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UN Forum in Paris to Spotlight Mobile Learning for Refugees

Education experts and government officials will gather at the Paris headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) from 20 to 24 March, to discuss ways of expanding the use of mobile technologies to “reach people where they are” and improve education opportunities for refugees and displaced persons and others in emergency situations.

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UAE Committed to Supporting UN Women's Gender Equality Efforts

The United Arab Emirates has renewed its commitment to supporting UN Women, the global entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women, through its membership of the UN Women's Executive Board and by hosting the entity's liaison office in Abu Dhabi.


Tags: uae, gender equality, united nations, women empowerment, education, global aid & development

Culture As a Bridge Across Global Troubles

Irina Bokova, the director general of Unesco, talked about how culture was instrumental to economic growth, citing a 2015 study that said the arts generated 29.5 million jobs worldwide, more than the auto industry. “Development without culture cannot be sustainable or equitable or inclusive,” she said. Other discussions at the conference resonated more subtly with the most salient issues of the day, including panels on refugees, censorship, heritage preservation and cultural diplomacy.

Tags: art and culture, Cultural Diplomacy, global issues, art diplomacy, museum diplomacy, economic growth, refugee crisis, cultural heritage, unesco

Why is Japan’s Public Diplomacy So Utterly Inept?

Next up is San Francisco, where this autumn another comfort women memorial will be erected. There, too, local politicians were subjected to hardball pressure tactics and an orchestrated campaign against the memorial that reflect badly on brand Japan. Shouldn’t public diplomacy work toward improving Japan’s image? In the history wars now being waged by Tokyo, this goal is being sacrificed on the altar of revisionism.

Tags: japan, south korea, comfort women, Opinion, shinzo abe, historical memory, Nation Image

Has Digital Diplomacy Been Trumped?

As the Tweeting-Diplomat-in-Chief, U.S. President Donald Trump is transforming digital diplomacy — the leveraging of online communication technologies to pursue foreign policy. What used to be thought of as an opportunity to move diplomacy out of inter-governmental back rooms to a more robust and transparent basis of digitally enabled engagement of stakeholders seems to be getting dragged into the locker room of narcissistic posturing.

Tags: digital diplomacy & new tech, government pd, united states, canada, Donald Trump, social media, twitter diplomacy

In 'Voice of America' the World Trusts

VOA began radio broadcasting in 1942, to combat Nazi propaganda. Per its charter, it is mandated to “serve as a consistently reliable and authoritative source of news.” Since WWII, it has been the front-edge of America’s informational interface with citizens around the world, particularly those battling dictatorships and tyranny. [...] VOA is the largest public diplomacy program of the United States government and broadcasts in more than 40 languages.

Tags: international broadcasting, voice of america, united states, propaganda, media, fake news, asia, africa, middle east

Australian Gov’t to Launch Peace Program in Mindanao

The Australian government will launch Friday, March 17, the AUD90-million Education Pathways for Peace in Mindanao (PATHWAYS) program. Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop will lead the official launching of the project, which will primarily benefit communities in Bangsamoro areas. The project is part of Australia’s long-standing commitment to support peace and stability in Mindanao.

Tags: government pd, global aid & development, australia, philippines, mindanao, education, peace initiative

Trump Foreign Aid Cuts Counter Global Development Goals

President Donald Trump’s proposed deep cuts to humanitarian aid go against the global development goals the United States committed to in 2015, the European Union’s international development chief warned Friday. “Any withdrawal or cut in the development assistance would actually go contrary to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals agenda,” 

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