Xi Eyes Infrastructure in Maldives

China Daily | Sep 16, 2014

The picturesque Maldives, with its stunning scenery and turquoise waters, has long had a hold on the imagination of Chinese people, and the growing links between the countries will take on a more substantial form with a range of key infrastructure initiatives. A housing and a road project involving China was unveiled on Monday, part of a number of infrastructure projects that include building a landmark bridge and upgrading the main airport in the island country. 

North Korea Ratchets up 'Hostage Diplomacy' with US

Digital Journal | Sep 16, 2014

North Korea's use of captured or detained Americans to score propaganda points and extract political concessions from Washington has a long history stretching back to the Cold War, but analysts say the tactic may be wearing thin. The isolated state currently has three American citizens in detention -- Kenneth Bae, Matthew Miller and Jeffrey Fowle.

A Military Campaign Alone Is Not the Solution to ISIS

The New York Times | Sep 16, 2014

fter all the talk of a "pivot to Asia," America’s return to the Middle East is welcome, but wars do not create peace. Killing Bin Laden did not destroy terrorism, and killing ISIS fighters will not bring stability. American leadership and soft power in the Middle East should be invested in three areas...

India’s Fast Power

The Indian Express | Sep 16, 2014

Wrapping up an account of the Narendra Modi government’s foreign policy activism in its first hundred days in office, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj claimed last week that Indian diplomacy had moved into high gear with its “fast-track diplomacy”. The foreign ministry’s public diplomacy division has published a colorful booklet filled with photographic evidence of the government’s impressive global engagement in the past three months. 

Soft Power Used to Protect RI from IS Threat

The Jakarta Post | Sep 15, 2014

Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Djoko Suyanto has said that the government is employing soft power to protect Indonesians from the influence of Islamic State (IS), also known as ISIL, militants.

Development Community ‘Needs a More Joined-Up Approach’ to Tackling Conflict

The Guardian | Sep 15, 2014

The development community can no longer “stick its head in the sand” when it comes to tackling the political, economic and social issues that lie at the roots of fundamentalism, conflict and inequality, the head of a leading research centre has warned.

Australia Contributing Planes for Anti-IS Campaign

Watertown Public Opinion | Sep 15, 2014

Terrorists will use Australia's deployment of troops and war planes to the Middle East as an excuse to target Australians, Prime Minister Tony Abbott warned on Monday.  Australia is preparing to contribute 600 troops and up to 10 military aircraft to the increasingly aggressive campaign against the Islamic State extremists in Syria and Iraq, the government announced on Sunday.

Britain’s Latest Soft Power Weapon in China is Equal Part Comedy and Tragedy

Quartz | Sep 15, 2014

The British government is spending £1.5 million ($2.44 million) to have all of Shakespeare’s works translated into Mandarin by the Royal Shakespeare company. UK culture secretary Sajid Javid said he hopes the move will build “stronger links with China.”


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