Nobel Laureates Urge Donors to Boost Education Funds Ahead of Global Meet

Reuters | Jul 6, 2015

International donors must boost aid to developing nations to ensure that millions of the world's poorest and marginalised children can go to school, a group of Nobel laureates said on Monday, ahead of a global conference on financing for education.

BRICS Summit Gives Putin a Chance to Show Russia not Isolated

Reuters | Jul 6, 2015

The BRICS emerging economies will launch a development bank at a summit this week which President Vladimir Putin hopes will help reduce Western dominance of world financial institutions and show Moscow is not isolated.

South Korean Violinist Wants Border Concert with North Korea

Press of Atlantic City | Jul 6, 2015

Violinist Won Hyung Joon wants to bring North and South Korean musicians together next month to perform on each side of the world's most heavily armed border. Standing in the way is the rivals' long, frustrating inability to move past their painful shared history.

The 2015 World Cup Should Start a Revolution in U.S. Soccer

For The Win | Jul 6, 2015

Because of the U.S.’s performance in 1999, countries like Germany, France, Japan, and England began to invest in the women’s game and begin to compete – and at times surpass – the U.S. The game as a whole was made stronger by the U.S. in 1999.

If the ‘Product’ is Wrong, a Rebrand Won’t Help Israel

National, The | Jul 6, 2015

The Israeli government believes it is locked in an epic struggle to save Israel from the growing movement calling for an international boycott. Benjamin Netanyahu warns that Israel must “rebrand” itself to avoid pariah status. Ordinary Israelis are therefore being conscripted into an army of spin doctors in a campaign termed “hasbara”.

Modi's Social Media Diplomacy Can Help Ties

New Indian Express, The | Jul 6, 2015

“When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on his 60th birthday on his Sina Weibo account on Wednesday (July 1), he once again showed the high value he attaches to diplomacy through social media accounts,” the Global Times stated.

Rivlin Tells Arab Journalists: We Must be Israelis Not Jews or Arabs

Jerusalem Post, The | Jul 5, 2015

He urged Israel’s Arab population not to think of itself as a separate entity making a distinction between Arabs and Jews. “Let’s all be Israelis,” he said. [...] In a Jewish and democratic state, he said, there will be peace only when there is consensus on all sides on the issue of coexistence.

US Spin on Access to Iranian Sites Has Distorted the Issue

Middle East Eye | Jul 5, 2015

A public diplomacy campaign by the Obama administration to convince world opinion that Iran was reneging on the Lausanne framework agreement in April has seriously misrepresented the actual diplomacy of the Iran nuclear talks.


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