Involving Religious Communities in Indonesia’s Public Diplomacy

CPD Blog | Mar 30, 2015

The religionization of politics and the politicization of religion, especially in the current environment on the global war on terror, means that increasingly religion plays a role in diplomacy both as an opportunity for engagement and as a motivation inspiring actors.

A Continent Enfeebled by Economic Crisis

Financial Times | Mar 30, 2015

In updating its security strategy, the EU should avoid setting itself unrealistic ambitions. Restoring Europe’s soft power means, first and foremost, putting Europe’s own political and economic house in order.

Russian Language Returns to Georgia

Vestnik Kavkaza | Mar 30, 2015

Free Russian language courses organized by the Russian-Georgian community center, together with the Russian Foundation for Public Diplomacy named after Gorchakov, began being held in Tbilisi. 

'Cold War Modernists: Art, Literature, & American Cultural Diplomacy': The Arsenal of Ideas

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Mar 30, 2015

Duquesne University professor Greg Barnhisel skillfully shows how modernist art and literature was used to influence the Cold War game.

AIIB: China Outsmarts US Diplomacy on Asia Bank

The Age | Mar 30, 2015

China's new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a very big deal for Asia's economic future, but the way its establishment has played out makes it an even bigger deal for Asia's changing political and strategic order. And Canberra's announcement last weekend that Australia will join the AIIB despite the objections of the United States may come to be seen as marking a  historic shift in Australian foreign policy.

‘Propaganda’: Chinese-Funded Mandarin Lessons in UK Schools ‘Whitewash’ Human Rights

RT | Mar 30, 2015

The Chinese government provides hundreds of thousands of pounds and more than 90 teachers to schools across the UK as part of a Chinese-language teaching project. An investigation by campaign group Free Tibet found that British educational institutions are hosting so-called Confucius Classrooms without prior discussion of their content. Critics argue the language classes present students with a “whitewashed” view of China’s government and human rights record.

How Lawmakers can Leverage the Persian New Year

The Hill | Mar 30, 2015

As the March 31st deadline to reach a political framework agreement between the P5+1 (United States, United Kingdom, France, China, Russia, and Germany) and Iran fast approaches, Congress is considering a number of initiatives dealing with Iran’s nuclear program. Whether or not there is an agreement with Iran, the issue is bound to be a significant focal point in U.S.-Iran relations for the foreseeable future.

Japan Gets Word Out With Books in English

The Wall Street Journal | Mar 30, 2015

Japan’s government is paying to have Japanese-language nonfiction books translated into English, with the first works to be produced under the program arriving in American libraries this month. The move is one of several nontraditional public-relations steps by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration, which is trying to enhance Japan’s profile among U.S. opinion leaders and the general public as it engages in a public relations battle with China and South Korea.


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