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Fight violence with nonviolence

The new global norm of "Responsibility to Protect" (R2P) should inspire the use of civil society and nonviolent means. While it includes military interventions, R2P is based on emerging international human security and human rights doctrine that aims to avert further failure by the international community to prevent and stop genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity...Nonviolent Peaceforce is working to bring this kind of peacekeeping to greater prominence, with the goal of increasing its current 70 field team members to a cadre of 2,000 by 2012.


Central/South Asia: Iran Pushes Cross-Border TV Project

For years, Tehran has pursued vigorous "cultural diplomacy" in neighboring countries that share its linguistic roots -- namely, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Such efforts were in the spotlight this week after a March 24-25 meeting in Dushanbe of the three countries' foreign ministers. Among other issues, the ministers reportedly prepared a deal on launching a common Persian-language satellite-television network to be run jointly by all three governments.


Dominica welcomes first group of Venezuelans under social tourism programme

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit opened the doors of his office at the Financial Centre last week to welcome thirty-three people from Venezuela -- the first group to visit Dominica under the Social Tourism Programme. The programme is an initiative of the government of Venezuela to strengthen ties between Venezuela and countries of Latin America and the Caribbean through exchange of their people.


Indian literary works to be translated into Arabic

A project to translate major Indian literary works into Arabic is on the anvil as part of India’s efforts to project its soft power in the Gulf. “We propose to translate major Indian literary works - fiction, non-fiction and poetry - into Arabic as part of our larger vision to improve ties in the cultural area in the Gulf,” India’s Ambassador to the UAE Talmiz Ahmad told IANS. The translation project is part of a three-pronged approach the Indian embassy in this Gulf nation is taking in the literary area as part of a major cultural diplomacy drive.


What Europeans seek in the US presidential election

Could the restoration of America's international reputation turn out to be bad for Europe, by eroding its new monopoly on representing Western values and calling it back to its hard power duties? Could it be that a candidate of fear - McCain or, increasingly, Clinton - really serves Europe's interests better than a candidate of hope? With Obama in power, it would become - at least initially - more difficult for Europeans to denounce America, even if the "New France" of Nicolas Sarkozy has already moved away from this easy temptation.


Ignoring Al Jazeera

The Qatari government, which funds Al Jazeera...knows the channel is about as popular in the palaces of the Arab world as in the halls of the Knesset. Which is precisely why it is so influential among the Arab public, and why non-Arab governments seeking to influence Arabs – whether Israeli or American – ignore the channel at their own peril.


Earth Hour: U.S. cities to dim lamps, illuminate climate-change

The actual impact of turning off lights for one hour is minimal, and some skeptics question the message. But promoters say the idea is to get people talking about further ways they can contribute, and to spur government action through grassroots activity. "It's largely a symbolic event," acknowledges Leslie Aun, a WWF spokeswoman. "But symbols are powerful things.... It provides people with an opportunity to say something about climate change."


Monks Protest During Press Tour of China

The demonstration amounted to another embarrassment for China. Its government organized the press tour to help sway international opinion, which has focused on China’s heavy crackdown and arrests in the aftermath of the riots. Chinese leaders have accused Tibetan separatists and their supporters of trying to spoil the atmosphere ahead of the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.



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