Exchange Students Form Friendships | Oct 5, 2015

Lucy Morrow and Manon Clavel may live an ocean apart, but the two 14-year-olds have formed a bond that transcends international borders. The two -- one Canadian and the other French -- met while taking part in a student exchange program and have developed a friendship that will last long after the program is over. 

Everyone Wants a Piece of Modi

The Express Tribune Blog | Oct 5, 2015

But, whereas this fits in with the larger patterns of Pakistan’s history, the emergence of a dynamic Indian honcho with the world in his fists is something Sharif could not have anticipated. If only Sharif knew how to take selfies and understood the intricacies of Snapchat.

Re-imagining Public Service Recruitment in a Future Without Selection Criteria

Canberra Times | Oct 5, 2015

After the 2016 election, the new government has realised that soft diplomacy aligned with a more independent foreign policy is far more effective in the long-term than military force. As a consequence, the government establishes a new Department of Regional Cooperation. 

Left At Altar By Corcoran, University of Maryland Has New Partner In The Arts

Washington Post | Oct 5, 2015

After being jilted by the Corcoran Gallery last year, the University of Maryland has found a new partner in the arts — the Phillips Collection. [...] The institutions plan to create academic courses — from art and art history to arts management, cultural diplomacy and conservation — for its undergraduate and graduate students and to offer extended-studies courses and seminars for the community. 

Lukashenko Suggests Using Belarus' Experience of Interethnic and Religious Relations Worldwide

Belarus News | Oct 5, 2015

According to Alexander Lukashenko, public diplomacy opens big prospects in cooperation development. “No doubt, further strengthening of contacts between denominations, ethnic associations and foreign missions accredited in Belarus will be useful. You can become a link between Belarus and other states. It will only benefit the peoples,” the President is confident.

A Soldier Embarks On A Media Mission

China Daily | Oct 5, 2015

New Defense Ministry spokesman highlights importance of 'utmost sincerity' in key role. [...] He added that he and his team will conduct his mission with the utmost professionalism and give a broader introduction of the Chinese military to the outside world. 

Quotable: Richard Stengel on CVE and ISIL’s Social Messaging

Public Diplomacy Council | Oct 4, 2015

“We've seen a sharp decline in the volume of ISIL messaging and social media,” said Richard Stengel, Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs during a September 25, 2015,interview with the Voice of America’s Pamela Dockins.  “I think the scales are shifting.”

The Changing Face Of ‘Publicity’ – ‘Digital Diplomacy’

Counter Currents | Oct 4, 2015

The newspapers are packed with front page, head line stories of Prime Minister’s recent and successful visit to the West Coast of United States, where he professed his firm belief in ‘social media’ as the apt medium of the hour to connect people, build communities, local and global. 


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