Is Egypt Ready to Strengthen Trade Exchange with Russia?

Daily News Egypt | May 25, 2015

Egypt needs reforms to reassure Russian investors, success of Cairo-Moscow negotiations requires seriousness to establish new era of relations, experts say. Egyptian economic experts and investors expect the pace of Russian investments in Egypt to increase in the next period, coinciding with deepening communications and trade relations between the two parties.

Premier Li Visits Peru's National Museum

CRI English | May 25, 2015

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has visited Peru's National Museum of Archaeology with his Peruvian counterpart Pedro Cateriano. The two leaders also jointly opened an exhibition on the origins of Chinese civilization. Speaking from the museum, Li says both countries have made "contributions to human development" and there are "deep cultural roots" between China and Peru. "Agricultural civilizations in Peru and China made contributions to human development, and surely development between us will increase so that we can have an even brighter future.

Countries Pick Sides in Global Fight for the Internet

The Hill | May 25, 2015

The world is choosing sides in a fight over what the Internet will look like in the years to come. In recent months, countries have rushed to sign cybersecurity pacts that not only secure cyberspace allies, but also promote their vision of the global Internet. 

Results of the Visit of the Ethiopian People's Diplomacy Delegation to Sudan

Sudan Vision | May 25, 2015

The peoples of Ethiopia and Sudan are linked for centuries by historical, cultural, economical, social, and political ties. The two nations remained in communication even at critical political circumstances that were occurring between the countries.

Untangling the Web of India, China and Pakistan Diplomacy

Reuters | May 25, 2015

On the eve of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to China, Xinhua published a rare opinion piece by his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif. The obvious choreography of the visit and article shows the delicate balance in relations between China, India and Pakistan. For Beijing, both powers are important if it is to realize its ambitious strategy of trade and economic corridors emanating from the Middle Kingdom under the rubric of the Silk Road Economic Belt. 

Xi Backs People-to-People Exchanges to Improve China-Japan Ties

CCTV | May 24, 2015

Chinese President Xi Jinping attended a gathering of more than 3,000 Japanese visitors in Beijing Saturday to support people-to-people exchanges between the two nations. "The China-Japan friendship is rooted in the people, and the future of the bilateral relationship is in the hand of the people of the two countries," Xi said as he delivered a speech at the meeting at the Great Hall of the People in downtown Beijing.

A Shrewd Financial Investor, Qatar Boasts Dismal Return on Investment in Soft Power

Huffington Post | May 24, 2015

Widely viewed as a shrewd financial investor, Qatar's return on investment in soft power designed to position it as a progressive ally of world powers in the hope that they will come to the aid of the wealthy Gulf state in times of emergency is proving to be abysmal. [...] the payback in Qatar's reputation, attitudes of law enforcement-related governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, including trade unions and human rights groups and the public, and media headlines has been everything but congratulatory.

Taxpayers Slugged $130,000 for Julie Bishop's Koala Diplomacy

Sydney Morning Herald | May 24, 2015

Diplomats with these koalafications don't come cheap. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop could barely contain her glee when she was filmed with the furry foursome of Paddle, Chan, Pelita and Idalia at the launch of Singapore Zoo's new koala exhibit last week. But Australian taxpayers might not be so happy to learn that the diplomatic donation – made to mark 50 years of Australia-Singapore relations – cost them $133,100.


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