All Aboard the Orient Express: Looking Back at the Golden Age of Train Travel

The Daily Beast | Apr 15, 2014

Since its early days, train travel has been shrouded in an aura of romanticism. It has become emblematic of a bygone era of epic voyages, adventures, and discovery—the excitement and possibility of accessing vast new territories.

'State in 60 Seconds' Video -- Sports Diplomacy and the 'Beautiful Game'

DipNote | Apr 15, 2014

The Department of State will be the first U.S. stop for FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola preceding the FIFA World Cup™ tournament in Brazil, which begins June 12. The United States will be among the countries fielding a team in the tournament.

#VoteNo Campaign Calls for South Africans to Spoil Ballots

Al Jazeera | Apr 15, 2014

Under the slogan "Sidikewe! Vukani! Vote no!" (We've had enough! Wake up! Vote no!), more than one hundred veterans of South Africa's ruling party are calling for citizens to protest at the ballot box. Former government ministers are leading the campaign, accusing President Jacob Zuma and ANC leaders of corruption and complacency. 

Young, Unemployed Spaniards are Saying Adios to Their Homeland and Fleeing to London

Global Post | Apr 15, 2014

More and more young Spaniards, forced to leave home by crippling unemployment, are attracted to London by the prospect of work and the chance to learn English — but often run into a fresh set of problems. While debate is raging in Britain about newcomers from eastern Europe, this group has arrived almost unnoticed.

U.S. Should Send Troops to Quell Ukraine Crisis

Washington Post | Apr 15, 2014

Despite much diplomatic effort, the situation in Ukraine worsens. A coordinated Russian campaign, including an invasion threat, special operations destabilization in eastern Ukraine patterned on the Crimea model, and warnings of gas cutoffs document ever more clearly Vladi­mir Putin’s aim to cripple the Ukrainian government and control much or even all of this strategically vital European country.

US Must Increase Support for Post-Conflict Colombia: Human Rights Watchdog

Colombia Reports | Apr 15, 2014

The US government must increase diplomatic and financial support to help Colombia prepare for the possibility of a post-conflict scenario, stated a report published Monday by the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA).

Putin's Actions in Ukraine Give NATO a New Purpose

Vice | Apr 15, 2014

More than two decades after the Cold War supposedly came to a peaceful conclusion,Russia’s encroachment on Ukrainian sovereignty and its outright annexation of Crimea have occasioned a retro flashback. A byproduct of this geopolitical turmoil is NATO’s renewed importance to foreign policy.

Beijing's Bad-Air Days, Finally Counted

Wall Street Journal | Apr 14, 2014

Thanks to the U.S. State Department, Beijing residents finally have the answer to one of the city’s greatest mysteries: How often is the air polluted? Well, a lot, a resident would say. But how many is a lot? 


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