China to Send Elite Army Unit to Help Fight Ebola in Liberia

World Bulletin | Oct 31, 2014

China will dispatch an elite unit from the People's Liberation Army to help Ebola-hit Liberia, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday, responding to U.N. calls for a greater global effort to fight the deadly virus in West Africa.

An APEC Partnership for Global Growth

Wall Street Journal | Oct 31, 2014

APEC can take global leadership with a practical, comprehensive approach—call it a “Pacific Economic Partnership” for global growth, or PEP for short. This would consist of concrete, achievable components, many already in the works. It’s the closest thing APEC has to a shovel-ready growth strategy, but it requires both U.S. and Chinese leadership.

UK Education’s Soft Power Will Weaken if Student Visas Remain So Hard to Get

The Conversation | Oct 31, 2014

Welcoming international students used to be one of the key ways that Britain developed long-term, soft power relationships to aid trade and wield political influence. (...) A 2011 report by the Home Affairs Select Committee was highly critical of the government’s approach to welcoming international students and expressed concerns that more regulation of visas could have serious unintended consequences.

Somalia: Global Anti-Piracy Conference in Dubai

Geeska Afrika Online | Oct 31, 2014

The meeting which was organised and co-chaired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE and global marine terminal operator DP World, brought together Counter-Piracy experts from across the world including government Ministers, armed forces personnel as well as academics to discuss the progress and challenges of tackling piracy across the world, including off the coast of Somalia.

Pope's Comments Create Ripples Not Just in News But in Pews Too

Times of India | Oct 30, 2014

A couple of days ago, Pope Francis had stated that the theories of evolution and the big bang, which is today thought of as the origin of the world, "is not inconsistent with the notion of creation" and that it was possible to believe in both evolution and the Catholic church's teaching on creation. 

The Big Picture: How Film Can Fuel Development

The Guardian | Oct 30, 2014

Films are not only pieces of creative expression, they are also tools of communication and awareness raising, and a way of calling for social change.  The burgeoning African film industry is also a major economic driver.

President Xi Encourages International Cultural Exchanges

CCTV | Oct 30, 2014

President Xi Jinping stressed increasing China's "soft power" by promoting exchanges with other cultures, he said in a written instruction to the China International Culture Exchange Center on Wednesday.

Gazans 'Liberate Palestine' in New Computer Game

Haaretz | Oct 30, 2014

A new computer game developed in Gaza, “The Liberation of Palestine,” invites players to liberate Palestine by all means at their disposal, including force.


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