented agreement to address Congress against the will of the White House, Netanyahu is placing Israel’s national security above his relationship with the U.S. president, who has shown him little respect in the past.

How Do You Re-Brand Israel?

Arutz Sheva | Mar 3, 2015

Professor explains how Netanyahu's Congress speech signals a shift on public diplomacy efforts, and outlines what else needs to be done.

China and Japan Vie for Influence with Thai Rail Projects

Financial Times | Mar 3, 2015

The projects reflect more than the desperate need for modern long-distance trains in Thailand. China and Japan are openly vying for economic influence in South-east Asia, though for different sets of reasons.

Russia Tries to Block Benefits for Families of Gay U.N. Employees

Foreign Policy | Mar 3, 2015

Last June, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a far-reaching administrative ruling that offered marital benefits for the first time to all of the United Nations’ lesbian and gay employees, as well as to other U.N. workers who had entered legally recognized domestic partnerships. On Monday, March 2, Russia gave the plan a resounding nyet.

The Toughest Job At AIPAC: Selling Iran Diplomacy

The Huffington Post | Mar 3, 2015

Selling nuclear diplomacy with Iran was perhaps the toughest job at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's annual conference this year -- second only to shepherding teenage attendees to the AIPAC selfie wall. Still, one gutsy former adviser to President Barack Obama decided to give it a shot -- and soon realized he might have been better off handing out selfie sticks.

For the U.S. and China, a Test of Diplomacy on South Sudan

The New York Times | Mar 3, 2015

Now, more than a year after South Sudan’s leaders plunged their country into a nasty civil war, the nation has become something of a test of diplomacy between the United States and China, raising the question: Can Washington and Beijing turn their mutual interests in South Sudan into a shared strategy to stop the bloodshed?


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