Jamaica's Passport Powerless - 'Country's Perceived Leadership In The Region In Danger'

Gleaner | Apr 25, 2015

The Jamaican passport is ranked as one of the least valuable travel documents in the Caribbean based on the number of countries which allow its holders visa free travel through their ports of entry. (...) While agreeing that the power of the Jamaican passport is weak opposition spokesperson on foreign affairs, Edmund Bartlett, said the low ranking is a reflection of a myriad of problems facing the country’s international image.

Commemorations for Armenian Genocide Victims Held in Turkey

The Guardian | Apr 25, 2015

More than 100 people gathered in front of the Islamic Arts museum in Istanbul on Friday to commemorate the massacre of Armenians during the last days of the Ottoman empire. (...)The commemoration, organized by Turkish and international human rights organizations, was one of a series of events taking place in Istanbul to mark the centenary of the Armenian genocide during which more than 1.5 million Armenians were killed, according to historians’ estimates.

Nicaragua's Grand Canal

Council on Foreign Affairs | Apr 25, 2015

In December 2014, workers broke ground on the Nicaragua Grand Canal, a planned 175-mile-long canal through Nicaragua. Three times the  length of the Panama Canal, engineers say Nicaragua’s canal could eventually serve 5 percent of the world’s cargo traffic. Proponents of the canal argue that it will bring much-needed jobs and commerce to the country. However, critics charge that few details of the deal have been made public and say that the environmental and social costs of constructing the canal could be catastrophic.


Salman Khurshid Debuts in Music Video

The Economic Times | Apr 25, 2015

NEW DELHI: Former foreign minister of India Salman Khurshid teamed up with German ambassador to India Michael Steiner for a Bollywood-style music video inspired by 2003 romantic drama 'Kal Ho Naa Ho', starring Shah Rukh Khan. (...)"People think that diplomacy is only about exchanging notes and having coffee at United Nations lounge. No, diplomacy is not only about government, it is about people to people bond and contacts between civilizations," Khurshid said.  


Six Ideas For Rescuing Australian Digital Diplomacy

The Interpreter | Apr 24, 2015

Australia's approach to digital diplomacy is second-rate and entirely inadequate for a nation that sees itself as 'a top 20 country'. Despite an expanded social media presence, Australia continues to lag far behind other countries – large and small – that are investing serious resources into building up their digital diplomacy capabilities.

Digital Diplomacy – A Challenge For The Nation State

Deutsche Welle | Apr 24, 2015

Taylor Owen says he sees the theme of this year’s conference, “Media and Foreign Policy in the Digital Age” as a unique opportunity to prove his theory that many states try to misuse digital freedom for their own purposes. “Digital diplomacy presents a challenge for the nation state,” he says. He adds that the same governments that are seeking to enable free speech in other countries are at the same time rapidly expanding the surveillance state.

Responsibility For African Boat Migrants Lies At All Our Doors

The Guardian | Apr 24, 2015

The International Organisation for Migration has predicted that migrant deaths in the Mediterranean might be as high as 30,000 this year (EU emergency summit will offer safe haven to only 5,000 refugees, 23 April). (...)There is a humanitarian solution. 

ASEAN Needs to Become More People-Driven

Channel NewsAsia | Apr 24, 2015

SINGPAORE: ASEAN needs to stay united as it confronts challenges facing the 10-member regional bloc. For that, relations should move beyond diplomacy to become more people-driven. This was the consensus of panellists at the Future50 talk held by the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA).


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