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India to begin cultural exchange programme with Iran

In a bid to boost people to people contacts between Iran and India, the two countries will soon sign a new MOU on tourism and start a cultural exchange programme.


Sports diplomacy on show for China’s Hu in Japan

Japanese fans were delighted by Wen's pitching to a university baseball team and his impromptu sprint around the field during a visit last year. Wen and Fukuda reprised the moment months later when they played a game of catch in Beijing. This time around, Fukuda is set to continue the tradition with Hu over a game of ping-pong, Japanese media has reported. The choice of baseball, huge in Japan, and ping-pong, a Chinese national obsession, was no accident, analysts say.


An Offensive Lesson

"Be very offended." That is what the world is learning from our presidential race, which is being closely followed across the globe. And just as our contenders parse every statement made by their opponents and surrogates in search for anything offensive, countries abroad are following suit. Never before have so many governments apparently been so offended by perceived slights to their images


Columbia activist travels to Iran

“We will learn firsthand about the lifestyles, beliefs and culture of ordinary Iranians at a time when our elected leaders and potential leaders use inflammatory, destructive rhetoric and misleading generalizations to refer to an entire country of fellow human beings,” Tinker Fortel said. “When our government fails to make decisions on behalf of the common good of humanity, we must work as individuals to take that responsibility into our own hands — this is what civilian diplomacy is all about.”


India, Iran turn to cultural diplomacy

The Iranian vice-president will launch the Iran Culture Week - a mosaic of Persian poetry, music and dance - later in the night. “The culture week will provide an opportunity to people here to become more familiar with the Iranian culture,” he said. “An Indian Culture Week will be held very soon in Tehran. It’s important that the peoples of the two nations become more familiar with each other,” he said. “It will help us in strengthening India-Iran relations.”


The world doesn’t want Leninism with its shopping malls

So why is all of this - Tibet on the one hand and American soft power on the other - so significant? It's simple. The century ahead will not be a struggle between China and the United States for global leadership. This is not a balance-of-power gladiatorial contest. There will, however, be a battle of ideas.


Carrefour reiterates support for Olympics

French supermarket chain Carrefour and its employees regretted over the disruption of the Beijing Olympic torch relay in Paris and fully supported the Olympics, a senior official said on Monday.


Long road to the Beijing games

The Olympics were seen as a stage to introduce China to the international community, bring it closer to the rest of the world — a culmination of it’s liberalisation since the early 1980s. Instead, the past few weeks have shown the Olympics has the potential for the opposite effect. The global slap the Chinese have felt has stirred up fierce nationalism - and many here are wondering why the approval of the international community should even matter.



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