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Iran calls on nations to develop friendship, cultural ties

The chief of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization said on Monday that nations should get familiarized with each other's cultures to develop friendship and cultural relations.


«Kazakhstan-American dialogues» to brainstorm new ideas to strengthen strategic partnershi

For the first time in the history of bilateral relations between Kazakhstan and the United States the new form of dialogue – “second track diplomacy” was established in Washington on April 9, 2007.


Citizens Want Canada to Play a Much Bigger Role on the Global Stage

A group of randomly recruited citizens from the Ottawa-Kingston region spent an intense weekend exploring a vision for Canada's role in the world. The weekend dialogue is part of Canada's World- a unique citizen-led initiative under the auspices of The Simon Fraser University's Centre for Dialogue. Canada's World is a three-year national initiative that asks ordinary Canadians from all walks of life to share their thoughts, concerns and dreams about Canadian foreign policy.


Turkey needs more effective media to reach out to Central Asia

The policies of sovereign, powerful states like the UK, the United States, France, Germany or Russia are supported through their television channels. When considering the fact that national TV channels are used as flagships, in terms of cultural relations, and even the target audience does not speak their language, the need and advantage of a similar policy appears for us. Such TV series to be broadcasted in the concerned countries without dubbing have pivotal importance in making the Turkish language and culture more prevalent in those countries.


The Pope’s Geopolitical Agenda

It is inevitable that Benedict's movements on the international stage will be compared with his predecessor's. John Paul had a finely tuned sense of how to shape world opinion through the mechanism of politics. Benedict is hoping that his broader philosophical themes will be applied to the politics of the day.


What issue is “Tibet issue”?

Dalai Lama clique has made repeated appeals and statements to impose pressure or punitive measues upon China, and Nancy Pelosi of the United States and others of her ilk also kept up noises and uproars. Meanwhile, the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, and the European Parliament (EP) have passed resolutions on Tibet one after another. So the so-called "Tibet issue" has become increasingly fashionable.


Chinese Canadians protest against Tibet riots, media’s distorted coverage

Some 10,000 Chinese Canadians and Chinese students held a rally in Ottawa Sunday to voice anger at Tibetan separatists' violence in Lhasa and western media's distorted coverage.


U.S. Must Keep Military Presence in Africa, State Dept. Official Tells MSU

Deputy Secretary of State Jendayi Frazer says that AFRICOM is also meant to support what she says is a recent increase in economic stability and the emergence, at times through violent struggle, of a political consensus.



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