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January 12, 2017

Singer-songwriter La Yegros merges cumbia and Argentinian folk with world influences to showcase her country's culture.

A new film tackles historical memory.

Afghanistan's first female rapper uses her lyrics to expose violence against women.

Ron Finley is leading an urban gardening revolution across South Central Los Angeles, and hopefully beyond.

December 8, 2016

Chile’s official foreign language entry for the Academy Awards this year is Pablo Larraín’s Neruda, but those expecting a simple biopic on the Chilean poet will be in for a surprise.

15/365 Black Lives Matter, by Dorret

Artists from Busta Rhymes to Residente are taking inspiration from the musical phenomenon to continue a global conversation on what America represents.

A biopic of a 20 year-old Barack Obama shows a man caught between dichotomies in America.

One of the rising voices in West Coast Rap, Raja Kumari puts her Indian-American identity front and center.