Space Race — America Orbits Around its Troubles

The Hill | Sep 23, 2014

No wonder NASA is looking up. It just awarded contracts, worth up to $6.8 billion, to Boeing and SpaceX to carry astronauts back and forth to the International Space Station, ending our reliance on the Russians for travel services in space. The deal sets the scene for a new and exciting chapter in American space travel at a time when Americans need a "boost. 

'Winter Is Coming': Richard Stengel Warns of a Bleak 2030

Mashable | Sep 23, 2014

Richard Stengel has a bleak vision of the world's future - so bleak, in fact, he compared it to Westeros. During Monday's Social Good Summit, the under secretary for public diplomacy and public affairs provided a dystopian outlook for 2030 - in contrast to the optimistic visions several other panelists presented - in hopes of mobilizing today's youth to get more involved and start preparing for the future as soon as possible.

Isis's Online Propaganda Outpacing US Counter-Efforts, Ex-Officials Warn

The Guardian | Sep 22, 2014

Former US public diplomacy officials fear the sophisticated, social media borne propaganda of the Islamic State militant group (Isis) is outmatching American efforts at countering it.  Aimed less at Isis itself than at potential supporters, a bevy of US diplomatic and communications initiatives seek to undermine Isis’s portrayal of itself as an authentic, successful Islamic resistance.

Chinese Temptation for Tollywood

Times of India | Sep 22, 2014

The treaty aims to usher in a new chapter of cultural diplomacy between the two countries. While the prospect of a Telugu film being co-produced through this treaty seems a distant possibility, mana filmmakers are waking up to the prospect of shooting films in China.

SMW Mumbai: Social Media Has Changed Political Discourse Like Never Before

Indian Express | Sep 22, 2014

Social media has changed the political campaign and discourse in India like never before, agreed a panel discussing the learnings from the Lok Sabha elections and the last two US elections as part of the Social Media Week Mumbai on Monday. 

Iran Engaged in Active Diplomacy as UN Summit Looms

Tasnim News Agency | Sep 22, 2014

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif held several diplomatic meetings with his foreign counterparts and UN officials in New York, where world leaders are gathering in to attend the 69th annual session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Koreas Share History of Sports Engagement

The Korea Times | Sep 22, 2014

Given the troubled history between South and North Korea, it's difficult to imagine that the sides marched under the same flag at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. The unified marches, also held at the Sydney and Athens Games, fell in line with a reconciliatory mood on the peninsula as well as the idea that, in the words of the late Nelson Mandela, sport "has the power to change the world."

Israel Asks Countries to Cancel Travel Warnings Issued During Gaza War

Haaretz | Sep 22, 2014

The Foreign Ministry has been running a diplomatic campaign in world capitals in recent weeks to get them to cancel their travel advisories to Israel, which they issued to their citizens during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. Foreign Ministry officials fear that every day the advisories remain in effect is damaging to both tourism and investments from abroad. 


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