The State, Cuban Rap, and the State of Cuban Rap

CPD Blog | Sep 27, 2016

Cuba is in a position where it could use some soft power appeal, particularly on the same social issues—like unemployment or the treatment of Afro-Latinos—that neighboring countries are going through. If Cuba is aiming to have a rap scene with actual international appeal beyond the club circuit, the state should relax its hold.

Confucius Institute Launches Student Ambassador Program

UK Now | Sep 27, 2016

he University of Kentucky’s Confucius Institute is now offering a student ambassador program as an opportunity for students to get involved and help represent the best of what the Confucius Institute has to offer. Student ambassadors will promote events and programs, strengthen relationships between communities through Chinese cultural outreach at UK, and provide support from CI to UK students, faculty and staff.

Takeaways From the Success of Hallyu

Asia One | Sep 27, 2016

Pop culture has worked a powerful magic in South Korea, turning it into one of the coolest places on the planet, which begs the question: How can Singapore get in on the act? The Hallyu fever, which started around 20 years ago, had overtaken Japanese pop that held sway from the 1980s to the early 1990s, and shows no sign of cooling.

Countering China's Psychological Warfare

The Diplomat | Sep 27, 2016

A historically-grounded narrative is needed to counter China’s charges, which have real implications for American and other national policies. The PRC plays the “victim” card to its advantage [...] to indoctrinate internal opinion to support the regime, to stoke “nationalism” for leverage, and to arm psychological warfare that positions Beijing as “just.”

EU Presents Photo Exhibiiton

Korea Times | Sep 27, 2016

A photo exhibition titled "Sustainable Living Space in the EU" is being presented by members of the EU delegation to Korea in Seoul and Busan Sept. 25 to Oct 12. [...] The event is part of the EU's global initiative — EU Climate Diplomacy Week — aiming to raise public awareness on climate issues.

Jokowi Wants Unified ‘National Branding’ For Positive Image

Jakarta Post | Sep 27, 2016

President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has urged the Cabinet to enhance the soft-power approach to improve Indonesia's image, highlighting national branding as a strategy to improve the country's competitiveness in trade, tourism and investment.

Australia-China Cultural Dialogue Launched in Adelaide

New China | Sep 27, 2016

Under the "Adelaide Consensus" reached during the dialogue, both countries agreed to strengthen cultural diversity through the exchange of ideas, nurtured by constant exchanges and interaction. It was also agreed that Australia and China will commission an academic research piece on current activity in the cross cultural sphere, including exhibitions, films, arts and cultural festivals...

From Timbuktu to Palmyra: France’s Preservation of Cultural Heritage

The Observer | Sep 26, 2016

At a time when Islamic State militants around the world have sledgehammered antiquities, French President François Holland helped launch a cultural heritage initiative at the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly meeting. [...] The French President announced the creation of a $100 million public/private fund, with the United Arab Emirates, to safeguard endangered cultural heritage sites. 


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