Young Malaysian Diplomats Tour Australia's Parliament House

The Star Online | Sep 30, 2014

With the shared history of Australia and Malaysia stretching back to World War II, it is hardly coincidental that 16 young Malaysian diplomats were sent for an educational visit to Australia as they complete the last leg of their studies at the Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR). Parliament House in Canberra has recently witnessed many occasions that demonstrate the close cooperation between the two nations.

Breaking Bread for Peace: Conflict Kitchen and Cultural Food Diplomacy

Huffington Post | Sep 30, 2014

Food diplomacy initiatives are increasingly being recognized as a successful means to open up peace dialogue as a result of our increasingly cosmopolitan palettes. Food is one of the oldest forms of exchange, with yet untapped recognition to deliver social conflict transformation. With this in mind, International Alert's Conflict Kitchen London opens up a new avenue to pursue peace dialogue by taking people on a tantalizing journey exploring new culinary experiences.

New Center to Strengthen China's Soft Power

Shanghai Daily | Sep 29, 2014

Peking University has formed a research center dedicated to national "soft power," aiming to help the government spread Chinese culture and values abroad.  "Cultural soft power is beginning to offer strong support for the rise of China. The country must enhance its cultural strength in order to dominate the global contest for soft power."

Culture Ministry Honours Outgoing Japanese Ambassador

Bahrain News Agency | Sep 29, 2014

Ministry of Culture has held a dinner banquet in honor of the outgoing Japanese Ambassador to Bahrain, Hijki Sumi, in appreciation of his huge role in strengthening cultural relations between the two countries, in the presence of a number of diplomats and representatives of the cultural sector in Bahrain. 

How the Private Sector Can Pitch in to Help Combat Ebola

Devex Impact | Sep 29, 2014

While health workers on the ground continue to struggle to contain the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the United Nations, international nongovernmental organizations and other donors are appealing to the private sector for help.

Leadership Brand Not an Option in Nation Branding

Capital FM (Kenya) | Sep 29, 2014

As the Executive leader of a country, it is the leader’s responsibility to keep a nation’s brand strong. As spokesperson for the nation brand, a leader must also ensure that brand perceptions align with brand performance. President Uhuru Kenyatta has done so with grace. He is telling Kenya’s story across the nation, within the region and on the global platform.

Tony Abbott says Arts and Culture as Important as Sport

The Australian | Sep 29, 2014

Arts Minister George Brandis also attended the dinner in the Prime Minister’s private dining room at Parliament House. Mr Abbott told guests that he wanted to learn from the arts sector, and heard a discussion about its successes and challenges. The conversation included the importance of private-sector support for the arts, and the international role of arts organisations in cultural diplomacy.

9 Ways Japan Can Better Tell Its Story to the World

The Diplomat | Sep 29, 2014

Japan is poised to project a global reality that the world has come to expect: leading-edge high tech, from the world’s fastest and safest trains to robotics, electronics and (my personal hope) free WiFi everywhere. Combine this with 21st century high touch – omotenashi (hospitality) safety, polite society, humility, modesty, and a green, sustainable economy – and you will really get the world enraptured by your stories.


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