Latin American Festival to Open in Taipei

Taiwan Today | Sep 19, 2014

The Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Festival will get underway Sept. 20 in Taipei City, underscoring the government’s commitment to bolstering ties between Taiwan and countries throughout the region.

Poll: Israelis Care More About Peace Process and EU than Iran

Times of Israel | Sep 19, 2014

Israelis see advancing the peace process with the Palestinians as more important than confronting the Iranian nuclear threat, according to a poll published this week. Indeed, the survey shows, the public is more interested in the Israeli government promoting better ties with moderate Arab states and the European Union than in dealing with Tehran’s nuclear program. 

Korea-China Partnered in Public Diplomacy

Korea Times | Sep 19, 2014

Eighty high school and university students from Korea and China took a pledge on Thursday: They promised to write only supportive comments on the Internet and encourage others to do the same.  The group pledge was part of a ceremony to launch the "Young Korea-China Adults Sunfull Cyber Public Diplomatic Corps,'' a joint project between the Chinese newspaper the People's Daily and the Seoul-based Sunfull Movement Headquarters.

Soft Power: Chinese First Lady Charms School Kids

Free Press Journal | Sep 19, 2014

While the Chinese forces are busy claiming Indian territory in the northern sector, the First Lady Peng Liyuan was busy practicing soft power in the national capital. Peng left no stone unurned to charm the school kids teaching them a lesson on how they can contribute to the progress of India.

KOICA to Establish Development Think Tank in Myanmar

Devex | Sep 18, 2014

Emerging donor South Korea has high hopes for Myanmar, and the latest step is to establish a new think tank to assist in policy, capacity building and research efforts in the country, as well as boost Seoul’s own development footprint in Southeast Asia.

Korean Drama Fever Hits US

Inquirer | Sep 18, 2014

Korean TV  dramas have been popular across Asia for the past decade, with series like “Autumn in My Heart,” “Jewel in the Palace” and the most recent “My Love from the Star” all being major hits. Now, Korean dramas are paving the way across the US, triggered by new platforms such as on-demand Internet streaming media.

New Poll Indicates Palestinian Public Opinion on Unity and the War on Gaza

Middle East Monitor | Sep 18, 2014

A poll conducted after Israel's latest military operation in Gaza has shown that nearly half of the respondents expected Palestinian reconciliation to fail, despite 87.6% assessing the degree of unity among Palestinian factions to be "good" during the offensive.

Islamic State's War Propaganda for Women Attracts Social Media Users

Local 10 | Sep 18, 2014

A user's recent social media posts read like a movie: A woman trained as a doctor travels to a war zone. She falls in love and gets pregnant. She suffers the inevitable reality of war in Syria.  The social media user posts on Twitter and Facebook links to a Tumbler blog titled "Diary Of A Traveler". 


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