Ethiopia: Chair of IGAD & Italy to Win the Confidence of the Somali Public

Geeska Afrika | Oct 3, 2015

Dr Tedros, Foreign Minister of Italy, Paolo Gentiloni and Somalia’s Foreign Minister Abdisalam Hadiye Omer met at the margins of the 70th UN General Assembly in New York. Dr Tedros also pointed out that it is important to organize a Somali business forum to change "the failing Somali narrative" and change stereotypes about the country. 

The Champions League Lands in Kazakhstan

VICE Sports | Oct 3, 2015

On Wednesday tiny FC Astana welcomes the world for the first ever Champions League match in Kazakhstan […] FC Astana is part of the state-owned Astana Presidential Sports club, created at the behest of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev. 

A Pooh and a Bear-Hugger: Jinping and Modi's Soft Power Battle

The Economist | Oct 3, 2015

Narendra Modi takes on Xi Jinping in a soft-power battle in America. “ANYTHING Xi can do, I can do better,” seemed to be the mantra of Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, as he toured America in late September, hot on the heels of China’s president, Xi Jinping.

General Electric Partners with AMI to Host Media Training on Energy and Infrastructure Coverage

All Africa | Oct 3, 2015

African Media Initiative (AMI) and General Electric (GE) have partnered to boost media coverage in Africa of Energy and Infrastructure issues. Some 20 journalists drawn from the East Africa region will undergo basic training on the Energy sector in Africa, and on using sector data to tell impactful stories that will enrich media content and better inform citizens.

The Soft Power of Charity

Live Mint (India) | Oct 3, 2015

Philanthropy, charity, giving—call it what you may—has more to it than social development and the self-satisfaction that philanthropists say they receive from giving […] Industry efforts at philanthropy are designed to address social ills but also stay focused on tying in the initiative with the company core, whether it be the need for innovation in agriculture or saving water.

Why Uganda is the World’s Most Entrepreneurial Nation

GOOD Magazine | Oct 3, 2015

[As a] report by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) suggested this summer, when in a ranking the levels of entrepreneurship in 73 nations, they eschewed popularly acknowledged innovation hubs, like Silicon Valley, crowning an unsuspecting Uganda as the world’s most entrepreneurial nation.

U.S. Must Revamp Its Approach to the ‘Battlefield of Perception’

World Politics Review | Oct 2, 2015

Security experts often disagree when ranking America’s security challenges, but most believe that the top three are violent Islamic extremism, Russia and China. These adversaries or potential adversaries have radically different capabilities and goals, but share one characteristic: All seem to be beating the United States on what can be called “the battlefield of perception.” 

Rank and File

Haaretz | Oct 2, 2015

Friends of ESRA held their annual fundraising dinner on Thursday of last week to aid ESRA’s “Give a child a future” campaign, with MK Michael Oren delivering a speech on “The Israel-U.S. relationship.” [...] She added that Oren called on Israel to give more support to American Jewish students on the front lines of the public diplomacy battle.


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