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Royal Tour of Australia is All About Creation of Soft Propaganda


This is succession planning. It's about laying down memories in Australia against the time the Queen dies. The first tour is the one that matters – the tour with the young couple and the baby, the gloss not worn off their marriage and possible princely misdemeanours of the child far in the future.

Australia's Search for MH370: Regional Leadership Through HADR and Search and Rescue


Malaysia Airlines flight 370 (MH370) is presumed to have crashed into the southern Indian Ocean, “about as close to nowhere as it’s possible to be, but . . . closer to Australia than anywhere else,” according to Australian prime minister Tony Abbott. In response, Australia’s formidable humanitarian assistance and disaster relief/search and rescue (HADR/SAR) machine has sprung into action.

A Ruling to Protect Whales


The International Court of Justice in The Hague rightly ordered Japan to stop its current whaling program in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary around Antarctica, a large reserve established by the International Whaling Commission. The United Nations’ highest court came down clearly on the side of conservation and international opinion.

E-Diplomacy Goes Global


More than just politicians and diplomats using Twitter and Facebook, digital diplomacy allows countries to project their power beyond their borders. However the fledgling field is already experiencing a crisis of credibility in the wake of the NSA scandal, writes Antony Funnell.

Australians Condemn Victoria's Anti-Protest Law


In Australia, a controversial anti-protest law passed Tuesday in the country's second-most populous state. Opponents say it gives police unprecedented power to halt protests. Changes to The Summary Offences Act passed Victoria's Upper House and will take effect in September.

Four More Artists Withdraw From Biennale


This brings to nine the number of artists who have pulled out of the Biennale because of its partnership with Transfield, which manages the offshore detention of asylum seekers. Agnieszka Polska, Sara van der Heide, Nicoline van Harskamp and Nathan Gray announced today they would not participate in the prestigious exhibition. They have asked the Biennale to leave their spaces blank so their protest will be obvious.

Australian PM’s YouTube Message Flagged For ‘Deceptive Content’


YouTube temporarily suspended Australian prime minister Tony Abbott's account on Sunday after a message titled 'Delivering on Our Promises' was flagged by users. Though Google said in a statement that videos flagged by users are sometimes mistakenly taken down, many critics of Abbott's policies relished the removal, particularly for violating a policy against "spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content".