India, China Closer but still Cautious as Xi Visit Ends

Hindustan Times | Sep 20, 2014

Incursions cast a shadow over the visit of President Xi Jinping’s visit to India, but the joint statement issued on Friday reiterated their commitment to seek a "fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable solution". The two sides also said that ‘an early settlement of the boundary question’ ought to be ‘pursued as a strategic objective’. Policymakers are grappling with the implications of the Xi’s visit. 

Turkey And Japan Mark Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties

The Daily Sabah | Sep 20, 2014

While Turkey and Japan celebrate the 90th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations, a joint symposium will be held, hosted by three institutions: the Embassy of Japan, Center for Strategic Research (SAM) and Center for Middle Eastern Strategic Studies (ORSAM). The joint symposium, "Japan and Turkey - Where did we come from? Where are we going?" will be held on Sept. 22 and Sept. 23 at the Ankara Hilton Hotel...

Madam Secretary series premiere on Sunday, September 21

WUSA 9 | Sep 20, 2014

Washington, DC is excited for the series premiere of Madam Secretary. Madam Secretary stars Téa Leoni as Elizabeth McCord, the shrewd, determined, newly appointed Secretary of State who drives international diplomacy, battles office politics and circumvents protocol as she negotiates global and domestic issues, both at the White House and at home.

U.S. Hopes Face-Saving Plan Offers a Path to a Nuclear Pact With Iran

The New York Times | Sep 20, 2014

Over the years, the United States has shown considerable ingenuity in its effort to slow Iran’s production of nuclear fuel: It has used sabotage, cyberattacks and creative economic sanctions. Now, mixing face-saving diplomacy and innovative technology, negotiators are attempting a new approach, suggesting that the Iranians call in a plumber.

Kenya Turns to Social Media to Promote Tourism

African News | Sep 19, 2014

Kenya is set to use social media to promote its tourism industry that is currently on its knees due to security challenges posed by terrorist attacks. The East African nation will in the next months start using Facebook, Twitter, blogs and Instagram to reach out to potential tourists across the world in new and traditional source markets. 

Islamic State: France Joins US Air Campaign in Iraq, Hitting Logistics Depot

The Christian Science Monitor | Sep 19, 2014

France conducted its first airstrike against the Islamic State militant group in Iraq Friday, destroying a logistics depot, French President Francois Hollande announced. Although some countries have contributed humanitarian aid or military equipment to the Iraqi army in its battle against the advancing jihadists, France is the first nation to join the US-led air campaign against IS.

The World Reacts to Scotland’s Decision Not to Leave the UK

TIME | Sep 19, 2014

When Scotland voted against independence in Thursday’s referendum, people across the world reacted with a mixture of relief, disappointment and trepidation at what the result might mean for other separatist movements. Yet while Scotland’s silent majority for unity won out in the final ballot, the Yes campaigners succeeded in making their voices heard, not only by the Westminster political establishment but in global headlines. 

What Should U.S. Diplomacy Strategy Be in a Time of Terrorism?

The Daily Signal | Sep 19, 2014

Without question, the Obama administration has been slow in coming up with a strategy to counter the threat from ISIS terrorism. This week, Rick Stengel, Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy, made the case for soft power. He told a packed audience at the American Security Project his office faces challenges as momentous, but far more complex, than any the United States has seen since the fall of Soviet communism.


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