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Job One for Toronto’s Next Mayor: Municipal Diplomacy


Torontonians will naturally be focussing on local issues like transit and taxes and when they go to the polls in October. But we should also spend some time thinking about how the candidates stack up when it comes to municipal diplomacy, the ability to make smart connections for Toronto in the wider world.

Canada in the World


Canada’s environmental, public-safety, agricultural, foreign-affairs and trade policies all affect global prosperity and resilience — and by extension in an interconnected world, Canadian prosperity and resilience.

Canadian Ambassador Tweets Strong Support for Israel


Bercovici may be relatively new to Twitter, but she has quickly come to appreciate its value and utility.  “It is especially useful at a time of crisis such as we are in now, when the appetite for information is insatiable.”

World Pride Parade Underway in Downtown Toronto


The wait is over and the WorldPride parade is underway in downtown Toronto.  Toronto has had an annual Pride parade for more than three decades, but this year, it’s an even bigger party than usual due to the fact that the city is hosting World Pride for the first time.

South Africa: Canadian Renewable Energy Expertise Meeting the Needs of South Africans


he Honourable Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade, today welcomed the announcement by SkyPower Global that the company is donating 5,000 solar-powered lights to South African villages without electricity so children can have light for reading and writing. The announcement was made during Minister Fast's trade mission to South Africa. In its 2010 Integrated Resource Plan, South Africa identified the need for more power generation from renewable sources to meet its growing energy needs and also to reduce greenhouse gases.

Study Praises Canada's Digital Diplomacy


Canada is among a small group of countries that have Twitter accounts for most of their embassies and missions, a global study revealed Wednesday. The study, called Twiplomacy and conducted by the public relations firm Burson-Marsteller, looked at the use of the microblogging site by heads of state and by governments and ministers of foreign affairs.

From ‘Soft Power’ to ‘Economic Diplomacy’


The absence of a federal ministry of education and the largely circumscribed role of the federal government in education in both the United States and Canada result in international education policy falling between the cracks of federal (foreign-international affairs) and state-provincial (higher education) responsibility. The two jurisdictions thus provide an interesting comparative context to examine factors shaping the federal role in international education and consequently its influence on higher education.