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‘Pakistan, Afghanistan Share Same Culture’


“Culture does not have border and both Pakistan and Afghanistan have strong cultural relations,” the adviser said while inaugurating the two-day show organised by Pak-Afghan Culture Forum in collaboration with the provincial government.

India-Pakistan Diplomacy: Border Barriers Broken on Skype


It's India-Pakistan diplomacy with a difference: two groups of students, one in Bangalore and one in Islamabad, talking fashion, film and politics over homemade curry and steaks.  By dining together over Skype calls, the students might knock down the cultural and political barriers that divide them.

China's Choice: India or Pakistan?


Among China’s relations with Asian neighbors, its ties with the countries in South Asia are generally considered to be the weakest. Now, with Sino-Japan tensions over the East China Sea and conflict with many Southeast Asian countries over the South China Sea, the role of South Asian countries has become more prominent.