Deepening U.S. Engagement With African Youth Through #YALI2015

Dipnote | Aug 4, 2015

The expansion of YALI programs over the past five years has allowed the United States to connect with more young Africans than ever before. To date, tens of thousands of young African men and women have increased their skills, professional networks, and resolve in driving positive change in Africa.

Muhammadiyah and Indonesia’s International Identity

The Jakarta Post | Aug 4, 2015

Without the support of Muhammadiyah leaders, it would not have been possible for the Indonesian government to achieve such public diplomacy objectives. It was Muhammadiyah leaders, together with other moderate Muslim leaders in other organizations such Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) who played an instrumental role in presenting the moderate face of Indonesian Islam in the international arena. 

How Public Diplomacy Can Enhance Turkey-NATO Relations

CPD Blog | Aug 4, 2015

Turkish public response to NATO can hardly be separated from unfavorable public opinion about the United States, since NATO has been largely led by the U.S. Therefore, the waning of American credibility has simultaneously affected Turkish public support for NATO. 

International Organization for Migration Trains Ghana Border Officials in Ebola Screening

Ghana Business News | Aug 3, 2015

Another key component of IOM’s intervention will be community mobilization activities aiming at empowering community leaders to raise awareness and increase their communities’ knowledge on the causes, symptoms and modes of prevention of EVD in order to positively influence their communities and promote behaviour change.

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor … the Europeans Embracing Migrants

The Guardian | Aug 3, 2015

Away from the xenophobic hysteria aimed at desperate immigrants are people taking steps to help newcomers and promote the good things they bring. [...] But on a local level, there are thousands of people across the continent who are braving the vitriol of their peers, and filling the void left by the politicians.

In Pictures: Ireland's Pavilion at Expo Milan 2015

Farmer's Journal | Aug 3, 2015

Bord Bia's Origin Green programme is the theme of Ireland's pavilion at Expo Milan 2015. The theme of the international exhibition is "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". 

Climate Change Will Cause the Next Revolutions in North Africa

Deutsche Welle | Aug 3, 2015

As Syrians continue to flee the conflict that rages in their home country, many via war-torn Libya, or Tunisia, which is struggling to keep its youth from joining ISIS, it's all too clear that the effects of the uprisings that swept the southern Mediterranean belt in 2011 are ongoing. Yet already there is talk of more on the horizon.

Pressing Need to Define US Interests in Arctic as Anchorage Hosts High-Level Meet

Japan Times | Aug 3, 2015

China’s “resource-diplomacy” strategy, promoting closer ties with Arctic states, aims to boost trade, commerce and scientific cooperation, evidenced by what The Diplomat called “China’s pivot north and Russia’s pivot east.”


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