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Australia Reserves 2,200 Places for Syrian Refugees


Australia will reserve more than 2,000 places in its refugee program for Syrians, at the same time as it tries to return Syrians held in offshore detention to the country the immigration minister describes as “in the midst of a terrible conflict”. Syrian refugees will have 2,200 places set aside within the Special Humanitarian Program (SHP), which takes in refugees who can prove they already have a connection to Australia.

Russia and Australia: Trading Rhetoric and Sanctions


Australia and Russia have been engaging in a war of words over the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. The rhetoric is of course a minor part of the larger ongoing propaganda war over the way in which the crisis in Ukraine is perceived globally. Still, in addition to sanctions, Russia and Australia have continued to trade some particularly pointed remarks in recent weeks. 

What are the World's Friendliest/Unfriendliest Cities?


Australians and New Zealanders tend to get annoyed when their accents get mistaken for one another, but there's one thing they do share. Both countries can lay claim to hosting the world's friendliest city, with Melbourne and Auckland jointly taking top honors in a new survey. Another southern hemisphere destination -- South Africa's Johannesburg -- didn't fare quite as well, being named as the most unfriendly.

Soft Power and Indonesian Language in Australia


In his new report Language as "soft power" in bilateral relations: the case of Indonesian language in Australia, David T. Hill examines enrollment trends in Indonesian language studies in Australian universities, in the context of Indonesia's public diplomacy and Australian government educational policy, updating enrollment data and trend analysis from the 2012 National Report on Indonesian in Australian Universities: Strategies for a stronger future.

Koala Diplomacy


Australia gives three koalas to Japan in hope of continued economic relations. 

International Help for Yazidis Trapped by Islamic State on Mount Sinjar


The US, UK and other states have pledged aid and humanitarian assistance to help rescue refugees fleeing Isis in northern Iraq.  The US has launched two airstrikes against the Islamic State. The defence secretary, Chuck Hagel, announced on Tuesday that 130 troops were being sent to Iraq as "assessors", joining 450 troops already there.

Australia Woos Narendra Modi with Cricket Diplomacy


The Australians are planning to use cricket diplomacy to strengthen ties with the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. While the PMs of the two countries, Mr Tony Abbott and Mr Narendra Modi, will be making history in virtual back-to-back bilateral meetings in September and November in India and Australia respectively, the Australians are keen to bring the Bradman Gallery from the Bradman Museum and International Cricket Hall of Fame on a road show to India in 2014 in which the exhibition will be held for a month in each of the cities it tours.

Prasar Bharati Goes Global; Doordarshan Set to Reach 120 Million Homes Abroad


A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed on Tuesday between India's Public Service Broadcaster Prasar Bharati and Germany's Public Service Broadcaster Deutsche Welle facilitating the availability of Doordarshan programmes on a 'Free to Air' package, on a DTH (Direct To Home) platform. The agreement would allow coverage of DD throughout Europe, Asia, North Africa and even Australia. The international channel, which is named 'India Channel', targets at showcasing India's soft power to the world.