Students Drawn to Islamic State Need Local and National De-Radicalisation Strategy

ABC | May 28, 2015

Schools need both a national strategy and individualised approaches to prevent the radicalisation of students drawn to Islamic State and other extremist groups, an Edith Cowan University counterterrorism researcher says.

Food Diplomacy: US pavilion at Expo Seeks Catalyst Role in Resolving Issue of Food Security

Winnipeg Free Press | May 28, 2015

MILAN - Fields of waving grain may have come to symbolize the United States' industrialized agriculture, but the U.S. pavilion at Expo 2015 world's fair is seeking to lead the conversation on how to feed 9 billion people by 2050.

First-Ever Chicago Forum on Global Cities Commences in Chicago

Global Newswire | May 28, 2015

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Financial Times today launched the Chicago Forum on Global Cities. This three-day forum on the future of global cities is bringing civic, business, cultural and academic leaders from London, Beijing, Paris, Dubai, Singapore and beyond to Chicago.

Hula Hoop Diplomacy: My Time in the North Korean Limelight

CNN | May 28, 2015

So there I was, on stage, swinging three hula-hoops in front of a big crowd of wildly cheering North Koreans. It's not what I went there to do and I had not anticipated that this sort of thing might happen.

Budgets, Diplomacy and Australia’s Foreign Aid

The Diplomat | May 28, 2015

In May, Canberra released its new budget. Many were speculating that the previously embattled government of Prime Minister Tony Abbott – which until recently had been languishing behind the opposition Labor Party in the polls – would be set for a post-budget shakeup if his ratings didn’t improve.

Was the Minnesota Orchestra's Trip to Cuba Good Diplomacy?

MINNPOST | May 28, 2015

The Minnesota Orchestra recently returned from a highly publicized and well-received trip to Cuba that has left many people in both countries feeling good about improving relations between Cubans and Americans, as well as their governments.

What is 'Zen' Diplomacy? From Chinese Monk to Ambassador

OUPblog | May 27, 2015

In 1654, a Chinese monk arrived in Japan. His name was Yinyuan Longqi (1592-1673), a Zen master who claimed to have inherited the authentic dharma transmission from the Linji (Rinzai) sect in China. This claim gave him tremendous authority in China, as without it a Zen teacher cannot be considered for leading a Zen community.

A New Global Order of Cities

Financial Times | May 27, 2015

The most important characteristic of the 21st century is the rise of cities. The world may obsess over whether a “Chinese century” is replacing an American one. But the real action is not in nations — but in their urban centres. 


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