New Public Diplomacy

The Fiji Times | Sep 1, 2015

Fiji's growing international image and posture has been disseminated in varying ways. One of the most recent means is through social media. This show of international stature can be viewed through public diplomacy. However, it is important to critically observe public diplomacy and how it can conceal realities in a country.

Activists in Iran Pen Open Letter to Americans on Nuclear Deal

Politico | Sep 1, 2015

More than 50 prominent Iranian dissidents, political reformers and other civil society activists have written an open letter to the people of the United States, urging them to lobby members of Congress to support the Iran nuclear deal.

Short Stories to Counter Violent Extremism

Devex | Sep 1, 2015

Zineb Benalla, director of the Transnational Initiative Countering Violent Extremism, heads up the independent think tank — established in April 2015 in Casablanca, Morocco, to counter violent extremism and build peace — and spearheaded the effort to introduce education-based projects for youth resilience to violent extremism in Timbuktu, a city in the West African nation of Mali as well as Gao, located on the River Niger.

Turkey’s Tarnished International Reputation

Hurriyet Daily News | Sep 1, 2015

Turkey has a serious problem with its international image. An increasing number of people around the world see the country as a breeding ground and facilitator of Islamic terrorism. They also see it as a violent place where visitors have to be ready for all eventualities. The notion that Turkish officials aided radical Islamists in Syria in one way or another has stuck and refuses to go away. 

Former Israeli President Peres to Meet with Iranian Peace Activist

i24news | Aug 31, 2015

Maryam Faghih Imani, the daughter of Sayed Kamal Faghih Imani, a senior Iranian Ayatollah, "came to Israel to convey a message of reconciliation and dialogue among peoples," the statement reads. Imani and Peres will meet at the Peres Center for Peace to discuss projects to promote peace between nations in the Middle East, and the development of cross-border initiatives.

Apology Diplomacy and Asia-Pacific

Daily Sabah | Aug 31, 2015

The outcome of apology diplomacy between the countries never satisfies any of the parties. Despite some heartfelt apologies from the Japanese government, neither Beijing nor Seoul has been satisfied. Words that have been used in textbooks, visits by Japanese prime ministers to the Yasukuni Shrine, movies and fiction about World War II have all became divisive issues in one of the economic engines of the world.

The Rise of Bulgakov Diplomacy

Foreign Policy | Aug 31, 2015

The Kremlin is backing an ambitious effort to make the B-sides of the Russian literary canon more accessible to a global audience. Is it a boon for cultural understanding — or propaganda? [...] They (U.S. and Russia) were joining forces to publish a treasury of Russian literature in English, at least 100 volumes strong, spanning three centuries and possibly more.

Modi Government Plans Buddhism Blitz in Cultural Diplomacy Refocus

Telegraph India | Aug 31, 2015

The Narendra Modi government has decided to make India's Buddhism links the centrepiece of its cultural diplomacy thrust through a blitzkrieg of novel projects, after the Prime Minister feted East Asian leaders through his first year in office with references to this religious bridge.


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