NATO Works to Include Balkan Youth in Security Politics

SETimes | Dec 22, 2014

The second Belgrade NATO Week kicked off on December 15th. Organised by NATO's Public Diplomacy Division in Serbia and the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Studies, the forum gathered young members of political parties in Serbia in order to educate them on basic information about NATO and its principles.

Confucius Institute: The Hard Side of China's Soft Power

BBC | Dec 22, 2014

As the numbers have grown, so too has the concern of Western academics who believe the project presents a serious threat to freedom of thought and speech in education.

China Pursues Soft Power Agenda with Thailand

GoKunming | Dec 22, 2014

Representatives from the Chinese and Thai governments signed bilateral agreements worth more than 62 billion yuan. The trade and development accords are yet another instance of Beijing engaging in a soft power approach to diplomacy with its Southeast Asian neighbors.

Four Forces Colliding in the Region

The Middle East Monitor | Dec 22, 2014

Three fundamental and one extraneous force are currently colliding in our region. Each of these forces has its own agenda and because none of them is truly dominant, the end result is a clash rather than competition.

A Fruitful Year for China-Brazil Relationship

China Daily | Dec 22, 2014

During Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Brazil in July, the two leading emerging economies consolidated their booming partnership and signed more than 50 cooperation agreements in economic, cultural and political sectors.

BBC World Service Fears Losing Information War As Russia Today Ramps Up Pressure

The Guardian | Dec 22, 2014

The BBC World Service is being financially outgunned by Russian and Chinese state-owned news channels, its former director Peter Horrocks has warned, amid high-level concerns that Britain and the US are losing a global “information war” with the Kremlin.

The Electronic Equivalent of War

The Times And Democrat | Dec 22, 2014

North Korea’s state-run news agency claims that suggestions Pyongyang was behind the cyber attack on Sony Pictures are “wild rumor.” But according to the New York Times and other media sources, U.S. intelligence officials have concluded otherwise. The attack, those officials say, “was both state-sponsored and far more destructive than any seen before on American soil.”

China’s Big Diplomacy Shift

The Diplomat | Dec 22, 2014

China signals a change in priorities, raising the risk of tension with the developed world.


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