US Soft Power Triumphs in Probe of Sepp Blatter’s Corrupt Casino

The Conversation | May 30, 2015

Soccer is truly the world’s sport. It is played and watched by more people across the globe than any other sport.

Every four years, it is the center of global attention when the World Cup is held. It’s as if the World Series and Super Bowl were rolled into one mega-sporting event with viewership in the hundreds of millions.

David Cameron's Gastronomic Diplomacy

The Telegraph | May 30, 2015

David Cameron's gastronomic diplomacy: 13 courses, from lobster terrine to mountains of cheese. As he fights for Britain's better deal in Europe, David Cameron enjoys some of the continent's finest cuisine in a 24-hour marathon of capitals

Japan Government Funds US Soft Power Programmes

The Pie News | May 30, 2015

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs will give $15m to programmes this fiscal year covering Japanese politics and foreign policy in the US, in an effort to enhance Japan’s ‘soft power’ in the country. Georgetown University, Columbia University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be among the institutions selected to receive the funding, which will be mainly aimed at programmes in the areas of modern and contemporary Japanese politics and foreign policy.

The High Cost of Defeating the Islamic State

Foreign Policy | May 29, 2015

U.N.: A military defeat of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq could scatter extremists around the globe. Would the world be a safer place if the United States and its allies were to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria? Not necessarily, according to a senior U.N. counterterrorism official. Extremist fighters have proven remarkably adept over the past three decades at transforming themselves at the close of battles.

Israel's Divine Diplomacy

i24news | May 29, 2015

Recent developments in the Israeli Foreign Ministry seem to take this approach to a whole new level. At the first meeting with her staff, Tzipi Hotovely, freshly appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, delivered the following message: no need to be wise, being RIGHT is quite enough.

India’s Soft Power Potential

The Diplomat | May 29, 2015

On June 21, the world will observe International Day of Yoga for the first time ever. A United Nations resolution to this effect that India moved in the General Assembly last year was co-sponsored by an unprecedented 170 countries.

USAID Widens Aperture for Economy, Diplomacy in Pacific

U.S. Department of Defense | May 29, 2015

Nepal’s beleaguered citizens are struggling to recover from the April 25 magnitude-7.8 earthquake that claimed more than 8,600 lives, caused countless injuries and left many thousands missing. But a United States Agency for International Development official said broader collaboration continues concurrently with U.S. Pacific Command on regional priorities including disaster preparedness, nontraditional regional threats, such as resource insecurity; climate change, pandemic issues and environmental considerations.

Protecting History: Museum Director Andrew Wulf

Pasatiempo | May 29, 2015

Vintage motorcycles, Abraham Lincoln, baseball, the paintings of Nikolai Getman, and treasures from the Walt Disney Archives at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum were among the exhibition subjects Andrew Wulf staged during his five years as curator at the National Archives. A proudly proclaimed man of many interests, Wulf is the new director of the New Mexico History Museum/Palace of the Governors.


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