Scorecard Rwanda: How Soccer is helping Rwandan Women

Al-Jazeera | Oct 13, 2015

[Sport] is a powerful tool for progress and for development," said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in 2011. In post-genocide Rwanda, Felicite Rwemalika's work is an embodiment of this idea. She has forged opportunities which have brought increased wealth and skills to women and their families - all by getting women to play football.

Greece to Reach Out to Diaspora

Neos Kosmos | Oct 13, 2015

In an effort to better Greece's international image, the country's Department of Foreign Affairs has stated it will strengthen ties with the Greek diaspora to fend off the stigma of 'Grexit' to a more appropriate 'Greform' (Greek reform), following the effects of its economic crisis.

The Original Social Network: How Global Diasporas Can Mean Big Business

Share America | Oct 13, 2015

When Kenyan-American Jacob Maaga moved to the United States, he realized he arrived with a unique and valuable gift: the knowledge of his homeland that could one day make him a successful entrepreneur. [...] He founded Pan Africa Exchange (PANEX), which helps East African farmers and U.S. buyers exchange the information they need to negotiate an agreeable price for coffee beans and other commodities.

Xi Has Greater Foreign Policy Clout than Predecessors

The Korea Herald | Oct 13, 2015

Painting a sanguine outlook for China’s endeavors to enhance soft power, Kim Heung-kyu, political science professor at Ajou University, said that China might be “actively” seeking to utilize its soft power diplomacy including public diplomacy as a tool to expand its influence well beyond East Asia.

How India Can Counter the Chinese Confucius Institutes

Swarajya | Oct 13, 2015

India’s cultural capital is enough and more to not let Chinese Confucius institutes win the soft-power game. But, can [India] use it in the proper manner?

Hello Kitty: Japan's Soft Power Ambassador

ABC Radio National (Australia) | Oct 13, 2015

[Hello Kitty is] so much more than just a cartoon character, she's the globally recognized ambassador for Japanese soft power in East Asia and beyond, according to anthropologist Dr. Christine Yano from the University of Hawaii.

How Can Companies Integrate Sustainable Development Goals?

The Guardian | Oct 12, 2015

The UN’s sustainable development agenda for the next 15 years can be used as a model for businesses. [...] “[The SDG] requires very big partnerships, and the growth engine of the world economy is business,” she said.  Conversely, she pointed out, the SDGs have vast potential for improving the global business climate. By encouraging a “solid enabling environment”, she explained, they also provide the basis for corporate growth.

Rasmussen: War on Terror Concerns at 11 Year High

Legal Insurrection | Oct 12, 2015

According to a Rasmussen poll released Monday morning, more voters than ever believe terrorists have an advantage over the United States and her allies. [...] 'As incredible as it may sound, the U.S. government still lacks the capacity to coordinate its global counterterrorism strategy. This disturbing finding is reflected in two recently released reports, one by a bipartisan task force of the House Homeland Security Committee and the other, the 2015 Comprehensive Annual Report on Public Diplomacy” by the Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy (ACPD).'


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