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Chavez to boot English terms from business

The Communications and Information Ministry said in a statement that Venezuelans must recover Spanish words that are "threatened by sectors that have started a battle for the cultural domination of our nations."


Obama’s Ohio Grilling

The Washington Post
The question, then, is what do we do with the 1.3 billion Muslims, who are along a spectrum of belief. Some extraordinarily moderate, some very pious but not violent. How do we reach out to them? And it is my strong belief that that is the battlefield that we have to worry about, and that is where we have been losing badly over the last seven years. That is where Iraq has been a disaster. That is where the lack of effective public diplomacy has been a disaster.


China Willing to Resume Human Rights Talks With U.S.

China's government said it's willing to resume a dialogue with the U.S. on improving human rights after a five-year halt, taking a step to prevent rights advocates from boycotting Beijing's Olympic Games in August.


American Interests, Policies, and Results in the Middle East

Saudi-US Relations Information Service
Our public diplomacy, such as it is, has concentrated on explaining away or defending Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and "extraordinary rendition" rather than on seeking common ground with the world's Muslims, the vast majority of whom share our horror at Al-Qa'ida's amoral tactics and reject its deviant vision of Islam.


Pakistan lifts the ban on YouTube

The attempt to block the site, reportedly because of a "blasphemous" video clip, caused a near global blackout of the site on Sunday.


Pakistan set to lift its ban on Bollywood

Movies are great binders. They build bridges among races, peoples and countries, helping one to understand and sympathize with another's point of view. Cinema creates a sense of identity and affinity, and this cannot be truer than in the case of India and Pakistan, two Asian neighbors who have been at war over Kashmir for decades.


Chávez’s medical diplomacy wins plaudits

International Herald Tribune
The evolution of the program into a symbol of Chávez's political movement across the region illustrates how Venezuela's leader is intensifying efforts to lift his government's profile abroad even he faces growing criticism at home over social problems like decaying hospitals and shortages of basic foods.


China speaks out on Darfur crisis

The Christian Science Monitor
China's change of tactics, from quiet behind-the-scenes diplomacy to more public speechmaking, could be motivated by many factors, from a desire to maintain its paramount influence in Sudan to a need to protect its upcoming Summer Olympics. Whatever the motivations, China's diplomatic initiative carries risks and raises questions of how much influence China really has with its African allies.



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