Health Minister Urges EU Support for Medical Diplomacy in Africa

The Guardian | Mar 5, 2015

SUPERVISING Minister of Health, Dr Khaliru Alhassan, has urged the European Union (EU) to support medical diplomacy in Africa with concrete long term solutions to boost health delivery in the continent.

How Pope Francis’s Vatican Got Its Political Swagger Back

Time | Mar 5, 2015

Nowhere is the contrast between Benedict XVI and Francis more tangible than in the degree to which the papacy seems to have recovered its diplomatic and geopolitical swagger. The normalization of relations between the U.S. and Cuba in December 2014 came about in part thanks to Francis, who wrote private letters to President Obama and Cuban president Raúl Castro that reportedly helped break the ice between the two leaders.

Euphoric Notes from Korea

The Hindu | Mar 5, 2015

Inaugurated by Kyungsoo Kim, Consul General of the Republic of Korea, Venu Srinivasan, Goodwill Envoy for Public Diplomacy of the Republic of Korea, and B.S. Seo, Managing Director, Hyundai Motor India Ltd, the Centre launched its arts programme with ‘Ceramic Connect,’ an exhibition of ceramics and paintings by Indian and Korean artists and a concert by E-Do, an ensemble of six talented Korean musicians, whose style blends traditional Korean sounds and jazz with contemporary stage-show dynamics.

U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Is Hospitalized After Knife Attack

The New York Times | Mar 5, 2015

The United States ambassador to South Korea, Mark W. Lippert, was attacked Thursday morning by a knife-wielding man who said he opposed joint American-South Korean military exercises, according to the South Korean police and journalists who were at the scene.

Good Heir Days: Prince William’s Soft Power a Big Hit in Japan

Nippo | Mar 4, 2015

It was a state visit that for many sparked memories of another nearly 30 years ago, when William’s parents Charles and Diana, then Prince and Princess of Wales, came to the country for five days of pomp and pressing the flesh in 1986.

Australian Radio Station May Face Penalties for Royal Hoax

ABC News | Mar 4, 2015

Australia's highest court on Wednesday cleared the way for a radio station to face penalties over a 2012 prank call to a London hospital that was caring for the Duchess of Cambridge. A nurse who transferred the call committed suicide after the broadcast.

British Watchdog Bans Israel Tourism Ad Over Inclusion of Old City

Haaretz | Mar 4, 2015

The British Advertising Standards Authority has banned further publication of an Israeli tourist brochure because it portrays the Old City of Jerusalem as part of Israel.

Netanyahu and Obama: The Two Realities

The New Yorker | Mar 4, 2015

The chemistry between Netanyahu and Obama has never been good. It’s not a matter of personalities. It’s a clash of realities—the two men see the world differently. Obama believes the best way to protect Israel—and broader American interests—is to get a deal that will curtail Iran’s uranium enrichment, cut its stockpile of fuel, convert its facilities, and require intrusive daily inspections.  


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