The Global Search for Education: What's the News from Pakistan?

Huffington Post | Nov 24, 2014

Pakistan is not only looking up, with more students completing education programs, but is also showing its own leadership, and thus growing independently from external aid. Sir Michael shared what he learned from this process and some of the facts about how he accomplished this feat in the dialogue that follows.


Modi in Nepal: Religion and Diplomacy

The Indian Express | Nov 24, 2014

Many liberals in Nepal and India have long been concerned that the victory of Narendra Modi in the last general elections might undermine India’s secular foundations, “saffronise” India’s foreign policy, project the Hindutva agenda into Nepal and empower the much despised royalists in that country.

Najib Underlines Challenges in Hyperconnected World

The Sun Daily | Nov 24, 2014

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak has warned the Rakyat not to misuse the internet in spreading lies and hatred that could destroy the foundation of a multiracial society in Malaysia.

The Future of Chinese Arts and Creative Industries

Forbes | Nov 24, 2014

Last month China’s president Xi Jinping presented his pragmatic vision for China’s arts and creative industries. (...)Whereas his predecessor Hu Jintao saw culture as a means to boost China’s global prestige and soft power, Xi is as concerned with shaping China’s hearts and minds.

Venezuela Counts on Aid from China During Financial Crisis

China Daily | Nov 23, 2014

As Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro grapples with chronic shortages of consumer goods and the world's highest inflation rate at 63 percent, he has turned to China for help.

Massive Rail Deal Gives China's Push Into Africa a Major Win

Foreign Policy | Nov 23, 2014

The China Railway Construction Corporation's eye-popping $12 billion deal to build an 870-mile railroad in Nigeria is the biggest single overseas contract in Chinese history and will boost the country's manufacturing sector just as its overall economy shows some signs of slowing. 

Twitter Diplomacy: Obama Accepts Modi Invite, to be First US President to Witness Republic Day Parade as Chief Guest

Micro-Finance Monitor | Nov 23, 2014

Few hours before making it official from the US side, Modi had hit his favourite Twitter informing the public about his invitation to US President Obama, saying: “This Republic Day, we hope to have a friend over…invited President Obama to be the 1st US President to grace the occasion as Chief Guest.”

App Linking Overseas Filipinos to Homeland Launched in D.C.

Inquirer | Nov 23, 2014

If you’re a Filipino residing or working abroad and feeling nostalgic about news and even music from home, or if you have concerns that need the attention of Philippine diplomats, all these are just a “push of the button” away.


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