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China Moves to Quell Violence Before Games

Responding to a new wave of unrest ahead of the Olympics, China's communist leadership has told local leaders to address public grievances in order to head off protests that threaten the country's social stability.


Chinese Impose Blackout Over New Tibetan Monk Deaths

Two monks at a monastery in western China were killed in a clash with paramilitary police last weekend, three Tibetan sources have told The Times. The Tibetan sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that officers from the paramilitary People’s Armed Police were deployed to halt any violence and shots were fired. One said: “Two monks were killed. These were my relatives.”


China Asks Japan for Information

Chinese security has asked for information on Japan-based members of spiritual group Falun Gong, ahead of the Beijing Olympics. But the group isn't banned in Japan, and the Japanese government has refused the request.


Netherlands Concerned about Al Qaida in North Africa

The Netherlands is concerned about the increasing influence of Al Qaida in North Africa. The Hague wants to step up its partnership with Algeria against terrorism, Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen told the Lower House on Friday.


Iranian hoopsters in Utah say basketball - not politics - is their game

The State Department encourages "people-to-people" relations, and approved the idea. McIntyre said Jazz owner Larry Miller did, too, despite recent escalations in tensions between the rival nations over issues such as Iran's nuclear program. "Everyone said, 'It's not a bad thing to do, let's go along with it,' " McIntyre said. "Sports through diplomacy is not a bad thing." It might already be working, too.


Hysteria alert: Barack Obama starts world tour

You have to go back to the Beatles' first US tour to find a transatlantic trip freighted with the sort of pregnant excitement that attends the one Barack Obama is about to make next week...He will remind Europeans that they have obligations as noisy supporters of multilateralism as well as rights. In Afghanistan, over Iran's nuclear programme and in the broader war on terrorism, he will tell weak-willed European publics (and some governments) that the soft power they value so highly is not enough, and that a bit more hardware is needed.


It’s Time For Americans To Master A Second Language

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's recent comment that Americans should get their children to study Spanish or another second language has drawn an avalanche of criticism from English-only advocates and cable television anti-immigration zealots. But Obama couldn't have been more right. Whether it's Spanish, or other languages, Americans are way behind the rest of the industrialized world when it comes to mastering other languages.


U.S. Civil Military Imbalance for Global Engagement: Lessons from the Operational Level in Africa

This report describes how the increased militarization of U.S. foreign aid is complicating the achievement of American foreign policy goals in Africa. The report recommends that the US Africa Command, or AFRICOM, remain focused on security sector and peacekeeping capacity building, rather than hunting terror suspects under a thin mantle of humanitarianism when it becomes fully operational in October 2008.



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