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Obama on the Nile

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Democrats' nomination of Obama as their candidate for president has done more to improve America's image abroad — an image dented by the Iraq war, President Bush's invocation of a post-9/11 "crusade," Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo Bay and the xenophobic opposition to Dubai Ports World managing U.S. harbors — than the entire Bush public diplomacy effort for seven years.


Ban Ki-Moon´s leadership effort boosts UN public diplomacy

Since being appointed UN-SG on January 1, 2007, Ban has been quick to serve as a trouble shooter in various global trouble spots seeking support from the UN Security Council´s members whenever required.


Berlin radicals don’t bother to protest Bush visit

To the astonishment of local officials and media, not even a token demonstration was registered with the police for Bush's latest visit to Germany. "Bush is not even popular in the role of the enemy anymore," the daily Der Tagesspiegel wrote.


China bans fireworks in Beijing ahead of Olympics

China has banned all fireworks from Beijing ahead of and during the Olympics for safety reasons, state media reported today. "The ban on firecrackers and fireworks will be extended to areas beyond the fifth ring road," the China Daily said, referring to a major motorway six miles outside the city centre. China has already introduced a host of safety measures ahead of the Olympics, as it aims to ensure the event -- designed to showcase its rise as a major power -- goes smoothly.


China says stop Tibet protests to advance talks

China calls on the Dalai Lama and his supporters to halt Tibet protests and attempts to "ruin the Olympics," in order to create the conditions for future roundtable talks.


New U.S. Public Diplomacy Head Cites “Arsenal of Persuasion”

Using the "arsenal of persuasion" - soft power, smart power and public diplomacy - is critical to beating terrorism, says James Glassman, the newly confirmed under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs...To do this, he said, would require a combination of enhanced educational exchanges, new technologies and, most important, advocating American values to counter the ideology of violent extremists.


Zimbabwe Imposes Import Duty on Foreign Newspapers

Zimbabwe's state-run media says foreign newspapers will have to pay an import duty after concerns by the government that "hostile foreign newspapers are coming into Zimbabwe." The state-controlled newspaper The Herald says foreign publications will now be classified as luxury goods and will have to pay an import duty of at least 40 percent of the total cost per kilogram.


Report: Fair presidential runoff in Zimbabwe is impossible

Persistent violence by government agents and supporters is making it impossible to hold a fair presidential runoff election later this month...A man beaten to death by members of Mugabe’s party was told he was being punished because he had let neighbors listen to his radio, tuned in to a Voice of America program aired in Zimbabwe, according to the rights watch report.



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