Australian Council for International Development Warns Aid Cuts Will Hurt Global Relations

The Sydney Morning Herald | Mar 1, 2015

The Abbott government's deep foreign aid cuts are undermining the national interest and harming Australia's relations abroad, aid organisations say in a major pitch to reverse the cuts in the coming budget.

Park Presses Japan on Sex Slavery

The Korea Herald | Mar 1, 2015

President Park Geun-hye on Sunday urged Japan to face up to and sincerely atone for its brutalities during colonial rule as a first step to writing a “new history” with Korea for the next 50 years. In her Independence Movement Day address, she called for the two Koreas to meet to discuss reunions of families displaced by the 1950-53 Korean War, while expanding cooperation in sports, culture, arts and humanitarian areas. 

The Prince and the Party: Five Elephants in the Room

BBC | Mar 1, 2015

On Sunday evening, Prince William arrives in Beijing at the start of a three day visit to China.  At state level, the objective is to promote brand Britain, and at a personal level, it's an opportunity to talk about his abiding passion: elephant protection.

Netanyahu Heads to Washington for 'Historic Mission' to 'Guarantee Israel's Future'

Haaretz | Mar 1, 2015

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flew to Washington on Sunday ahead of his controversial speech to Congress."Today, on the eve of the Fast of Esther, I'm embarking on a historic mission," the prime minister said before boarding the plane. "I feel like the emissary of all the people of Israel, even those who don't agree with me. "I am profoundly concerned about the fate of Israel and our people. I will do everything in my power to guarantee our future," Netanyahu added.

Vietnam Opens Door to Hard Money and Soft Power

Financial Times | Mar 1, 2015

Japan and South Korea are building on a long interest in a country notable for its cheap labour and 90m-strong consumer market. From Hanoi’s point of view, there is a political imperative to draw more foreign investment because of structural economic problems such as bad debts and inefficient state companies, which have dragged Vietnam’s growth down from above 7 per cent a year before the western financial crisis to 5.4 per cent in 2013.

On Turkey’s Push to Salvage Syrian Fighting Spirit

Al Arabiya | Mar 1, 2015

After months of negotiations and reviews, Turkey and the U.S. have signed a train-and-equip agreement aimed at bolstering moderate Syrian opposition fighters. This agreement is likely to have diplomatic outcomes between the two NATO allies and provide answers to many questions currently in the air, however, if we analyze the situation objectively, the “train-equip agreement” is going to make very little change in the civil war situation – if any.

The War at Home: How Russia is Winning the Battle for Hearts and Minds

New Statesman | Mar 1, 2015

Last week, a report from a committee of the House of Lords offered a brutal judgement on British and European policy toward Russia. Europe went “sleep-walking” into the crisis in Ukraine, said the report, and Western countries had lost the “robust analytical capability” to understand Russia. The truth about UK policy toward Russia, however, is much worse.

PM’s Iran Tweet Ignites Social Media

The Times of Israel | Mar 1, 2015

Israeli social media exploded Wednesday and Thursday in reaction to a tweet by Benjamin Netanyahu, in which the prime minister attempted to shift focus from the findings of a state report on the country’s housing crisis to Iran’s nuclear program


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