Israel's Foreign Ministry Takes On Social Media Incitement

Arutz Sheva | Nov 29, 2015

New bureau will tackle online incitement by locating content harmful to Israel while also engaging in advocacy and dialogue. [...] The new team will include between eight to ten people, all fluent in Arabic and who a have a background in the Arab world. It will operate under the auspices of the Public Diplomacy Department. 

Garba Shehu Explains Why President Buhari Travels Abroad Frequently

Daily Post | Nov 29, 2015

In public diplomacy, experts say that it is better conducted through face-to-face interaction than through third parties. This is even moreso at the level of heads of state. To do by it by proxy is to miss the effect of fostering strong interpersonal relations between leaders, by which nations benefit.

A Pitch Is Framed by Diplomacy in Cuba

New York Times | Nov 29, 2015

A State Department official said in an email that the American Embassy in Havana was aware of the efforts by private institutions like the Caribbean Baseball Initiative to increase ties between the two countries, and described baseball as “an excellent avenue for sports diplomacy and creating good will between our peoples.”

Through a Lens: Nigerian Orphans Capture their Country

Al-Jazeera | Nov 28, 2015

A group of orphans and street children have been trained in photography and asked to capture the world around them […] It became known as the Murmushi Photo Project. As well as giving them a practical means by which they might one day make a living, it provides them with a visual voice through which they can document their worlds.

You'll Never Guess The Most Charitable Nation in the World

NPR | Nov 28, 2015

And the winner for most charitable nation in the world is ... Myanmar. Coming in second: the United States. […] The ranking confounds the common perception "that generosity and wealth are connected to one another," says Adam Pickering, the international policy manager of the London-based Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)...Only five of the G20 countries appear in the top 20, he points out. 

Pope Holds Private Meeting with President of Warring South Sudan

Reuters | Nov 28, 2015

Pope Francis held a private meeting with South Sudan's President Salva Kiir on Friday, pushing for peace in the world's newest nation that has endured nearly two years of civil war, a Vatican spokesman said.

A’s Player Sean Doolittle Invites 17 Syrian Refugee Families for Thanksgiving Meal

GOOD Magazine | Nov 28, 2015

Some Americans chose to react to the Paris tragedy with embarrassing displays of xenophobia and bigotry. Others, however, chose compassion instead. A’s baseball player Sean Doolittle and his partner Eireann Dolan invited 17 Syrian refugee families to share in their Thanksgiving meal […] They are also launching a crowd-funding campaign to help sponsor Syrian refugee families who have arrived in Chicago.

The Limits of “Message Movies” about Africa

The New Yorker | Nov 28, 2015

[…] Films are targeted at an international audience, which is already saddled with its own preconceptions of Africa [...] Why tie the film so explicitly to a cause that “needs immediate attention,” if not to profit on the outdated idea of that there is a foreign land that needs saving? Art can certainly dramatize real-life events, but it can’t be the earnest volunteer on the street with a Greenpeace clipboard.


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