Standstill in Israeli Diplomacy Due to 'Wait and See' Attitude, Not Desire for Status Quo

i24 News | Jan 31, 2015

A new election campaign brings about new stereotypes. It is now very common to hear that Israel does everything to maintain a policy of status quo with its neighbors, including the Palestinians. Looking at Israeli public opinion in the last twenty years, however, tells us that the opposite is true. If one takes election results as reliable indicators, it is possible to identify three characteristic phases in the mood of the Israeli public. 

Power of Social Media in Modern Diplomacy

Media for Freedom | Jan 31, 2015

The United Nations is holding its first ever Social Media Day at its New York Headquarters today, in an event featuring social media professionals, digital diplomacy practitioners and academics who are sharing their experiences, discussing trends and proving insights into their work.

Boko Haram Refugees Straining Local Resources In Nigeria, Aid Groups Say

International Business Times | Jan 31, 2015

As Boko Haram attacks increase in northern Nigeria, millions of refugees fleeing the Islamist insurgent group are creating a strain on local resources, aid groups say. More than a million Nigerians have been displaced as they attempt to flee Boko Haram’s violent attacks, according to the International Organization for Migration. They have settled in various cities around northern Nigeria, leaving aid groups and the Nigerian government scrambling to keep up with the growing demand for food and supplies.

UN Rights Experts Call for International Aid Following Malawi Flooding

Jurist | Jan 31, 2015

A group of three UN special rapporteurs urged [press release] the international community on Friday to provide humanitarian aid and funding to Malawi after it experienced the worst flooding in recent history. 

‘Films are Best Cultural Diplomacy’

The Hindu | Jan 31, 2015

Ritesh Batra believes each film has its own journey. If so, then The Lunchbox is on a long and successful one, with the latest feather being its nomination for the prestigious BAFTA. There was much uproar following the government’s decision to not send The Lunchbox as India’s official entry to the Academy Awards but a BAFTA nomination almost two years later shows the timelessness of this rare and honest Indian film.

Couture Tries to Find Its Place in the Real World

The New York Times | Jan 31, 2015

Indeed, in many ways Fashion Week told a tale of brands eschewing the escapism normally associated with couture, opting instead to connect it to the real world. At varying levels and degrees of success. 

Obama to Appear in Public with Dalai Lama

The Japan Times | Jan 31, 2015

U.S. President Barack Obama will appear in public at an event attended by the Dalai Lama in Washington in the coming week, the White House said Friday, a move sure to anger Beijing.

Diplomatic Blundering on Hostages and History

The Japan Times | Jan 31, 2015

Japan’s latest hostage crisis has exposed shortcomings in Japan’s public diplomacy and raises questions about the advice Prime Minister Shinzo Abe received in publicly announcing $200 million in humanitarian aid to help those displaced by conflict with the Islamic State group.



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