China Season of 2015 China-UK Year of Cultural Exchange launched in London

Xinhuanet | Aug 5, 2015

Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming said at the launch of China Culture Season that, thanks to the concerted efforts of both sides, China-UK people-to-people exchange has been more active in recent years than ever before.

Locarno: Puentes Showcases Latin American Talent, Trends

Variety | Aug 5, 2015

Unspooling Aug. 6-10, and an initiative of the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE), a leading European training facility,  the final leg of Puentes, a film development iniitiative, is also a showcase for fast emerging Latin American talent.

"Wonderful Indonesia" Brand Ranked World's 47th Best

Antara News | Aug 5, 2015

The "Wonderful Indonesia" brand that the country has been promoting has been ranked the 47th best in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

How Soft Power Could Help Ease Mexico’s Crisis

Fusion | Aug 4, 2015

Mexico’s image has rarely been this deteriorated. Nothing remains of the celebration sparked by the so-called “Pact for Mexico,” a 2012 initiative from the ruling party that served as a global example of political civility by achieving consensus among rival lawmakers to pass the country’s structural reforms.

Iran to Partially Lift Ban on BBC

Global Voices | Aug 4, 2015

Iran's Tasnim news agency has reported an announcement by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance about lifting the ban on BBC operations inside of Iran. The Ministry is responsible for Iran's domestic and foreign press regulations.

How an Arab Art Museum is Sparking Dialogue in a Small Israeli Town

The Huffington Post | Aug 4, 2015

Though some museums shy away from the politics of art, hoping to keep them in separate realms, AMOCAH does no such thing. The museum’s opening exhibit directly addresses its community-oriented role. Titled "HIWAR," the word translates roughly into English as “dialogue,” but more precisely denotes a conversation between two plus people or parties working together toward a positive resolution without animosity.

Deepening U.S. Engagement With African Youth Through #YALI2015

Dipnote | Aug 4, 2015

The expansion of YALI programs over the past five years has allowed the United States to connect with more young Africans than ever before. To date, tens of thousands of young African men and women have increased their skills, professional networks, and resolve in driving positive change in Africa.

Muhammadiyah and Indonesia’s International Identity

The Jakarta Post | Aug 4, 2015

Without the support of Muhammadiyah leaders, it would not have been possible for the Indonesian government to achieve such public diplomacy objectives. It was Muhammadiyah leaders, together with other moderate Muslim leaders in other organizations such Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) who played an instrumental role in presenting the moderate face of Indonesian Islam in the international arena. 


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