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Israel Must Rethink its Public Diplomacy Before it’s Too Late


The Financial Times was blunt in a recent editorial entitled ‘Anti-Semitism is a menace to us all: Criticism of Israel should not extend to Jews worldwide.’ “Israel, a mature democracy, is frequently subjected to a double standard that is not applied to other states. In London this month, thousands marched in protest at Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Overwhelming Majority of Jewish Israelis Say Gaza Op Justified


A broad consensus of the Israeli public still justifies Operation Protective Edge, a month after Israel's government launched it, even though uncertainty remains about how the offensive against Hamas in Gaza will turn out, according to the latest Peace Index.

Two Craft Beers, Two Countries, One Turtle Theme


Sagy, a former pilot with the Israeli Air Force made the switch to commercial brewing in 2008, although he says he had been home brewing for about 30 years. “Now I’m trying to make peace in another way,” he said, with a smile. “Through beer.” Eitan Weiss, head of public diplomacy at the Embassy of Israel, matched Sagy with Fournier, who founded the craft beer festival, as a means of bridging cultures through beer.

Islamic State Draws Heat from Israel - But Not for Long


From the Israeli perspective, there’s some public diplomacy benefit here. The world is being somewhat distracted from what’s going on in Gaza, and now Israel is not the only country bombing Islamic extremists. But these are small comforts at best. Europe, in particular, seems to have gotten fed up with the IDF’s operations in Gaza, even as it declares its understanding for Israel’s right to defend itself. And despite the renewal of rocket fire, even the United States is expecting Israel to come to some long-term agreement with Hamas.

The One Place Where Israel and Hamas Are Communicating


Thanks to flimsy copyright laws in the region, Israeli and Palestinian television stations routinely tap into each other’s transmissions and broadcast them to their viewers. Since Gazans and Israelis are barred from entering each other’s territories, this swap of feeds often stands in for reporters on the ground.