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The Battle to Define an ‘America First’ Foreign Policy

The brief exchange between the president and his national security adviser highlights one of the early conundrums of Trump’s presidency and his foreign policy. In his first budget blueprint, released Thursday, and in speeches, Trump has preached “America First,” an approach that involves bolstering U.S. military might, strengthening the country’s borders and slashing foreign aid.

Tags: government pd, foreign policy, united states, national security, Donald Trump, foreign aid, budget

Branding Critical in Digital Age

In the digital era branding is a form of story telling, where the customers and stakeholders interact and engage with the process actively, experts said yesterday. As recently as three years ago, people used few tools for digital branding and marketing at a daylong seminar styled Branding in Digital Age. Bangladesh Brand Forum organised the seminar [...] The event aimed at inspiring management, brand managers and digital marketing departments to be a part of the digital transition.

Tags: nation branding, digital diplomacy & new tech, brand bangladesh, bangladesh, international image, marketing

British Council Ramps Up Arts Work in Trinidad & Tobago

The British Council Caribbean has been carrying out a number of programmes in T&T over the last few months. The council's Caribbean Arts manager Annalee Davis said the implementation of these programmes was a part of establishing and continuing cultural relations between the UK and the Caribbean. She said it's about demonstrating that the UK has something to share and something to learn when it comes to the arts, the creative economy and cultural industries.

Tags: Cultural Diplomacy, united kingdom, trinidad and tobago, carribbean, art, economic development, british council

Celebrity Social Media Push to Help Somalia Goes Viral

A social media campaign aiming at delivering humanitarian aid to Somalia, a country on the brink of famine, through a Turkish Airlines flight has gone viral with backing from celebrities and people across the world. After being initiated with a tweet by Jerome Jarre, the French social media celebrity, on Wednesday, the Twitter hashtags #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia and #LoveArmyForSomalia have taken on a snowballing effect with support from a group of celebrities.

Tags: digital diplomacy & new tech, global aid & development, non state pd, entertainment industry, somalia, #LoveArmyForSomalia, twitter, social media

The Boyband Bringing China's Dreams of Soft Power to Life

More than half a century on, as Britain’s music industry continues to propel it to the top ranks of surveys such as the Soft Power 30, there are signs that another cultural revolution may be under way. But this time the mop-topped oddballs with a catchy tune hail from a country that has until now rarely bothered the top ranks of such surveys: China.

Tags: smart & soft power, Cultural Diplomacy, soft power 30, united states, united kingdom, china, music, the fighting boys

Ethiopia: Stepping Up Regional Clicking

This week, prime minister Hailemariam Dessalegn had presented a six-month performance assessment report of his government to the House of Peoples Representatives. Foreign relation and diplomacy were among the overarching themes. [...] Efforts were channelled towards helping the country enjoy finance either in a form of loan or aid for trade, investment, tourism. In general, the activities were focused on economic diplomacy.

Tags: government pd, economic diplomacy, ethiopia, africa, economic development, trade, tourism, regional ties, djibouti

Saudi Arabia Seeks New Footing for International Diplomatic Relations

Members of the Saudi government are visiting the US and China. In both countries, they are striving for good relations - and their traveling diplomacy shows that the kingdom is exploring new paths. [...] the crown prince bent over backwards to offer pleasantries, calling Trump a "true friend" of the Arabs and declaring that he did not believe Trump's attempted travel banwas aimed at Muslims. Rather, the crown prince stated, the US simply wanted to protect itself from terrorism.

Tags: middle east, saudi arabia, united states, Donald Trump, foreign policy, government pd, terrorism

China, Philippines Agree to Boost Trade, Economic Cooperation

China and the Philippines agreed on Friday to strengthen trade and economic cooperation between the two countries after the conclusion of a high-level meeting. [...] "China would like to work with the Philippines to deepen China-ASEAN relations, properly handle South China Sea issue, jointly safeguard stability in the South China Sea and maintain the good momentum of development in China-ASEAN relations," Wang Yang said.

Tags: china, philippines, trade diplomacy, economic cooperation, government pd, free trade, bilateral relations


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