What Afghanistan Must Do to Get Billions More in Aid

Washington Post | Nov 22, 2014

In less than two weeks, Afghanistan’s new president, Ashraf Ghani, will head to London to meet with international donors. At the conference, scheduled for Dec. 4, he will seek billions of dollars to develop Afghanistan in a new era, as U.S. and international combat troops are preparing to withdraw by year's end. Afghanistan is facing a fiscal crisis; it recently ran out of money to pay salaries of civil servants.

UK Volunteers Fly to Sierra Leone to Fight Ebola

Washington Post | Nov 22, 2014

The first wave of volunteers from Britain’s National Health Service arrived in Sierra Leone Saturday amid what the World Health Organization has described as an “intense” surge in cases.

Uganda’s Priest Legacy In Mexico

Geeska Afrika Online | Nov 22, 2014

The revered voice of Ugandan priest John Ssenyondo has gone quiet in his old parish in the Mexican town of Nejapa. His body was found in a mass grave last October, six months after he was abducted in broad daylight, while preaching against drug gangs. But his parishioners in Guerrero state continue to remember a man who stood for reconciliation.

Europe Takes Stronger Measures, Albeit Symbolic, to Condemn Israeli Policies

The New York Times | Nov 22, 2014

European nations, Israel’s largest trading partners and a historical bastion of support, are taking stronger measures to support Palestinian sovereignty and condemn what many see as aggressive, expansionist Israeli policies.

Japan Embassy to Host Photography Exhibition

Times of Oman | Nov 22, 2014

The Embassy of Japan will co-host a photography exhibition titled 'Hiroshima, City of Peace'  in association with the city of Hiroshima, Oman-Japan Friendship Association (OJFA), and the Hiroshima-Oman Friendship Association, from November 30 to December 6, in the main atrium of Muscat Grand Mall. 

Biden Announces New Aid for Syrian Refugees

ABC News | Nov 22, 2014

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has announced nearly $135 million in humanitarian aid to help feed civilians affected by Syria's war. Speaking in Istanbul on Saturday, Biden said the money will raise the amount of aid the U.S. has provided to more than $3 billion since Syria's crisis began.

Modi's India Rises on Global Stage as Obama Agrees to be Republic Day Guest

F. India | Nov 22, 2014

While Modi has been raising the country's global profile for a while now with high-profile visits to Japan, the US and, most recently, to Australia, to be followed later with Russia and the UK, so far we have tended to dismiss each one of his visits as more hype than substance.(...)President Barack Obama's acceptance of Modi's invitation to be the guest of honour at the Republic Day parade is possibly the tipping point that separates pure atmospherics from reality. 

Israel Lost the British Elite After Gaza Onslaught, UK Ambassador Says

Mondoweiss | Nov 22, 2014

“There is no amount of hasbarah or public diplomacy that is going to convince the vast majority of the British public that settlement announcements are a good thing,” [Gould] declared. 


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