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Japan to Set Up New Economic Aid Programs for Caribbean Community


The new economic program seems intended to counter China's recently growing influence over Caribbean countries. Beijing has diplomatic relations with nine of the 14 countries, with President Xi Jinping having paid a visit to Trinidad and Tobago last year. Abe explained Japan's policy of proactively contributing to global peace, security and prosperity, and reiterated Tokyo's appeal to the international community to resolve territorial and maritime disputes peacefully and in accordance with international laws, and not by force or intimidation.

Japan’s Brand is Floundering Under Abe


Attending the Association of Asian Studies conference in Singapore last week, I realized that Japan’s global image is not what it might be. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Japan is back, but doubts are spreading about the version of Japan he is promoting. It appears that Abe’s energetic regional diplomacy has been undercut by his awkward views on history and failure to deliver on structural reforms.

Japan Keen to Hold Cultural Festival in Tehran Again


First secretary of the Japanese Embassy in Tehran Tomohiro Nakagaki said that his country is keen to hold another cultural week in Tehran in the near future.  He met with Niavaran Cultural Center Director Seyyed Abbas Sajjadi in Tehran, and his plan for holding the cultural week was discussed during the meeting, the center announced in a press release on Monday.

Big in Japan: Frozen's Feminist Rallying Cry


Frozen, the Disney cartoon-musical that swept the US in late 2013 and early 2014, only arrived in Japan in mid-March.  The film's popularity has coincided with public outcry over sexism in Japan, where unlike in America, Disney marketing played up the movie's empowerment message.

Broader Foreign Aid Urged


Japan should expand its use of overseas development assistance by targeting new regions and projects and consider funding noncombat operations led by foreign military forces, a panel said Thursday in a report to Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida. If the recommendations are accepted in the upcoming review of the ODA charter, it would reverse Japan’s long-held principle of not funding foreign armed forces.

9 Apps for Learning Japanese, the Soft Powerhouse


There are plenty of reasons to learn Japanese. For one, the Japanese are Kings of "Soft Power", or cultural influence. The internet, videogames and children's cartoons are heavily influenced by the cute, cuddly touch of Japanese heritage. While some of this reaches us, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

In Killing Whales and Dolphins, Japan Is Hurting Itself


Why is Japan so off-the-wall in insisting on waving the bloody shirt in front of the world public by slaughtering whales and dolphins in the most inhumane manner possible and then defending the bloodshed with bogus claims? Japan's outrageous actions in supporting the carnage are truly breath-taking.