Sprechen Sie Power?

The Economist | Sep 3, 2015

German is also becoming popular among adult Israelis, and not only the more than 20,000 who have moved to Berlin in recent years. This reflects a broader shift in perceptions. Fifty years after Germany and Israel established diplomatic relations, 70% of Israelis have a positive view of the country, according to a poll by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, a German think-tank. Many find Germans honest and trustworthy. With the possible exception (at least lately) of Greece, people elsewhere agree, polls show.

Forum Discusses Culture in Digital Age

the Korea times | Sep 3, 2015

The 6th Cultural Communication Forum (CCF) organized by the Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI) held a meeting of leading cultural figures from G20 member countries on the topic "Cultural Combustion in the Smart Age" at The Westin Chosun, Seoul, Wednesday.

Rethinking Human Rights Diplomacy in the Kingdom

CPD Blog | Sep 3, 2015

The Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Adel Al-Jubeir, spoke recently at a press conference in Berlin on the case of Raef Badawi, a Saudi blogger who has been sentenced to ten years in jail for creating a website that promotes liberal discussion. Badawi’s case, said Al-Jubeir, is an internal issue for Saudi Arabia, who will not accept any outside interference in its judiciary and internal affairs.

Why Did Park Geun-hye Mark the End of World War II in Beijing?

Forbes | Sep 3, 2015

Sino-ROK normalization has brought enormous economic and trade benefits to both countries, but over two decades of ever-closer “partnership” between Beijing and Seoul, South Korea has never gained the level of strategic support from Beijing that it has desired as leverage in dealing with North Korea. 

The Chevening/BAE Systems Oman Scholarships Launched in Muscat

Zawya | Sep 3, 2015

BAE Systems , the global defense, security and aerospace company, has shown its commitment to advancing higher education with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the British Embassy in Oman to sponsor The Chevening/ BAE Systems Oman.

Turkey’s Foreign Aid: Who is the Target Audience?

CPD Blog | Sep 3, 2015

In the past few years, Turkey has taken upwards of two million Syrian refugees into the country and provided large quantities of aid to them as well. Aid to Syrian refugees has increased the overall humanitarian aid Turkey gives each year and this spending is seemingly aimed at increasing Turkey’s soft power internationally, and regionally with the Middle East. Often we in Turkey hear ideas from major media outlets about supporting the Middle East based on shared culture and religion, or a shared historical Ottoman legacy.

Cultural Centers Could Bring India's Soft Power to the World Stage

Huffington Post | Sep 2, 2015

As India enters its 70th year of independence and its status on the world stage grows, its position within Asia becomes more critical. It's high time India consciously, calculatingly and coordinately uses its ample soft power to its advantage. One way is to open a global chain of "Gandhi Centers."

Shakespeare Gets Hip-Hop Treatment With App

New York Times | Sep 2, 2015

Eminem called himself a “modern-day Shakespeare” in 2001. Now the Royal Shakespeare Company is trying to further bridge the gap between rap and the writer: They’ve created an app with Samsung, “RE: Shakespeare,” which remixes Shakespeare through a hip-hop lens.


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