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China rights group disputes Amnesty International report

The China Society for Human Rights Studies on Wednesday criticized Amnesty International's comments on the country's human rights record in the run-up to the Olympics. "We firmly oppose attempts by any organization to slander and attack China under the pretense of human rights, and firmly oppose the attempts by any organization to put pressure on China using the Olympics," the Chinese rights group said in a statement.


China denies “media war” over coverage of Tibet

Chinese officials on Wednesday denied a so-called "media war" over the March 14 riot in Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, saying that the majority of foreign journalists were covering the issue fairly.


S-Africa’s international Jazz festival ends

The two-day Cape Town International Jazz festival which kicked off in Cape Town in South Africa on Friday night amid huge excitement at the International Convention Centre ended on Sunday.


Germany Tops Global Popularity Poll

Germany is not just seen as an economic powerhouse, but as a positive force in world affairs, according to poll results released Wednesday, April 2. Germany came out ahead of 23 other countries, winning a 56 percent positive assessment by the 17,000 people surveyed. The survey was conducted for the BBC World Service.


Biennial of Dance of the Caribbean in Cuba started with the right foot

The event’s artistic director, said the effort is aimed at “creating a space of exchange, confrontation and dialogue between colleagues in the Caribbean. It will be a platform to take our art to an international level in terms of recognition and validation. The biennial was organized by the National Council of Stage Arts of Cuba, Culturesfrance and the Brownstone Foundation.


Global BBC poll shows improved U.S. image

The wide-ranging survey, conducted in 34 countries, also found that Russia's status has significantly increased...An overwhelming 91 percent of Chinese citizens and 78 percent of Russians say their country is having a positive influence on the world. Where do they get their chutzpah from? Culture and economics, say analysts.


World views US ‘more positively’

The average percentage of people saying that the US has a positive influence has risen to 35% from 31% a year ago, according to the survey...However, the poll finds that views of US influence in the world are still mainly negative, though they improved in 11 out of the 23 countries also polled a year ago.


Finding the Voices of Moderate Islam

In addition to the widely acknowledged failures of leadership within those U.S. agencies most responsible for public diplomacy and the war of ideas, Americans are far from arriving at any clear or secure sense of what "moderate Islam" or "moderate Muslim" means.



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