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‘People trust Canadians, no matter whom you ask, no matter where’

Canada says, "we've got good peacekeeping." If our foreign public -- or the target market -- is aware of the fact that Canada has good peacekeeping, and if the image of that peacekeeping is good, then clearly the agenda of Canada with relation to that country, wherever the target is -- is going to be advanced, which is why our diplomats and our government want to be able to do this.


What it will take to heal U.S. diplomacy

What we do sends a more potent signal to the world than the cleverest PR campaign. But once we start doing smarter things, we should also be smart about promoting our efforts.


China must prepare for new challenges

It is worth serious thought that what China is faced with first and foremost is not governments of other sovereign countries, but problems caused by certain lawmakers, trade groups, consumers, non-government organizations such as trade unions, single-issue pressure groups and media entities, and even a few individual celebrities. Compared to the traditional international relations system, which has about 200 members only, these scattered action groups and individuals of different stripes are spread out and impulsive.


Fallout From Tibet Is Test for China’s Rulers

David L. Shambaugh, at George Washington University, characterized the government's attempt so far to manage its image in the aftermath of the violence as "heavy-handed" -- resorting to vilification of the Dalai Lama and questioning the motives of foreign critics. "The government is not particularly adept at public diplomacy, as they define it as 'external propaganda' and pursue it as such," he said.


Africa: What is Africom Really About?

One participant provides notes and commentary of the "Transforming National Security: Africom--An Emerging Command" conference organized by the Center for Technology and National Security Policy at the National Defense University in Virginia, February 19-20, 2008.


Caribbean sings (literally) Obama’s praises

The trend is not just another instance of pop culture and politics merging in a presidential campaign that have hip-hop stars like Jay-Z and Wyclef Jean endorsing Obama from center stage. It's an example of the Illinois senator's growing appeal beyond U.S. borders and the global excitement enveloping his campaign and candidacy -- even among those who can't vote.


Welcome to the Olympics

Resenting criticism of its handling of unrest in Tibet, China wages a gruesome propaganda offensive...The unrest is being fuelled by the Olympics. Many Tibetans see the games as a chance to highlight their grievances and put pressure on the authorities to relax religious and political controls. As China pours more security forces into the region, foreign human-rights activists and Tibetans living outside China are stepping up their protests.


Fight violence with nonviolence

The new global norm of "Responsibility to Protect" (R2P) should inspire the use of civil society and nonviolent means. While it includes military interventions, R2P is based on emerging international human security and human rights doctrine that aims to avert further failure by the international community to prevent and stop genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity...Nonviolent Peaceforce is working to bring this kind of peacekeeping to greater prominence, with the goal of increasing its current 70 field team members to a cadre of 2,000 by 2012.



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