India Popular Among Australians for Short-Term Courses

Deccan Herald | Aug 29, 2015

India has become the third most popular destination for young Australians with a total of 569 students opting to undertake short-term study projects in various disciplines in the country.

WIT Israel Attracts Women Entrepreneurs From Around the World to The Startup Nation

Jewish Journal | Aug 29, 2015

A first of its kind international Women tech entrepreneurship conference was held in Israel last week, as a group of female tech bloggers and entrepreneurs from around the world were invited for a one-week trip to explore the 'Startup Nation'.

UK Launches Twitter Account to Combat Islamic State Propaganda

The Guardian | Aug 29, 2015

The government has launched a Twitter account to specifically counter social media propaganda by Islamic State. UK Against Isil, which was launched on Thursday by the Foreign Office, aims to provide “updates on the UK government’s ongoing work to defeat Isil [Isis]”.

Ex-Iranian Prisoner to Jpost: Israel Should Follow Iran in Listening to World Community

The Jerusalem Post | Aug 29, 2015

Human rights defender Kouhyar Goudarzi says the fact that Iran stopped backing Hamas during nuclear talks should be reason enough for Israelis to support nuclear deal.

Europeans Are Obsessed with Donald Trump

Politico | Aug 29, 2015

Since the real estate mogul made a shocking surge to the top of the Republican presidential polls in the U.S., Europe has fixated on the unapologetic showman, churning out a steady stream of news coverage and commentary. But Trump-ism — his brand of politics-as-entertainment, in which a scathing one-liner is always better than a boring policy idea — may yet become the next big American import to Europe, after McDonald’s and Mickey Mouse.

China May Fear Reputation Damage More than Military Threats over South China Sea

The Guardian | Aug 29, 2015

Targeting China’s international reputation is a good place to start. Despite popular misconceptions, Beijing is actually extremely concerned about maintaining a positive image. It knows that being viewed as a pariah could bolster international moves to counter its strategic, political and economic weight. 

UN says Let There Be Light as “Until the Sun Comes Up” Opens Campaign Year

Euronews | Aug 28, 2015

It is the International Year of Light, the latest annual UN push to highlight primary outstanding global problems. “Until The Sun Comes Up” is singer-songwriter Ragav’s offering to SolarAid, an NGO that brings solar light to remote villages that lack electricity and which use hazardous kerosene lamps for lighting instead. 

'Something To Write Home About' Singapore Arts Festival | Aug 28, 2015

The festival will run from 12 - 22 September 2015 at the world-renowned cultural institution La MaMa in downtown Manhattan. Wholly citizen-initiated and run by a committee of volunteers, Something To Write Home About (STWHA) will showcase the best of Singapore's arts and culture, featuring over 40 Singaporean artists from a wide range of disciplines, including visual arts, dance, music, theater, film, literary arts, and culinary arts.


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