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A Virtual Taste of Imperial Life

New app enhances the Beijing Forbidden City experience and puts China's ancient history in a very modern context.

Tags: digital diplomacy & new tech, china, virtual diplomacy, beijing, art & culture, ancient civilizations, gaming

Al-Jazeera: The Qatar Broadcaster at Centre of Diplomatic Crisis

Arab world’s leading TV channel is used to controversy – but now it fears for its future as Saudi Arabia wants it shut down.

Tags: international broadcasting, qatar, saudi arabia, al jazeera, middle east, broadcasting

Exchange Program Brings Cultural Understanding

The ASSE International Student Exchange Program brings students from more than 30 different countries, from Brazil to Estonia and Moldova to Thailand, to Washington and other states every year. The summer months are the last chance local families are able to sign up to host an exchange student, since they’ve got to be settled by the end of August for school to begin in September, said Margot Hoffman, the Washington state ASSE coordinator.

Tags: international exchange, cultural understanding, ASSE, summer, school, traditions, host family, united states

'Gender Champions' in Rural Kenya... Protect Women & Girls

Drought in a developing country can mean many things: a lack of water, a lack of food and nutrition, and a lack of economic growth that puts even more pressure on impoverished communities relying on farming for their livelihoods. For women and girls, it also means a lack of protection. [...] But a new initiative in rural northern Kenya turns to technology and members of the community to make the region safer, and put an end to gender-based violence.

Tags: international development, drought, poverty, climate change, women, water, BRACE, hotline initiative, africa, wajir county, kenya

French Fashion Industry Role Model for Students

The Pakistani fashion houses and fashion designing students should learn from French experience in fashion designing to get familiar with modern trends and innovations taking place in the fast changing fashion industry.

Tags: international exchange, fashion industry, role model, modern trends, innovations, pakistan, france, fashion diplomacy

Migrants Showcasing Culture to Adopted Communities in Tasmania

Multicultural performers and speakers are in high demand in Tasmania, so much so that a new website has been created to put them in touch with the community. The Migrant Resource Centre has created Inspire Tasmania to fill a gap in the market. [...] The centre's Catherine Doran said the Inspire program aimed to support, celebrate and showcase the best of Tasmania's multicultural talent.

Tags: Cultural Diplomacy, inspire tasmania, migrant resource center, multiculturalism, refugees, tasmania

A Peek Into Bloomberg's New Public Health Initiative

For the next 18 months, Bloomberg Philanthropies, in partnership with the World Health Organization and Vital Strategies, will be working with cities across the globe to tackle the different factors contributing to noncommunicable diseases. [...] The program will be very much city-driven; local governments will have leeway on what intervention to prioritize and work on. WHO and Vital Strategies, meanwhile, will provide assistance and help them make use of data to guide their decisions as well as in developing their work plans.

Tags: city diplomacy, international aid, bloomberg, partnership for healthy cities, noncommunicable diseases, public health, cooperation

South African Students and Scholars Join Fulbright

Microbiology, mathematics, biochemistry, international affairs, astronomy, ethnomusicology..These are just some of the many disciplines pursued by South Africans in the 2017 Fulbright Students and Scholars cohort.The U.S. Embassy's Fulbright office hosted the 2017 class of students and scholars for a pre-departure orientation on June 23 in Sandton, as they prepare for the next step in their academic careers following a highly competitive selection process.

Tags: international exchange, education, mutual understanding, math, science, music, culture, fulbright, south africa


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