What Kind of Power Will China Become?

Business Spectator | Feb 5, 2016

The overwhelming impression given by the bulk of historical scholarship on pre-modern China’s foreign relations, as well as by official dynastic histories, is that generally the Chinese empire sustained its regional pre-eminence through civilisational and economic ‘soft power’ while adopting a defensive military posture and conservative grand strategy.

International Exchange Adds Indianapolis Art Museum

Inside Indiana Business | Feb 5, 2016

The Indianapolis Museum of Art has joined an international consortium. The 30-member French American Museum Exchange promotes cultural exchange among museums in France and North America. [...] Other members of FRAME include the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux in France.

Does the Media Fuel Conflict in the Middle East?

The Middle East Monitor | Feb 5, 2016

The broadcast of video footage prepared by extremist groups is on the increase. Every gruesome act is accompanied by a video tape or posting online describing those who carried it out and explaining why. What most social scientists and media analysts are asking is, to whom is the message directed?

China Takes the High Road on Forging Alliances

Gulf News | Feb 5, 2016

The original Silk Road, established more than 2,000 years ago, was a critical network of trade routes that promoted economic, political, and cultural exchange among Asia, Africa, and Europe. China’s new “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “Twenty-First Century Maritime Silk Road” will do the same, with newly built or upgraded infrastructure facilitating the flow of trade, investment, culture, and ideas — and thus supporting shared economic growth.

Beyond Security: Philippines-Vietnam Strategic Partnership – Analysis

Eurasia Review | Feb 5, 2016

The partnership opens doors to broaden the two sides’ people-to people relationship. [...] Having a sense of appreciation and understanding of each other’s culture and values can potentially broaden and deepen mutual understanding between states and peoples. In 2014, amidst tensions in the South China Sea, Vietnamese and Filipino naval personnel played football, volleyball, and tug-of-war. Both sides displayed the importance of camaraderie through sports diplomacy.

US Based Musical Group to Tour Zimbabwe

The Herald | Feb 5, 2016

Huntertones, a Brooklyn-based musical band, is set to tour Zimbabwe next week as part of their 2016 international music tour [...] The cultural diplomacy programme is facilitated by an American non-profit organisation, American Music Abroad (AMA), through a grant from a US Department of State. AMA facilitates people-to-people cultural exchange programmes designed to communicate America's musical contributions and diverse culture to the global music scene

Five Truths about Terrorism

Project Syndicate | Feb 4, 2016

Smart power is needed to defeat terrorism. Smart power is the ability to combine hard military and police power and the soft power of attraction and persuasion.

Jerusalem Post Editorial

Jerusalem Post | Feb 4, 2016

 The Foreign Ministry has become just one more office that engages in public diplomacy. This must be frustrating for the idealistic and motivated Foreign Ministry diplomats based in Israel and abroad who chose the diplomatic calling out a desire to serve and defend the state against the propaganda spewed by a host of countries, non-state actors, terrorist groups, Islamists, and BDS activists. These are people who received training in the art of diplomacy and are therefore the best qualified to take up Israel’s case abroad.


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