A Cautionary Tale of Soft Power Promotion

CPD Blog | Jul 22, 2014

China’s increasing involvement in Africa has captured considerable attention from policymakers and academics. Formalized in a 2006 policy statement, “China’s Africa Policy,” Beijing’s interest in the region translates into Chinese government and government-affiliated institutions investing billions of dollars in large-scale construction projects across the continent.

SA Brands Play Key Role in Promoting Country

Business Day Live | Jul 22, 2014

Brand SA and Brand Finance will tomorrow announce the country’s top 50 commercial brands.  Why does this announcement matter to our overall nation brand, competitiveness and reputation?  These brands contribute to strong and positive associations of SA across the globe.

Sri Lanka is Ready to Join New International BRICS Bank

Hiru News | Jul 22, 2014

President Mahinda Rajapaksa said he welcomes the initiative taken by the BRICS leaders to set up a new international development bank.  The President said in a twitter message the new bank will be a helping hand to developing nations.

Canadian Ambassador Tweets Strong Support for Israel

Times of Israel | Jul 22, 2014

Bercovici may be relatively new to Twitter, but she has quickly come to appreciate its value and utility.  “It is especially useful at a time of crisis such as we are in now, when the appetite for information is insatiable.”

Does the Public Matter after Election Time?

The Jakarta Post | Jul 21, 2014

International policy after all starts at home. Improving the people’s welfare through international policy can only be guaranteed by their engagement. There’s thus an urgent need for the new president, his foreign minister and the hopefully strong team and advisors that will surround them to clear the smog of “foreign affairs fatigue” from Jakarta.

Turkey Declares 3 days of Mourning in 'Show of Solidarity with the Palestinian People'

Global Post Blog | Jul 21, 2014

Turkey on Monday declared three days of national mourning for the Palestinian victims of Israel's military operation in the Gaza Strip, denouncing the assault as a "massacre." "We condemn Israel's massacre of the Palestinian people," Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc told reporters in Ankara in televised comments after a cabinet meeting as the Palestinian death toll topped 500. 

Germany and South Korea Readjust their Relationships with Russia and China

The Washington Post | Jul 21, 2014

Countries join alliances, or entities such as the European Union, because these groups make the benefits and obligations of membership as unambiguous as anything in international relations can be. For Germany and South Korea, however, relationships with historic allies — NATO and the United States, respectively — appear to be changing before our eyes.

William Hague’s Top 7 Contributions to British Public Diplomacy

CPD Blog | Jul 21, 2014

Each recent British Foreign Secretary has brought their own flavor to public diplomacy. Robin Cook’s “ethical foreign policy” argued that strong values should provide the basis for an image that can then be used to promote overseas trade. Jack Straw and Margaret Beckett contributed to increased professionalism in PD, including a clearer focus on the outcomes of PD activities.


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