7 Habits Of Highly Effective Russian Propaganda

Daily Caller | Oct 7, 2015

Russia’s growing presence in Syria involves a parallel war of information, with the Kremlin dead-set on controlling an increasingly unwieldy narrative. Here are seven strategies that show up time and time again in releases by Russian officials and state-sponsored news organizations. 

For Israeli-Born Chef, Hummus And 'Tehina' Are A Bridge To Home

NPR | Oct 7, 2015

Solomonov sees his mission as connecting people to the food of his homeland. His specialties include Israeli-style hummus and tehina, a sesame paste also known as tahini. "Tehina is sort of the Israeli mother sauce," Solomonov says. "On the first day, God created tehina."

This Photographer Did A Fashion Shoot Inspired By Refugees And People Are Pretty Angry About It

Buzzfeed News | Oct 7, 2015

Norbert Baksa, a Hungary-based photographer, said the images were designed to raise awareness of the situation. [...] But his latest shoot, named “Der Migrant”, hasn’t received much acclaim, with many criticizing him for glamorizing the refugee crisis.

Opening the Door to a New Interest: Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Marylin Rodriguez’s Story

Fulbright Program | Oct 6, 2015

In Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, [the Fulbright Program] spotlights how Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Marylin Rodriguez explored Afro-Uruguayan Culture as an integral part of her grant to Uruguay back in 2007, and how those experiences ended up having an impact on her career choices.

The Young Survivors of Boko Haram

The New Yorker | Oct 6, 2015

Ruth McDowall, a photographer from New Zealand, has worked in Nigeria for several years; at the end of 2013, she began researching the kidnapping of Nigerian girls. After hearing that a friend had interviewed a girl whom Boko Haram had abducted and used as a sex slave, McDowall set out to meet and photograph girls who had escaped the group. 

Budapest Foodies Hope Cuisine Can Help Heal Anti-Migrant Prejudice

NPR | Oct 6, 2015

Kisuzem is one of 10 Budapest eateries that have been serving up food from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Somalia — in solidarity with migrants and refugees streaming into Hungary from those countries. It's all part of the Körítés food festival, which aims to combat xenophobia through cuisine.

Facebook to Launch Satellite to Expand Internet Access in Africa

Reuters | Oct 6, 2015

Facebook Inc said it would launch a satellite in partnership with France's Eutelsat Communications to bring Internet access to large parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

Rapper's Lyrical Fight for Mexican Women's Rights

Al Jazeera | Oct 6, 2015

Mare Advertencia Lirika, 28, an indigenous Zapotec, has made a name for herself on the Latin American hip-hop scene. Her rap stands out in part because of her indigenous roots, the poverty she's endured, as well as her politicized upbringing [...] This is the backdrop that sparked Mare's rap career 12 years ago, inspiring her to intertwine indigenous identity and progressive politics into her lyrics.


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