The Quiet Global Transformation of Global Development

Huffington Post | Feb 28, 2015

In recent years, cross-border investment by business has expanded dramatically and is becoming an ever more powerful force for good in the developing world.

Foreign Office to Go to School

The Telegraph | Feb 28, 2015

The plan, a part of the foreign office's "public diplomacy" initiatives, will start with a national, multi-stage essay-writing competition among the over 10,000 students at the central schools, but could then be expanded to other educational institutions as well, officials said.

Link Foreign Aid to Defense, Boost Military Spending – UK Lords

Russia Today | Feb 28, 2015

Hawkish members of the UK House of Lords will battle for increased military spending Friday, proposing that the government link foreign aid to defense budgets.

4 Ways the Drug War Harms National Security

Huffington Post | Feb 28, 2015

The war on drugs hurts America's soft power credibility, diminishing our negotiating position, influence and world standing at a time when we need it more than ever.

Test for Modi Diplomacy

The Hans India | Feb 27, 2015

India with its quest for attracting greater foreign direct investments (FDI) has stepped up its diplomatic efforts around the world. These have gained a renewed vigour after the country relaxed FDI norms and shortlisted as many as 25 sectors to attract investments under the ambitious ‘Make-in-India’ programme.

What Does Japan's New Charter Mean for Development?

Devex | Feb 27, 2015

Japan’s Development Cooperation Charter, government officials say, is designed to more effectively utilize the financial aid scheme to bolster Tokyo’s role in global affairs.

Ruxit is Real: Russia’s Exit from Europe

European Council on Foreign | Feb 27, 2015

Obviously, Putin fears European soft power, since it is a force to which he has no response.  Russia’s lack of attraction is one of its most serious weak spots. Its leverage rests on its state-controlled extracting industries and its military. 

The Challenges of People-to-People Programs – and How to Surmount Them

CPD Blog | Feb 27, 2015

This year marks the 75th anniversary of official international exchanges supported by the U.S. Department of State. This important milestone was celebrated at a recent event by the nonprofit organization Global Ties U.S., a network of over 100 nonprofit organizations from 44 American states. 


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