In the Works

Current research on soft power, civic virtue, civil society, and world politics specifically looking at the community of nations.

Research on heteropolarity, a new teaching position at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, and plans for a publication on science diplomacy.

A PD podcast, new research on Jihadist propaganda and an Integrated Public Diplomacy Model.


Nancy Snow

A new position at Kyoto University, research on nation branding and propaganda, and an upcoming book on Japan’s struggle to “go global.”

Research on information and technology, directing the Center for Global Information Studies and a new book on cyber warfare.

Caitlin Byrne

Research projects on Chinese perceptions of Australians, recent shifts in Australian and G20 PD as well as collaborations with other universities and the Australian government.

R.S. Zaharna, Photo property of CPD

Encouraging emerging PD scholars, contributing to the CPD Blog, and research for a book on public diplomacy and identity. 

Senem Cevik, Photo property of CPD

A new study of Turkish public diplomacy efforts, especially the role of NGO's and humanitarian aid in PD and teaching the first course on PD at Ankara University.