‘Pakistan, Afghanistan Share Same Culture’

Daily Times (Pakistan) | Oct 19, 2014

“Culture does not have border and both Pakistan and Afghanistan have strong cultural relations,” the adviser said while inaugurating the two-day show organised by Pak-Afghan Culture Forum in collaboration with the provincial government.

Ebola: Africa’s Image Takes a Hit

Washington Post | Oct 19, 2014

The disease has ravaged a small part of Africa, but the international image of the whole continent is increasingly under siege, reinforcing some old stereotypes.

New Survey Reveals the Full Extent of the Unique Aid Relationship Between Scotland and Malawi

Herald Scotland | Oct 19, 2014

Nearly three in four Scots are in favour of links with Malawi and nearly half know someone who is involved in the connections between the nations, a new survey has found.

Israel’s Tamar Group Looks to Sell Gas to Egypt

Al Arabiya | Oct 19, 2014

The partners in Israel’s offshore Tamar gas field said on Sunday they are negotiating the sale of at least 5 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas over three years to private customers in Egypt via an old pipeline built to send gas in the other direction.

Taiwan's Kinmen Island Seeks to Cash in on its Past

Los Angeles Times | Oct 19, 2014

In Kinmen's farming villages, old cottages have been restored and turned into bed-and-breakfasts for visitors to experience traditional architecture and the rhythms of rural life. Crowds are sparse in the off-season, but tourism is the best hope to supplement agricultural incomes now that the soldiers are gone.

China’s War for Africa’s Hearts and Minds

Foreign Policy | Oct 19, 2014

Torn between its commitment not to intervene in the affairs of other countries and the growing demands of the West to use its growing clout to share some of the burden of shaping the world order, all eyes have turned to China’s budding soft power.

Pritzker Travels Europe And Asia On Commercial Diplomacy Tour

NPR | Oct 19, 2014

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker recently returned from Ukraine and Turkey, and she heads next to Japan and South Korea. NPR's Scott Simon talks to her about practicing commercial diplomacy.

Mexican Envoy Calls for Development of Cultural Relations with Iran

Fars News Agency | Oct 19, 2014

Mexican Ambassador to Tehran Ulises Canchola Gutierrez underlined that Iran's eye-catching historical monuments, natural attractions and proper tourism infrastructures have persuaded him to call on his country's relevant officials to pave the ground for the further promotion of tourism ties with Iran.


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