Vietnam Plays Key Role in China-Japan Aid Battle

The Wall Street Journal | Mar 28, 2015

But China’s growing economic role in Vietnam has faced a backlash which intensified after Beijing last year parked an oil rig in waters Hanoi also claims. Since then, China has sought to win over neighbors with pledges of development funds, and bills a new Asian development bank as a consensus-based approach to aid.

Vietnam Legacy Has Lessons for Anti-Americanism Today

The Business Times | Mar 27, 2015

One key legacy of Vietnam was growth of anti-Americanism which undercut US prestige and soft power. This legacy is important for US policy today as the country continues to recover from the unpopularity of the Iraq War.

China, Armenia Pledge Closer Friendship, Cooperation

Xinhua | Mar 27, 2015

Hailing the smooth development of the relationship over the 23 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties, Xi said the two sides should continue supporting each other on their development paths, core interests and efforts for prosperity.

In Democrats’ Eyes, Republicans Are Helping Foster Chinese Power

The Wall Street Journal | Mar 27, 2015

That’s the case some Democrats are making, complaining that GOP lawmakers are eroding U.S. soft-power overseas by refusing to back the key international institutions where the U.S. has long exercised intellectual, political and economic leverage.

Government-Backed Science Conference to Improve 'Israel's Image in the World'

Middle East Monitor | Mar 27, 2015

The Israeli government will host a gathering of young scientists later this year as part of efforts to improve the image of a state internationally associated with occupation and military brutality. An estimated 400 young scientists from around the world will meet in Jerusalem in August.

Ben Affleck Back on Capitol Hill, Offers Congo Progress Report

Los Angeles Times | Mar 27, 2015

Ben Affleck made his way back to Capitol Hill on Thursday to testify on behalf of Eastern Congo in front of the Senate Appropriations Committee. The Oscar winner, who was joined by wife Jennifer Garner and philanthropist and Microsoft founder Billl Gates, spoke about his Eastern Congo Initiative in front of the State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs subcommittee hearing on diplomacy, development and national security to ask them to allocate some of their budget to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Taking to Twitter, Iran’s President Argues for Rapid End to Sanctions

The New York Times | Mar 27, 2015

While American negotiators maintained tight secrecy at the nuclear talks here, President Hassan Rouhani of Iran took to Twitter late Thursday to describe a letter he sent to President Obama and other world leaders justifying Iran’s positions.

Europeans Agree to Counter Russian Propaganda War

The Daily Signal | Mar 27, 2015

Ministers from European Union countries decided last week to work strategically to counter Russian’s propaganda offensive in Ukraine and other former Soviet states. EU countries intend to collaborate on broadcasting to give citizens in the target countries, e.g. the Baltics, an alternative to the relentless bombardment of Russian media, which produces a highly distorted version of the news aimed at Russian speakers.


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