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Myanmar's Tourism Boom Endangers Fragile Ecosystems


Silhouetted against the newly risen sun are fishermen in their wide-brimmed, conical hats. They paddle by twisting a leg around their oar and balancing on the end of elegant, hand-carved pirogues, creating a picture postcard of Myanmar, also known as Burma.

Why Israelis Make The Worst Tourists


As an active member of the Jewish community in Chile, a small minority making up only 0.1% of our country's population, far too often I have had to step up and defend you, Israeli tourists, as well as other Jews visiting here. 

'Do It For Denmark' Campaign Urges Danes To Have More Sex


Have sex to save the country. That's essentially the meaning of the "Do It For Denmark" campaign sponsored by travel company Spies Rejser. One of the ads (seen above) frets that Denmark's birthrate is not looking so hot these days and is at its lowest level in decades. 

How Japan Could Truly Benefit From The 2020 Olympics


The Sochi Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games have ended. The opening ceremony for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is still more than six years away. As the Tokyo Organizing Committee is forming, this seems like an appropriate moment to think about Tokyo in terms of the recent Sochi experience.

'Culture Creation' Often Easier Than It Looks


For all the official rhetoric about the need for Kansai’s prefectures to set themselves apart from each other, let alone from the rest of the country, the local bureaucracies too often have a herd mentality when it comes to planning and promoting tourism campaigns.

High-End Malls In Southern California Court Shoppers In China


As Chinese tourists spill from their tour bus into the Beverly Center, Charlie Gu hands each one a sleek black envelope. Inside: a Chinese-language map of the mall and a special discount card. Gu, the center's Mandarin-speaking Chinese specialist, asks shoppers about what they're looking for and circles relevant stores on the map.

Israel Re-Brands With New Holistic Approach


More than a century ago, Theodor Herzl wrote a book in which he described Israel as an old new land. For the public, with its archeological digs and religious sites, Israel definitely conjures images of the old. The new, not so much.

Brazil Targets 1M With Olympic Language Training


Organizers of the Rio 2016 Olympics on Thursday revealed plans to provide language training for more than a million people ahead of the event. Brazil ranks behind many of its counterparts in the language learning stakes, comparative international studies show, and few people speak English outside major cities.