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Why the U.S. Should Merge With Canada


The United States and Canada are far more integrated than most people think. In fact, a merger between the two countries isn’t just desirable—it’s inevitable. We share more than just the world’s longest border. We share the same values, lifestyles and aspirations. Our societies and economies are becoming similar in significant ways.


Is Canada's Multiculturalism in Peril?


Canada is widely hailed as a multicultural success state. As the first country to adopt multiculturalism as official policy, and with high rates of integration among immigrant populations, it is often looked at as a model to be followed. Recently, though, the French province of Quebec has dented this global reputation with the introduction of Bill 60, popularly known as the Quebec Charter of Values.

5 Things I Learned About Twitter During the Crisis in Ukraine


For the last month and a half I have been following the Ukraine crisis on my Twitter account, and it has offered an unprecedented way to get a real understanding of what people think about the situation and how they think it should be resolved. 

Governors Brewer and Sandoval Unveil Signs for Future Interstate 11


Governors Jan Brewer (Ariz.) and Brian Sandoval (Nev.) met at the Hoover Dam March 21 to unveil signs that promote the future route of the Interstate 11 (I-11). A project Governor Brewer has enthusiastically championed to better connect Arizona to national and international trade partners, I-11 will serve as the main corridor for commerce and transportation between Mexico, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Quebec Leaders Dial Down Rhetoric On Sovereignty, National Unity


Pauline Marois and Philippe Couillard are both working to shift away from the battle over sovereignty and national unity as they head into a crucial pivot point for the Quebec election – the leaders’ debates. Mr. Couillard, the Liberal Leader, insisted Sunday he will not rush to seek recognition for Quebec’s “distinct character” after he earlier said he would seek support for a new constitutional deal from provincial premiers and federal party leaders.

Canada: Olympic Wager Paid


Canada’s hockey teams twice dashed the U.S.’s Olympic dreams last month, and now they have the beer to celebrate their victory. The Canadian government confirmed on Twitter they had received the payment for the bet President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made on the gold medal match between the women’s teams and semifinal match between the men’s teams.

Harper Heads To Seoul As Critics Warn South Korea Free-Trade Deal Could Flood Canadian Markets


Prime Minister Stephen Harper departed Sunday for South Korea, where he is widely expected to complete another long round of free-trade negotiations that his critics were denouncing as secretive and potentially bad for Canadian workers. It wasn’t known whether Harper planned to sign the final text of a free-trade deal with South Korea — a laborious, decade-long, on-again, off-again process — or was simply going to announce an agreement-in-principle in a staged photo-op.