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Global interfaith dialogue set for July 16 in Madrid

The Muslim World League (MWL) will organize a global interfaith dialogue in Madrid on July 16, it was announced here yesterday...The call to have Muslims and non-Muslims work together to solve problems afflicting the world came with a recommendation to set up a center for dialogue to be named King Abdullah International Center for Cultural Relations and the establishment of King Abdullah Prize for Cultural Dialogue.


Muslims and the West need to be more sensitive

In the past few months, political and cultural relations between the West and the Muslim world have been strained by two major developments: the republishing of the offensive Danish cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad, and the production of a Dutch film portraying Islam in a particularly negative way.


Facebook is new face of young people’s protests

Following examples in Venezuela and Colombia, youths in Nicaragua have used the Internet as an outlet for opposition to President Daniel Ortega. A new brand of subversive is being born in a country with a history of traditional guerrilla movements: clean-cut youths who wear Hollister shirts and conspire on Facebook.


Guitarist Thibault Cauvin thrills Malawi

French guitarist Thibault Cauvin on Saturday night produced a scintillating performance showing the power of the guitar during his concert held at French Cultural Centre (FCC) in Malawi's commercial city of Blantyre...Cauvin who is on a world tour sponsored by Cultures French showed why he is among the best guitarists as he played Jazz songs.


Enfeebled superpower: how America lost its grip

The mighty US has held the best ever hand in global political history but played it spectacularly badly. Now its influence is waning on all fronts...The task for today is to construct a new approach for a new era, one that responds to a global system in which power is far more diffuse than before and in which everyone feels empowered.


Soft power games: Beijing vs Delhi

When the Economist recently concluded a debate on whether China was the right country for hosting the Olympics, it threw up some interesting pointers for Delhi too...For some years now, the world has been wearing different lenses and much now depends on what is called soft power: the ability to attract and influence people ideologically without coercion. It encompasses everything from human development and cultural expression to food, drink and street life.


Lost in Translation: Alhurra—America’s Troubled Effort to Win Hearts and Minds

An Arab-language television network and radio station, founded by the Bush administration to promote a positive image of the United States, has aired anti-American and anti-Israeli viewpoints, has showcased pro-Iranian policies and recently gave air time to a militant who called for the death of American soldiers in Iraq.


Tibetan woman carries torch for third time in 18 years

Dawa Yangzom, a 32-year-old teacher at Tibet University, joined the other 155 torchbearers in the Olympic torch relay in Lhasa Saturday. It was the third time in her life to carry torch for important sports events. "I couldn't be prouder, knowing I am showing the rest of China and the world the very best of Tibet," Dawa told Saturday's China Daily.



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