Clinging to Power: Does Britain Still Matter?

CNN | Mar 31, 2015

As the Cold War took global grip, the United States purposefully pushed Britain aside. The U.S. took over its military bases, its spheres of influence, and its markets. Conscious of its decline, London clung, slightly pathetically, to what it termed its "special relationship" with Washington. Maintaining this key U.S. relationship is the most important foreign policy challenge facing Britain's prime minister after May 7. Whether that person is the Conservative party's David Cameron or the opposition Labour party's Ed Miliband makes no difference.

Sun Tzu and the Art of Soft Power?

The Diplomat | Mar 31, 2015

In China, there has been a trend recently to use Sun Tzu and The Art of War as a source of soft power for China’s peaceful development strategy. This trend is present in the 2014 9th International Symposium on Sun Tzu’s Art of War hosted by the Chinese Academy of Military Science titled “Sun Tzu’s Art of War and Peace, Coopberation and Development.” 

Iran's Power Rises, With or Without Deal

CNN | Mar 31, 2015

Deal or no deal in the Iranian nuclear talks, Tehran is already behaving like it's made a killing. Sure, U.S. and international sanctions inflicted staggering damage on Iran's economy, convincing the longtime American foe to join talks aimed at limiting its nuclear program.

China Seeks to Brush Up on Global Image

Channel NewAsia | Mar 31, 2015

 After a slew of negative opinion polls, China is working to improve its global image. A global opinion poll by found that public views of China have declined. Another poll – conducted by the Pew Research Center - found that United States’ global image remains more positive than China’s.

Involving Religious Communities in Indonesia’s Public Diplomacy

CPD Blog | Mar 30, 2015

The religionization of politics and the politicization of religion, especially in the current environment on the global war on terror, means that increasingly religion plays a role in diplomacy both as an opportunity for engagement and as a motivation inspiring actors.

A Continent Enfeebled by Economic Crisis

Financial Times | Mar 30, 2015

In updating its security strategy, the EU should avoid setting itself unrealistic ambitions. Restoring Europe’s soft power means, first and foremost, putting Europe’s own political and economic house in order.

Russian Language Returns to Georgia

Vestnik Kavkaza | Mar 30, 2015

Free Russian language courses organized by the Russian-Georgian community center, together with the Russian Foundation for Public Diplomacy named after Gorchakov, began being held in Tbilisi. 

'Cold War Modernists: Art, Literature, & American Cultural Diplomacy': The Arsenal of Ideas

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Mar 30, 2015

Duquesne University professor Greg Barnhisel skillfully shows how modernist art and literature was used to influence the Cold War game.


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