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Soft power and a rapturous ovation

The Economist
But will all this bonhomie—both contrived and genuine—really change anything? Donald Gregg, a former American ambassador to South Korea who attended the performance, called it a “16-inch broadside of soft power into the hearts and minds of the [North] Korean people.” But conservative American commentators have attacked it as pandering to a brutal regime.


Cuba’s aid programme in Bolivia

The two surgeons are part of an ambitious medical and literacy programme here, and in many other countries around the world. It has brought the Cuban government immense benefits in terms of gratitude from beneficiaries and foreign governments alike. What Cuba has done in Bolivia alone is staggering.


Coming to America isn’t easy

The United States has been displaced by China as the world's third most-visited country....These are the latest statistics from the Travel Industry Association (TIA), a Washington-based lobby group which says the government is not doing enough to dispel worldwide perceptions of the United States as unfriendly to international travellers.


Sudan: Anti-Danish protest draws thousands

USA Today
Thousands of Sudanese chanted slogans against Denmark on Wednesday in a government-backed rally protesting the publishing in Danish newspapers of a cartoon satirizing Islam's Prophet Muhammad.


Bush chooses tech entrepreneur as Islamic envoy

President George W. Bush will name Texas technology entrepreneur Sada Cumber as the first U.S. special envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference, the White House said on Wednesday.


Canadians cycle from Hanoi-HCM City for charity fund

"In 2008 Canada and Vietnam celebrate 35 years of diplomatic relations, and this group's initiative is a wonderful example of the strong people-to-people relations between the two countries..."


One camera, two men, big difference

Created by Vancouver's Sol Guy and Josh Thome, the series, [4Real], takes celebrity guests on adventures around the globe to connect with young leaders who share the drive and passion for effecting real change in the world.


Wanted: world’s best minds

The Japan Times
The United States and other advanced countries have carefully crafted strategies for recruiting promising talent from other countries. Unfortunately, however, Japan lags far behind other industrialized nations in attracting young brains from abroad.



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