On Turkey’s Push to Salvage Syrian Fighting Spirit

Al Arabiya | Mar 1, 2015

After months of negotiations and reviews, Turkey and the U.S. have signed a train-and-equip agreement aimed at bolstering moderate Syrian opposition fighters. This agreement is likely to have diplomatic outcomes between the two NATO allies and provide answers to many questions currently in the air, however, if we analyze the situation objectively, the “train-equip agreement” is going to make very little change in the civil war situation – if any.

The War at Home: How Russia is Winning the Battle for Hearts and Minds

New Statesman | Mar 1, 2015

Last week, a report from a committee of the House of Lords offered a brutal judgement on British and European policy toward Russia. Europe went “sleep-walking” into the crisis in Ukraine, said the report, and Western countries had lost the “robust analytical capability” to understand Russia. The truth about UK policy toward Russia, however, is much worse.

PM’s Iran Tweet Ignites Social Media

The Times of Israel | Mar 1, 2015

Israeli social media exploded Wednesday and Thursday in reaction to a tweet by Benjamin Netanyahu, in which the prime minister attempted to shift focus from the findings of a state report on the country’s housing crisis to Iran’s nuclear program

Europe Cannot Continue to Rely on Soft Power, Eurocorps Commander Warns

IHS | Feb 28, 2015

Europe will be "in deep trouble" if it continues to rely only on soft power, given the threats it now faces from the east and south, according to the Belgian commander of the five-nation Eurocorps headquarters.

Media Industry Heavily Taxed, Was Expecting Relief

Zee News | Feb 28, 2015

Dr. Chandra stressed that to emerge as a leader in this global race for mind share, India will have to strengthen its reach to the humanity across the globe and for this traditional as well as the new media will be required to be strengthened.

Putting Indian Art on World Map - Neha Kirpal

YourStory Media | Feb 28, 2015

Her goal is that art should trickle down to the masses (hence the focus on several outreach programs in recent art fairs), her hope is that the Indian art world believes in itself and her dream is that someday art would be considered an important tool of cultural diplomacy.

Russian Visitors to Hickory Examining Social Issues

Hickory Record | Feb 28, 2015

The Open World program works to link members of Congress to Eurasian leaders and is an instrument for Americans engaged in citizen diplomacy.

The Quiet Global Transformation of Global Development

Huffington Post | Feb 28, 2015

In recent years, cross-border investment by business has expanded dramatically and is becoming an ever more powerful force for good in the developing world.


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