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Hillary Clinton Praises Girls Who Code


On a swing through San Francisco, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dropped by Twitter headquarters where she praised "girls who code" and hoped social media would one day be used to resolve political and diplomatic problems. Twitter's headquarters is a frequent destination for world figures, celebrities and politicians looking to amplify their message by addressing the employees of the popular social network.

The Perils of an Itchy Twitter Finger


Trying to cram a nuanced view on the tragedy in Ukraine into 140 characters was a mistake. Taking a closer look at the West's role is not.  I had a valuable learning experience last week, prompted by a hasty tweet I sent out on the subject of Ukraine.

The Digital War Between Israel and Hamas


As tensions between Israel and Hamas continue to escalate in the Gaza Strip, another battle is raging on social media for the support of American and global audiences.

Israel and Hamas Clash on Social Media


The lethal military confrontation between Israel and Hamas is being mirrored in a bitter clash on the battlefield of social media. Each side has taken to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to denounce the other, and to present accounts that are at best partial and often blatantly distorted. The propaganda war between Israel and the Palestinians is not new, but this battle-round is being fought with unprecedented ferocity.

Young Israelis Fight Hashtag Battle to Defend #IsraelUnderFire


As The Jerusalem Post reports, the effort to make Israel’s case is being spearheaded by 400 college students posting comments, memes, video clips, images and explanatory graphics on Facebook and Twitter from dozens of computers in a “Hasbara war room” at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, north of Tel Aviv.

Inauthenticity and the Tweet Tweet of Digital Diplomacy


Most often associated with Alec Ross’s stint at the State Department as Senior Advisor for Innovation, diplomacy’s rush to better leverage the advantages of social media and mobile technologies by investing in ediplomacy and PD 2.0 is no secret. On his first day as new Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs last February, Richard Stengel made his position clear: social media are “transformational tools” and the State Department needs to move toward a “digital-first strategy.” Ambassadors now tweet regularly. 

Burson-Marsteller's Twiplomacy Study, 2014


Burson-Marsteller’s report, Twiplomacy Study 2014, is an annual study that looks at the global use of Twitter by world leaders as they exercise Digital Diplomacy. According to this study, more than half of the world’s foreign ministers from every region of the world and their institutions are active on Twitter. The report discusses how Twitter is fostering "virtual diplomatic networks" as well as social marketing campaigns that rely heavily on Hashtag Diplomacy.

Eye of the Swarm: The Rise of ISIS and the Media Mujahedeen


As ISIS make gains in Iraq and declare an Islamic caliphate, media activists embedded along the front lines and their global support networks, the media mujahedeen, valorize their achievements in HD video and Hollywood film style posters which are distributed via social media.