The Amazing Story of a Tsunami Survivor Who Turned into a Soccer Star

Washington Post, The | Jul 4, 2015

Moved by the child's plight, Portugal's soccer federation donated some 40,000 euros to build Martunis and his surviving family a new house. Cristiano Ronaldo, now a global superstar but then still a rising talent, paid Martunis a visit in 2005 and met him a few instances thereafter.

The Arts Power On

Straits Times, The | Jul 4, 2015

From 'cultural desert' to a city with 66 arts performances a day, Singapore has come a long way. A week of half-price tickets for local shows sponsored by companies could help bring the arts closer to average families.

Business Elite as Nigeria’s Public Diplomacy Instruments

This Day Live | Jul 4, 2015

There is only as much traditional diplomacy of state-to-state exchanges can do. The reality of contemporary times is that non-state actors have become increasingly potent agents of diplomacy engaged directly or indirectly by states in pursuit of their foreign policy interests.

Democracy is Not a Mystifying Western Plot – It Is a Universal Value

Guardian, The | Jul 3, 2015

We should demystify democracy. Democracy is not a western plot, it is a universal value. Virtually all countries have aspects of democratic culture in place to some degree, and absolutely every country has room to strengthen the quality of their democracy.

Zarif’s Wife Adds a New Twist to the Talks

IranWire | Jul 3, 2015

As this week’s final nuclear talks got underway, there was one uninvited guest: Maryam Imanieh, the wife of Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. She arrived at Vienna’s Palais Saxe-Coburg Hotel with Hossein Fereydoon, President Hassan Rouhani’s brother, adding a new twist to the final days of negotiations.

Prince Charles and His Wife, Camilla, Will Tour Australia in November | Jul 3, 2015

The future king Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are set for another visit to Australia with apparently the lure of fine food and wine and friendly people enough for the duchess to conquer her hatred of flying. 

U.S. Cancels Assistance to Burundi Over Flawed Election

Voice of America | Jul 3, 2015

The United States says it is suspending some security assistance programs to Burundi because of abuses committed by police during political protests and the government's decision to proceed with what the U.S. says were "flawed" parliamentary elections.

Israel Going to Great Lengths to Link Hamas to Sinai Attacks

Haaretz | Jul 3, 2015

In a highly unusual move, Israel's leading figure in the Arab media has explicitly linked the group's militant wing to Wednesday's killings. Israel directly accused Hamas of aiding Islamic State, the organization behind Wednesday’s terror attacks on Egyptian security forces in Sinai that left 17 soldiers dead.


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