In Washington, Poetry Diplomacy With Iran

Radio Free Europe | Oct 24, 2014

U.S. President Barack Obama has recited Persian poetry in his efforts to engage Iran, as has State Department Persian language spokesman Alan Eyre, who frequently uses poetry in his media appearances and video messages to Iranians.

US Flexes Diplomatic Muscle in Myanmar

Devex | Oct 24, 2014

As donor darling Myanmar gets ready to hold general elections in late 2015, the United States is increasing its diplomatic presence in the former military state — with the U.S. Agency for International Development as one of the main arms.

Turkish-Chinese TV Channel Starts Broadcasting in Turkey

World Bulletin | Oct 24, 2014

The first and only Chinese-Turkish television channel CTV has begun broadcasting films, documentaries and Chinese cultural and traditional programs to promote Chinese economy, tradition and popular culture.

Museum of Russian Icons founder to be honored

Concord Journal | Oct 24, 2014

Gordon B. Lankton, founder of the Museum of Russian Icons, will be honored by the Ballets Russes Cultural Partnership for his "commitment and contributions’’ to promoting relations between the United States and Russia and an improved understanding of the history of Russian icons.

Three Major Nations Absent as China Launches World Bank Rival in Asia

Swiss Info | Oct 24, 2014

Australia, Indonesia and South Korea skipped the launch of a China-backed Asian infrastructure bank on Friday as the United States said it had concerns about the new rival to Western-dominated multilateral lenders.

North Korea Enlists the Help of Cuba and China in Shielding Kim Jong Un From ICC

Foreign Policy | Oct 24, 2014

But fearing that the West wants to prosecute their leader, Kim Jong Un, for human rights abuses, North Korean officials are beginning to rely on soft words instead of hard power.

Tokyo's Soft Power Problem

The New York Times | Oct 24, 2014

The more Japan’s global relevance in economic, political and military terms seems to decline, the more it cares about projecting soft power. 

U.S.-Arab Counterterrorism Cooperation in a Region Ripe for Extremism

The Global Think Tank | Oct 24, 2014

Washington needs a holistic counterterrorism strategy that ensures its Arab allies do not use U.S. assistance to perpetuate terrorism and that supports those in Arab societies best able to combat radicalization.


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