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Stephen Harper's Foreign Policy Missing 'Soft Power' Opportunities, Academics Say

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Of all the Canadiana on display near his desk, few stir in Prof. Tomasz Soroka the same kind of animated pride that the Governor General's medallion does.

Last year, Gov. Gen. David Johnston, on an official visit to Krakow, presented the medallion himself to the Polish Association of Canadian Studies (in which Soroka is secretary and a very active member), for its "outstanding contribution to the Canada-Poland bilateral relationship."

G7 Leaders Discuss Security, Social, Economic Policies


From June 7-8, the G7 summit took place in Krün, Germany. Host Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, was joined by leaders from the U.S., U.K., France, Canada, Japan and Italy, all of whom comprise the G7 nations. On the two-day agenda were the key issues of climate change, radical extremism, the war in Ukraine, the global economy, as well as developmental policies to combat infectious diseases, protect the marine environment and empower women.

Myanmar a Testing Ground for Democracy and Diplomacy

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Hands clasped and eyes squeezed shut, the students stand in two lines near the back of a spacious monastery classroom. Several suppress a smile as they wait for an “electric pulse” to make its way down each line, passed from one person to the next with a quick squeeze of the hand. When it reaches a young woman at the end of one row, she races to grab a water bottle from the seat of a plastic chair nearby.

Q&A with Ken Taylor: Canada's Former Ambassador to Iran talks Diplomacy, ISIS, Argo and Attending Crescent Heights in the 1950s

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Ken Taylor, the former Canadian ambassador for Iran and centre of the so-called Canadian caper in 1979, gave a speech to the school’s graduating class at the Jubilee Auditorium last week. Born in Calgary, Taylor graduated from Crescent Heights in the 1950s. He played basketball and football for the school (“I wasn’t drafted,” he jokes) but yearned to travel the world. He got his wish, embarking on a globe-trotting career in the foreign service.

Ex-Canadian P.M. Touts Middle-Power Diplomacy

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Former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark urged Canada and Korea to bolster diplomacy in a world characterized by withering superpowers and sprouting middle powers. Canada’s 16th Prime Minister from 1979 to 1980 told a group of diplomats and scholars that as the international order is reconfigured around the world, nations increasingly rely on soft-power strategies of compromise, negotiation and development, rather than hard-power tactics of military aggression and bullying rhetoric.