The Internet Has a Message For Tony Blair Now That He's Babbling About the Middle East Again

PolicyMic | Apr 23, 2014

Former UK prime minister and crusader against the "Axis of Evil" Tony Blair delivered a speech Wednesday calling for Western powers to "take sides" in Middle East foreign policy and to move the issue of "religious extremism" to the top of their agenda.

Royal Tour of Australia is All About Creation of Soft Propaganda

The Guardian (UK) | Apr 23, 2014

This is succession planning. It's about laying down memories in Australia against the time the Queen dies. The first tour is the one that matters – the tour with the young couple and the baby, the gloss not worn off their marriage and possible princely misdemeanours of the child far in the future.

On Tour With the Slum Tourists in Kenya

Channel 4 (UK) | Apr 23, 2014

Tourism is a money-spinner in Kenya - it is the country's second largest source of income, writes Jamal Osman. Its safaris are world famous, but a recent drop-off in wildlife tourism has given rise to this new type of sightseeing.

Building 'A Bridge Between China and Europe'

The Diplomat | Apr 23, 2014

Recently, CCTV aired a special program about Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Europe. The program was even given a grandiose title: “A Bridge Between China and Europe.” China’s media continues to play up the success of Xi’s first visit to Europe.

Sri Lanka to Expel Tourist with Buddha Tattoo

Al Jazeera | Apr 23, 2014

Sri Lankan authorities have decided to deport a British tourist for having an image of Buddha tattooed on her arm, officials have said. Police spokesman Ajith Rohana said on Wednesday that Naomi Coleman, 37, was detained at Colombo's airport after she arrived from India on Monday when authorities spotted the tattoo of Buddha seated on a lotus flower.

Justin Bieber Visits Japan's Yasukuni War Shrine

The Diplomat | Apr 23, 2014

Global pop star Justin Bieber has sparked controversy in Asia after he uploaded photos of his visit to Japan’s controversial war shrine. During a visit to Tokyo with his mother on Wednesday, Justin Bieber posted photos of himself at Japan’s controversial Yasukuni Shrine on his Instagram account, sparking outrage in some Asian countries.

Brazil's Foreign Policy Stance Leaves It In Wings on Global Stage

Financial Times | Apr 22, 2014

This month, Brazil marks a particularly grim moment in its history. Fifty years ago, the country’s military took power in a coup that ushered in two decades of brutal dictatorship. President Dilma Rousseff, who as a young leftist guerrilla fighting the generals was jailed and tortured, marked the occasion with a speech at Rio de Janeiro’s Galeão airport earlier this month.

Mexican Youth Protest 'Anti-Freedom of Expression' Telecom Bill

Vice News | Apr 22, 2014

For the past decade the Molotov song “Gimme the Power” has served as an anthem of youth rebellion decrying corrupt police and politicians in Mexico. This week, its lyrics became the banner under which thousands of young people protested online and in the streets against Mexico’s new telecommunications law, which they believe infringes on their civil rights.


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