From Pinstripes to Tweets

Cairo Review of Global Affairs | Jan 25, 2015

In the realm of influencing relations between nations, digital media has suddenly unpinned the power to communicate from the almost exclusive control of the state. Thanks to digital platforms such as social media, state actors must now compete with non-state actors for a voice in the international arena as well as for legitimacy in the eyes of the public—including their domestic one.

First Sudan-Turkey Universities Cooperative Forum

Sudan Vision | Jan 25, 2015

The first forum of Cooperation between Universities in Sudan and Turkey was convened in the framework of reinforcing the scientific and cultural relations between the two countries.  It targeted active participation in achieving the renaissance and qualifying teaching staff members and students in the Universities.

First Ever Korean Pop Concert Set to Enthrall Amdavadis

Desh Gujarat | Jan 25, 2015

Korean Cultural Center announced the globally popular music phenomenon, K-POP 2015 Concert Tour in India. With the collaboration of JU Entertainment and all the Festival Organizers, Korean Cultural Center India brings you the first ever K-pop concert in India.

India Wants to Know: Where has Michelle Obama Been All Day?

Quartz | Jan 25, 2015

India wants to know: where has Michelle Obama been all day? This is unusual for the Harvard-trained lawyer who has made important international trips by herself to project American soft power.

Canada's Foreign Aid Spending To Hit Record Lows

Huffington Post | Jan 25, 2015

The parliamentary budget officer says Canadian foreign aid spending is set to plunge to record lows in the coming years, prompting pleas to the Harper government to halt the slide.  

A Game Changer for China and India in Sri Lanka?

The Diplomat | Jan 25, 2015

The new Sri Lankan government will find that it has its work cut out just containing Chinese influence in the country, let alone fulfilling the Indian dream of eliminating it altogether. The growth of Chinese influence in Sri Lanka may slow, but Beijing is in the region for the long haul.

Don't Expect Too Much From Inter-Korean Diplomacy

The Diplomat | Jan 24, 2015

The most recent round of mini-détente on the Korean peninsula began with a surprise visit by a high-caliber North Korean delegation to the closing ceremony of the Asian Games last October. Though the two sides agreed to more meetings later in October or November, North Korea backed off, citing consternation over activists’ leaflet campaigns. On December 29, Seoul’s unification minister, Ryoo Kihl-jae, sent a letter to the North, seeking negotiations on bilateral issues such as family reunions for those separated by the Korean War (1950-53).

Former Chancellor Condemns ‘Gold Plating’ Foreign Aid Budget

Breitbart | Jan 24, 2015

The Former Chancellor Lord Lawson has spoken out against plans to tie future governments to spending commitments on foreign aid. The Tory grandee said proposals to make all future administrations ‘gold plate’ Britain’s annual foreign aid budget would not help people in poor countries, the Express reports.


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