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Why a China-South Korea Alliance Won't Happen


There has been much debate recently on the possibility of a China-South Korea alliance. The “pro” arguments quite often begin by noting that China has been emerging rapidly in a multi-polar world, making a strategic competition or even stand-off between China and the United States more probable.

Branding Can Help Country Get its Due Share in World Market


A little focus on branding could do a miracle at the economic front as it would not only change an ordinary product into special one but also attract the buyers. This was upshot of the speeches delivered at a seminar on “Branding Pakistan” organized by the LCCI Standing Committee on National Outreach Program. 

Cultural Diplomacy: Going Beyond the Cool?


This week in public diplomacy, we looked at how culture is being used to redefine the 'coolness' of countries through gastrodiplomacy, music, art, and fashion.

Koala Diplomacy


Australia gives three koalas to Japan in hope of continued economic relations. 

From Soft To Hard Power, China's New Ambitions


Here lies the vision of China's peaceful rise. It is a concept first put forward in 2003 by Chinese authorities as the country was gradually reinforcing its role in international affairs.  But this concept comes with many layers: Even while China is exporting its products all over the world, Beijing explains that it has no hegemonic ambitions.  Can China be a superpower that is fundamentally unintrusive, and not a threat for its neighbors?

Japan Keeps Door to Russia Open While Imposing Sanctions


Japan imposed new sanctions against Russia on Tuesday that were more limited than those announced last month by the United States, a move that analysts said illustrates Tokyo’s conflicting desires to show solidarity with Washington while also keeping the door open to improving ties with Moscow.

Asia’s Leaders and Economic Soft Power


Asia has been experiencing a period of political turbulence and polarization, both regionally and domestically.  But with new leaders at the helm, these countries (and in turn Asia) are on the threshold of more stable domestic and political functioning as they look inwards to address demands of the people for growth and jobs.