Hans Morgenthau and the Balance of Power in Asia

The Diplomat | May 26, 2015

Hans Morgenthau’s Politics Among Nations, originally published in 1948, is the bible of the realist school of international relations. A less well-known work, Truth and Power, is a collection of essays that he wrote during the 1960s which includes a 1968 piece entitled “The Far East,” wherein Morgenthau applied his realist approach to the balance of power in Asia and envisioned a world where China is the most powerful nation on earth.

Ex-Canadian P.M. Touts Middle-Power Diplomacy

Korea Herald | May 26, 2015

Former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark urged Canada and Korea to bolster diplomacy in a world characterized by withering superpowers and sprouting middle powers. Canada’s 16th Prime Minister from 1979 to 1980 told a group of diplomats and scholars that as the international order is reconfigured around the world, nations increasingly rely on soft-power strategies of compromise, negotiation and development, rather than hard-power tactics of military aggression and bullying rhetoric.

Israel-Palestine Dispute Flares as Border Incident Fuels Row

Inside World Football | May 26, 2015

As the behind-the-scenes diplomacy to halt Palestine's call for Israel to be suspended from FIFA enters its final phase, the head of the Palestine Football Association has provided FIFA with a timely example of why his controversial proposal remains on the table at the forthcoming FIFA Congress. 

As Borders Blur, Cities Mull 'Foreign Policies'

Chicago Tribune | May 26, 2015

Before ramping up the number of bus lanes running through its high-rise canyons, Brazilian business hub Sao Paulo studied how such systems work in Paris, London, New York and Buenos Aires.

Who Benefits from a British Referendum on European Union Membership?

Washington Post | May 26, 2015

The Conservative Party’s victory in the British general election means that soon it will fulfill its promise to hold a referendum on Britain’s continued membership in the European Union. The plan will be announced on Wednesday at the opening of the new parliament–during the Queen’s speech, traditionally the centerpiece of the event.

Netanyahu and the Boiling Frog

Times of Israel | May 26, 2015

His newly minted deputy foreign minister might want Israel’s diplomats around the world to proudly assert the Jewish state’s historic right to all the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. But does Benjamin Netanyahu seriously believe that Israel is going to be able to annex the West Bank, to bring the biblical Judea and Samaria under long-term Israeli sovereignty? Does he even want to?

Why Geopolitical Strategy Is Key To Sustaining American Power

Huffington Post | May 25, 2015

Many in the country and across the globe believe that the US is slipping away from being the world's most powerful nation. [...] He (Joseph Nye) corroborates his arguments with facts and figures on the indices of America's favourable geography, demographics, military power and soft power, purchasing power parity and science and innovation. 

Is Egypt Ready to Strengthen Trade Exchange with Russia?

Daily News Egypt | May 25, 2015

Egypt needs reforms to reassure Russian investors, success of Cairo-Moscow negotiations requires seriousness to establish new era of relations, experts say. Egyptian economic experts and investors expect the pace of Russian investments in Egypt to increase in the next period, coinciding with deepening communications and trade relations between the two parties.


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