Six Ideas For Rescuing Australian Digital Diplomacy

The Interpreter | Apr 24, 2015

Australia's approach to digital diplomacy is second-rate and entirely inadequate for a nation that sees itself as 'a top 20 country'. Despite an expanded social media presence, Australia continues to lag far behind other countries – large and small – that are investing serious resources into building up their digital diplomacy capabilities.

Digital Diplomacy – A Challenge For The Nation State

Deutsche Welle | Apr 24, 2015

Taylor Owen says he sees the theme of this year’s conference, “Media and Foreign Policy in the Digital Age” as a unique opportunity to prove his theory that many states try to misuse digital freedom for their own purposes. “Digital diplomacy presents a challenge for the nation state,” he says. He adds that the same governments that are seeking to enable free speech in other countries are at the same time rapidly expanding the surveillance state.

Responsibility For African Boat Migrants Lies At All Our Doors

The Guardian | Apr 24, 2015

The International Organisation for Migration has predicted that migrant deaths in the Mediterranean might be as high as 30,000 this year (EU emergency summit will offer safe haven to only 5,000 refugees, 23 April). (...)There is a humanitarian solution. 

ASEAN Needs to Become More People-Driven

Channel NewsAsia | Apr 24, 2015

SINGPAORE: ASEAN needs to stay united as it confronts challenges facing the 10-member regional bloc. For that, relations should move beyond diplomacy to become more people-driven. This was the consensus of panellists at the Future50 talk held by the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA).

Creative Expo Showcases Taiwan’s Soft Power

Taiwan Today | Apr 24, 2015

Creative Expo Taiwan is set to kick off April 29 in Taipei City, featuring 600 exhibitors from around the world at the country’s largest cultural and creative industry show. Organized by Taiwan Design Center under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, the six-day event was renamed this year from Taiwan International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo. 

Russia to Up Foreign Student Quota for More ‘Soft Power’ Leverage

RTCC | Apr 24, 2015

Several ministries have come up with initiative to raise the quota for foreign students in Russian institutes and universities saying that this would help to promote national interests around the world. The proposal was released for public discussion through the special government web portal, and suggests increasing the quota for state-sponsored scholarships for foreign students from 15,000 to 20,000.

Indonesia Under Widodo Shifts From ‘Zero-Enemies’ Diplomacy

Bloomberg Business | Apr 24, 2015

Six months after taking office, Indonesian President Joko Widodo is starting to step away from his predecessor’s foreign policy of keeping everyone happy. Widodo, known as Jokowi, criticized the United Nations and International Monetary Fund at this week’s Asian African Conference in Jakarta. He’s pledged to increase defense spending, ordered foreign boats seized for illegal fishing to be destroyed, and declined to pardon two Australian drug smugglers facing a firing squad, leading to warnings of damaged ties.

At World's Fair, Israel Looks Back To Its Future

Forward | Apr 24, 2015

Despite the futuristic billboard, there’s something retro about Israel’s agricultural pitch to the family of nations. Israel has long swapped its communal agrarian identity for a capitalist society that is one of the most unequal among Western nations. The kibbutz movement is a shadow of what it once was, and nearly all of the farm labor in Israel is performed by foreign workers. But organizers say that Israeli agriculture heritage, as much as its identity as a “start up nation,” is a selling point.


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