From a Show of Military Might to a Display of Soft Power

Gulf News | Jan 29, 2015

As India celebrated its 66th Republic Day with much fanfare in the presence of US President Barack Obama, it has diligently, over the years, turned the parade that was initially envisaged as a platform to demonstrate military might into one that exhibits its soft power to the world.

The Truth About Startup Nation: Pretty but Precarious

Haaretz | Jan 29, 2015

Israel may be facing increasing isolation, yet all the world seems to want to buy or invest in an Israel tech company – Microsoft, Dropbox, the Russians, the Chinese.

Unicef, Seeking More Aid, Points to Children Touched by Armed Conflict

The New York Times | Jan 29, 2015

 With more than one in 10 of the world’s children living in areas affected by armed conflict, the United Nations children’s agency said Thursday that it is struggling to deal with “a new generation of emergencies.” Natural disasters, fast-spreading epidemics and conflicts “are stalking children in ways we have never seen before,” Afshan Khan, Unicef’s director of emergency programs, said in a statement accompanying an appeal for financial support.

Qatar, Turkey Celebrate Ties, Cultural Partnership

Gulf Times | Jan 29, 2015

Building on a legacy of connecting people through cultural exchanges, Qatar Museums officially launched Qatar Turkey 2015 during a VIP reception held at the Museum of Islamic Art on Tuesday evening.

China’s Financial Diplomacy Rich but Rash

The Economist | Jan 29, 2015

China has dramatically scaled up its global loan book over the past five years by dealing with countries largely ignored by Western lenders, whether for political reasons (Russia) or economic (Argentina). 

Can Iran’s New U.N. Ambassador Get Tehran Relief From U.N. Sanctions?

Foreign Policy | Jan 29, 2015

The decision to appoint a new envoy to the United Nations comes as nuclear talks between Iran and the United States and other major powers are coming under fire from U.S. congressional critics of Iran, who are pressing for the passage of new sanctions that the White House claims will torpedo the delicate negotiations. 

Rialto Eyes Cuba for Sister City Relationship

San Bernardino County Sun | Jan 28, 2015

Rialto could be the first city in the United States to form a sister city relationship within Cuba after President Barack Obama announced a historic thawing of icy diplomatic relations that spans decades between the two countries.

Why be Silent about Britain's Generosity to the World?

Telegraph | Jan 28, 2015

With budgets so squeezed, neither party cares to tout its gilt-edged record on foreign aid. But they should be proud of what we give, and have the courage to say so.


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