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China Poised to Pass U.S. as Top Business-Travel Market


China is poised to displace the U.S. as the world’s biggest business-travel market by 2016, aided by accelerating export growth and slowing inflation.  In China, the increasing pace of exports since mid-2013, consumer prices running below government targets and nominal wage gains that support more spending and profit growth are contributing to an expansion in the market. 

Why the U.S. Is Building a Fantastical Aquarium in Brazil


Soon enough, Brazil will be able to boast the largest aquarium in South America. It may also be the most truly American project in the Western Hemisphere. While the backers of Acquario Ceará are aiming to create a new design symbol for South America, it will be almost entirely a product of North America. 

World Gathers to Give 'Brand Scotland' a Boost


Wednesday night's opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games – with its inflatable Loch Ness Monster, giant kilts and rolling heather -- raised as many eyebrows as it did smiles. Nonetheless, experts agree that the event is likely to give "Brand Scotland" a much-needed boost. Some 1 billion viewers across 71 countries are estimated to have tuned in and watched the opening ceremony on Wednesday, which was held at the Celtic Park stadium in Glasgow. 

Road Tripping Through North Korea – in Pictures


Journalists, tour guides and tourists are increasingly using Instagram to capture snapshots of life in the DPRK. Here's a selection of our recent favourites, from a 1400-mile road trip through farming hinterland to a day out at the dolphinarium.

A New Beginning with Nepal


For too long, India has ignored the changing political narrative in Nepal. We remained content that Indian interests were safeguarded by quiet diplomacy even when Nepali leaders publicly adopted anti-India postures — an approach started by the Palace in the 1950s and adopted particularly by the Left parties as a means of demonstrating “nationalist credentials.” Ignored by India, it has had long-term negative consequences. Appropriately targeted public diplomacy initiatives are necessary to address this.

Tourism, Working Women Suffer After String of Rapes Across India


In the first three months after the December 2012 incident, foreign female tourist arrivals dropped in India by 35 percent. It hasn't helped that since then, there have been a spate of sexual assault cases involving attacks on Western female tourists, including women from theUnited States, Switzerland, Denmark and Britain. Recently, Great Britain joined a long list of countries to issue travel advisories cautioning their citizens about visiting India.

Iran’s CHTHO and India’s Council of Cultural Relations Sign MOU


Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization (CHTHO) and the Indian Council of Cultural Relations have signed a memorandum of understanding.  The two countries have agreed to expand collaboration in cultural heritage and tourism activities, he added.