UN Pulls Its International Staff Out of Yemen

VOA | Apr 1, 2015

The United Nations said Tuesday that the last of its international staffers had left Yemen, while the U.N. human rights chief warned that the country was on the verge of a "total collapse."U.N. spokesman Farhan Haq said the 13 remaining international staffers had been withdrawn and would return when "circumstances permit."

U.S. Commits $504 Million For Syrian Aid, Leads Pledges At International Conference

Huffington Post | Apr 1, 2015

The United States pledged $507 million in humanitarian aid at an international donors' conference for Syria on Tuesday as the United Nations issued an appeal for $8.4 billion in commitments this year — the organization's largest appeal yet for the war-ravaged country.

U.S. Dance Troupes to Tour Overseas

The New York Times | Apr 1, 2015

On Tuesday, the Limón company was announced as one of three companies selected for the fifth iteration of DanceMotion USA, an initiative of the State Department, produced in partnership with the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Joining the Limón company are Dance Heginbotham and Bodytraffic, a Los Angeles troupe.

In Iran Nuke Talks, France Stands Strong, US Wavers

The Hill | Apr 1, 2015

Today France and the United States are engaged on the same side of a political conflict with Tehran, but contrary to historic perception of both countries, it is the U.S. that has proven quickest to surrender the cause. France has earned the reputation for steadfastness and the toughest stance of all six powers sitting across the table from the Iran mullahs.

International Students Stream Into U.S. Colleges

The Wall Street Journal | Mar 31, 2015

American universities are enrolling unprecedented numbers of foreign students, prompted by the rise of an affluent class in China and generous scholarships offered by oil-rich Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia.

Cold War Dance Diplomacy

OUP Blog | Mar 31, 2015

Why did the US State Department sponsor international dance tours during the Cold War? An official government narrative was sanctioned and framed by the US State Department and its partner organization, the United States Information Agency (USIA—and USIS abroad). However, the tours countered that narrative.

Sheikh Mohammed Rides Dubai World Cup Horse Race to Sell UAE Image

The Washington Times | Mar 31, 2015

But for this small Gulf nation, which boasts the world’s fourth-largest known oil reserves but is situated in one of the world’s most troubled regions, the World Cup is far more than just a horse race.

Donors Pledge $4bn in Humanitarian Aid for Syrians

The Guardian | Mar 31, 2015

The international community has pledged $3.8bn to tackle the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Syria – less than half the amount the UN says is needed this year to help the millions of people affected by the ongoing conflict.


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