Is Erdogan Rewriting History?

Al Jazeera | Nov 25, 2014

Erdogan has always enjoyed challenging common narratives. In doing so, he appeals to Muslim public opinion both domestically and internationally.  Despite recent setbacks, he still believes that he represents the Muslim world.

Selling “Brand India” in Vietnam

The Diplomat | Nov 25, 2014

Since the election of Narendra Modi as India’s Prime Minister, New Delhi has appeared determined to create “Brand India” by harnessing its soft power resources. This was very much on display at the meeting Modi had with his Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen Tan Dung, during the latter’s visit to New Delhi late last month.

Koala Diplomacy, the Australian Soft Power-Based Foreign Policy

Jagran Josh | Nov 25, 2014

Koala diplomacy involved world leaders getting photographed and cuddling with Koala named Jimbelung- the furry grey animals, shy native marsupials of Australia. Jimbelung, which means friend in a local Aboriginal dialect, was later gifted to Japan.

Musical Ode to Xi Jinping and His Wife Goes Viral

New York Times | Nov 25, 2014

A musical homage to President Xi Jinping of China and his wife, Peng Liyuan, has circulated widely online in recent days, a sign of how the public face of Chinese leadership has changed since Mr. Xi took office two years ago.

U.S. Moral Tutelage of Thailand

International Policy Digest | Nov 25, 2014

The U.S. State Department has condemned Thailand for its failure to live up to standards we set for the treatment of migrant workers.

The Rise of China's Railroad Diplomacy

Bloomberg Businessweek | Nov 25, 2014

Last week state-owned China Railway Construction Corp. (CRCC) signed a lucrative contract with Nigeria to build an 870-mile coastal railroad from Lagos to Calabar, two of the West African nation’s leading cities. 

How to Efficiently Fight Anti-Israel Propaganda?

The Jerusalem Post | Nov 25, 2014

The question is, then, why is Israel’s propaganda falling so short? The strategic answer is simple. Israel is fighting a total war which has a number of facets. 

Chillin' in Chile With Candince Wiggins

ESPN W. | Nov 25, 2014

The U.S. Embassy Santiago along with the NBA and WNBA teamed up for an educational and sports diplomacy envoy in Chile. 


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