Pine-Tree Politics Take Hold as Moscow and Paris Tussle Over Warship Deal

The Telegraph | Nov 28, 2014

Russia and France may be tussling over the delivery of military supplies – and the small matter of a war in Europe – but the Kremlin is not above a magnanimous yuletide gesture.

Why Do Nearly 40 Percent of Germans Endorse Russia’s Annexation of Crimea?

The Washington Post | Nov 28, 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin's annexation of Crimea has found supporters in an unlikely country: Last Sunday, an opinion poll in Germany found that nearly 40 percent of the country's population accept the move.

Ghana, South Africa Working to Lift Africa's Image

Ghana News Agency | Nov 28, 2014

Brand Ghana and Brand South Africa are devising strategies to help improve the competitive brands of the two countries, and those of other countries in Africa.

From The Newsroom: Cultural Diplomacy In The Gallery; War Clichés

KERA News | Nov 28, 2014

Doualy Xaykaothao reports on "Past Forward,"  a collection of works by contemporary artists from the United Arab Emirates. And vice president of news Rick Holter empties the media's trove of military and conflict clichés with the standards and practices editor for NPR, Mark Memmott.

Bulgarian Pickling Workshop Comes With a Side of Cultural Exchange

The Brooklyn Paper | Nov 28, 2014

Members of a local Bulgarian arts collective are putting on a workshop for families in Greenwood Heights to teach them the art of pickling — Bulgarian style.

Despite Aid Push, Ebola Raging in Sierra Leone

San Antonio Express News | Nov 28, 2014

While health officials say they are making headway against the Ebola epidemic in neighboring Liberia, the disease is still raging in Sierra Leone, despite the big international push. In November alone, the World Health Organization has reported more than 1,800 new cases in this country, about three times as many as in Liberia, which until recently had been the center of the outbreak.

International Red Cross, Citing Numerous Crises, Plans Record Spending

The New York Times | Nov 28, 2014

Under pressure from the number and intensity of humanitarian crises around the world, the International Committee of the Red Cross said Thursday it was trying to raise a record $1.6 billion to fund its 2015 operations.

The US State Department's YouTube 'Digital Jihad'

BBC | Nov 28, 2014

As the US government rolled out its military response to Islamic State over the summer, its diplomatic arm ramped up another war - confronting the extremist group on the digital battleground.


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