At the embassy level, ambassadors may be viewed as digital gatekeepers. Studies have shown that embassies headed by ambassadors who view digital platforms as an important resource are likely to be active online and to utilize digital tools in innovative ways. Conversely, embassies headed by ambassadors who view digital platforms as a risk are likely to be inactive online.

Ilan Manor on the historical relationship between diplomacy and technology, and how it can help a world in crisis.

National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyễn Thị Kim Ngân hosted Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Lee Hyuk and Ambassador of Iran Saleh Adibi in Hà Nội yesterday. [...] Ambassador Lee Hyuk said he believes the similarities, the growing political, economic, trade and investment, and the close bond between the two people will help accelerate bilateral co-operation in the future. 

The colorful, packed extravaganza in the expansive Ronald Reagan atrium featured an array of booths and information exhibitions that spotlighted different nations’ culture, cuisine, arts and crafts, trade, tourism and traditional dress. Thousands of visitors could wander and learn more about dozens of countries spanning the globe. 

These are some points of foreign policy reform that Indonesia under Jokowi’s leadership can implement. First, reforms in human resources development are paramount to shape quality foreign policy and diplomacy. Our pressing need is the formulation of a Foreign Service Law, which will serve as a procedural mechanism for diplomatic positions. Ambassadorship, for instance, is the only state-appointed position where its designation has not yet been regulated under a law, despite the constitutional mandate.

Talk about America’s decline is usually wrong. But how else would you describe a country that, in a world of exploding tensions, is unable to confirm dozens of ambassadors to foreign posts because of partisan squabbling? Even by Washington standards, the Senate Republicans have hit a new low for hypocrisy. They denounce President Obama’s inaction on foreign policy — and simultaneously refuse to confirm his nominees for U.S.

The UN is as much stage as platform for diplomatic exchange, and the Kremlin is no longer so keen on keeping the curtain up. From news to manifestations in popular culture, diplomacy is evolving, modern communication defining both obsolescence and new demands/opportunities. The conversation is increasingly moving beyond states to the global citizen and access to news and perspectives is part of the diplomatic arsenal.

Watching World Cup matches while drinking tax-free imported beer is an important part of diplomacy at the United Nations. The roars and groans of the thousands of diplomats who represent the UN’s 193 member states and support their national teams are loud enough to be heard across the world body’s New York headquarters. Right now, at least, international competition is taking center stage over cooperation on unrest in Iraq, the Syrian civil war and conflicts in Africa.