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European education delegation visits Jordan

Since Jordan started participating in the Tempus programme in 2002, 18 Joint European Projects and 5 Structural and Complementary Measures projects have been selected for funding by the European Commission, and 26 Individual Mobility Grants have been awarded to individuals to visit higher education institutions. In this relatively short period of time, collaboration with 14 European countries and seven Mediterranean countries is already taking place.


Facebook a security risk for diplomats

Australia’s diplomats have been warned that they could compromise national security if they reveal personal information on internet social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace...Michael McKinley, a senior lecturer on international relations and strategy at the Australian National University, said it was common sense that foreign governments would comb the web looking for sensitive information — and if public servants were silly enough to post it online, it made their jobs easier.


Europe to link researchers and students worldwide

GÉANT, a network of European computers linking national research and education networks, will be connected to its equivalents in other regions of the world to create a global research network allowing seamless cooperation between scientists and students from Finland to Latin America, the Commssion has annonced.


Citizen Diplomacy and the transatlantic relationship

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) hosted Rick Steves for a discussion on citizen Diplomacy in the United States and Europe post 9/11....Mr. Steves argued that citizen travel can be an extremely effective tool to broaden Americans' perspectives and he hopes his speaking tour can be one such catalyst.


Oman-Korea Friendship Association launched

In a new development in the history of cultural ties, Oman and Korea yesterday launched the much-awaited Oman-Korea Friendship Association (OKFA). The key objective of the OKFA, according to its founding members, is to further promote cultural and social ties between Oman and Korea.



The new graduate program will help students understand the complex global information environment; its implications for governance, security, and business; and how to communicate effectively to global audiences.


Failure to communicate

If there ever was a truly objective assessment of how effectively we have waged the war on terrorism, at the top of the "failures" side of the list would be our inability to get our strategic message out in a way that was coordinated and consistent with our objectives on the battlefield.


What did the Philharmonic’s performance mean to North Koreans?

What exactly did the message of Gershwin and Dvorak mean to the North Koreans? And how much of it got through?... Who knows how many music lovers were at the performances. No tickets were sold. A diplomat in Pyongyang said the government probably chose the audience in some fashion, with members of work units invited selectively.



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