Off the Ice, Kwan Strives to Level Playing Field

The University News | May 2, 2015

Since beginning her new profession as a Public Diplomacy Envoy, Kwan has had the opportunity to work with two presidents and three Secretaries of State, and she continues to make strides in the global arena as a promoter of American values and athletic interests.

President Lauds Taiwan's 'Flora Ark' Initiative

Focus Taiwan | May 2, 2015

Leslie Koo, chairman of the Taiwan Cement Corp., whose family set up the center, said they want to contribute to protecting the world's biodiversity and demonstrate Taiwan's soft power in the area of botanic conservation.

China Culture Drive Pushes Out Indie Films

Haveeru | May 2, 2015

A bevy of big-screen luminaries including Luc Besson and Arnold Schwarzenegger descended on Beijing recently for a star-studded international film festival, but art-house directors raised the alarm as authorities block a wave of independent cultural events.

A Face of Modern Islam in a Radicalized Region

The Hans India | May 2, 2015

Amid the political volatility and ideological chaos, one country that has stood out as a beacon of of peace, stability and modernity is the low-profile nation of Morocco, wedged at the crosscurrents of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

Meat Your Neighbours

The Indian Express | May 2, 2015

In India as part of a cultural exchange, Shirzad and three of his countrymen, two chefs and an administrator, are at the ITC Maurya, in Delhi, for a 10-day festival celebrating Afghani cuisine, after which they return with a similarly assembled Indian team to the Inter-Continental in Kabul for a 10-day showcase of Indian food.

Venice Biennale: India-Pakistan Art Collaboration

The Financial Times | May 2, 2015

To the outside world, the rapport between India and Pakistan is characterised by the political tensions that have simmered, and at times boiled over, since partition in 1947. Yet contemporary art is an arena in which the two nations enjoy a more fruitful relationship.

New Chinese Institute to Tackle Thorny Island Dispute

The Wall Street Journal | May 2, 2015

As Beijing intensifies efforts to sway U.S. public opinion, a Chinese organization focused on the disputed South China Sea has set up what its founders say is China’s first think tank inside the Washington Beltway.

The Power of Soft Power in Kazakhstan

The Washington Post | May 2, 2015

Kazakhstan’s success is a model for the entire region. The overwhelming majority of the population supports the country’s so-called multi-vector foreign policy and Kazakhstan’s ability to brand itself internationally through its support for multilateralism and regional initiatives, stance on denuclearization and its prestige campaigns in the West and Asia.


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