Voice of Russia Celebrates 85th Anniversary in Broadcasting

Ria Novosti | Oct 29, 2014

On this day 85 years ago, on October 29, 1929, Radio Moscow, now known to the world as Radio VR, began its first international broadcast, transmitting in German. It would soon begin broadcasting in French and English as well. 

War Reporter-Turned Movie Maker Turns Camera on Egyptian Slums

Al Arabiya | Oct 29, 2014

After working as a war cameraman for 18 years, getting injured twice along the way, Egyptian journalist Ibrahim al Batout decided to get away from the real-life violence and make movies.  But his latest venture "El Ott" or "The Cat", which premiered this week at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, does not shy away from blood.

Religiously Framing Turkey's Humanitarian and Cultural Diplomacy

Daily Sabah | Oct 29, 2014

Several newly flourishing institutions have attracted both media and public attention for culturally interacting with other nations and providing humanitarian aid. Without a doubt their efforts bolster Turkey's influence in its surrounding region.

Israel Goes Anime to Promote Tourism from Japan

Jerusalem Post | Oct 29, 2014

The embassy of Israel in Tokyo has launched an animated, online series in its latest effort to boost tourism from Japan.  The seven-part show will broadcast on the embassy's official YouTube page.

Invite Foreign Interns to Settle in Japan, Think Tank Says

The Japan Times | Oct 29, 2014

A Tokyo think tank says the nation should replace its discredited national foreigners’ trainee program with a system that invites overseas interns to settle in Japan, which would help solve an immediate labor shortage and an approaching demographic crisis.

Russia Today to Launch UK Channel

Broadcast | Oct 29, 2014

The state-owned Russian broadcaster is launching the channel at the end of the month on Freeview channel 135 and Sky channel 512. It will broadcast from studios based in London’s Millbank and cover local and national UK stories. RT will air five hours of original programming every day including news, documentaries from local producers and chat shows, supported by programming from its main international channel.

International Donors Pledge to Boost Syrian Refugee Aid

The Daily Star | Oct 29, 2014

An international conference on the Syrian refugee crisis vowed Tuesday to extend long-term financial aid to countries struggling with what the U.N. calls the world’s “most dramatic humanitarian crisis,” but did not commit to an overall figure.

Judy Asks: Is Europe Naive About Hard Power?

Carnegie Europe | Oct 29, 2014

To make things worse, Europe’s self-proclaimed soft-power leadership—which some observers praise as complementing U.S. hard power in a supposed informal division of labor—has reached its limits. Europeans failed to foresee and contain trouble in their own backyards, East and South alike.


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