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Guru tightlipped about ‘winking panda’

China's record-breaking social and economic changes over the past 20 years will become one of the major themes of the Olympic opening ceremony, according to one of the key members of the team.


DIY crash procedure cuts jams in Beijing

Of the many rules and regulations introduced by the Beijing government to ease the city's traffic problems, one of the simplest seems to be having the most effect: allowing car drivers to handle their own minor bumps.


Rights advocates risk backfire in Olympic activism

Western activists trying to use Beijing's staging of the Olympic games as an opportunity to promote civil rights risk provoking resentment among the Chinese people, U.S. China analysts say.


Summer Olympics Disaster Guide

Toxic air, algae blooms, Tibetan uprisings—welcome to the 2008 Summer Olympics! As the Aug. 8 opening ceremony inches closer, the list of potential disasters gets longer every day. Below, we've collected all of the crises and glitches that might spoil the Beijing games.


Tibet not open to global debate, spokesman says

China expressed on Tuesday its resolute opposition to discussing the Tibet situation in any form at international conferences, saying the issue is an internal affair. Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said Tibet should not be linked to the Olympic Games, which was seen as a response to comments by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who said his attendance at the Games' opening ceremony would depend on the progress of talks between the Chinese government and the private representative of the Dalai Lama.


NBA Uses Beijing Olympics to Tap China’s `Amazing’ Potential

The National Basketball Association, the most-watched sports league in China, is opening its first stores in Beijing and using the Olympics to boost popularity in its biggest overseas market.


Sarkozy not welcome at Olympics - poll

NEARLY 90 per cent of Chinese respondents to an online survey said they oppose French President Nicolas Sarkozy's attendance at the Beijing Olympics, results showed today. The poll, conducted by internet portal sina.com, was in response to Mr Sarkozy's threat to boycott the Games' opening ceremonies.


Pakistan’s pendulum swings

Where are public-diplomacy efforts today? The sorry truth is that they have failed in Pakistan just as they have in most Muslim-majority countries. Insofar as the United States can change this context, it creates room for Pakistan's government in the unpopular business of combating terrorism.



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