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#Gaza: Social Media Amplifies New Voice in Mideast Conflict


Maysoon Khatib's Facebook page is usually devoted to fun-filled images and anecdotes detailing her sometimes harried life as a mother of four children.  But lately, the Kentucky woman's social media posts have taken a somber turn. Instead of snapshots of her kids at summer camp, Khatib is sharing urgent messages about the destruction thousands of miles away in Gaza.

'I Might Die Tonight'


More and more people take to Twitter to share their experiences and emotions.  On the week starting Monday 28 July 2014, Gaza is bombarded by Israel. One Gaza resident calls it "the worst night in this war".  Residents in Israel have their own problems as they face rocket attacks from Gaza. Sirens go off throughout the night, forcing many Israelis to flee to bomb shelters. 

Social Media Spreads Messages of Israel-Hamas Conflict


The bruising battle between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has carved out a bloody new front in social media — one that has bypassed traditional news outlets and burned a straight path toward advocates on all sides.

Canadian Ambassador Tweets Strong Support for Israel


Bercovici may be relatively new to Twitter, but she has quickly come to appreciate its value and utility.  “It is especially useful at a time of crisis such as we are in now, when the appetite for information is insatiable.”

Turkey Declares 3 days of Mourning in 'Show of Solidarity with the Palestinian People'


Turkey on Monday declared three days of national mourning for the Palestinian victims of Israel's military operation in the Gaza Strip, denouncing the assault as a "massacre." "We condemn Israel's massacre of the Palestinian people," Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc told reporters in Ankara in televised comments after a cabinet meeting as the Palestinian death toll topped 500.