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Why the U.S. Should Merge With Canada


The United States and Canada are far more integrated than most people think. In fact, a merger between the two countries isn’t just desirable—it’s inevitable. We share more than just the world’s longest border. We share the same values, lifestyles and aspirations. Our societies and economies are becoming similar in significant ways.


Watch: On Becoming a Diplomat


In this video, former Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. Arturo Sarukhan discusses his own history and path to becoming a diplomat. He also offers advice to aspiring public diplomats on perseverance and what may lie ahead for them.

Caribbean Nations Prepare Demand For Slavery Reparations


Heads of state of 15 Caribbean nations will gather in St Vincent on Monday to unveil a plan demanding reparations from Europe for the enduring suffering inflicted by the Atlantic slave trade. In an interview with the Guardian, Sir Hilary Beckles, who chairs the reparations task force charged with framing the 10 demands, said the plan would set out areas of dialogue with former slave-trading nations including the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Denmark

How A Colombian Internet Address Became The Online Home For Startups


In less than four years, more than 1.6 million individuals and businesses, mostly start-ups, have created a website with an address ending with .co. That is a staggering number for a new top-level domain (the last bit of a web address). Contrast that with .biz, which was introduced in 2000 and by April last year had chalked up just 2.4 million registrations.

Mexican Vigilantes Complicate The President’s Positive Message


Townspeople gathered at dusk in the central square of this city of ranches and lemon groves, planning to pick a committee to support and oversee the activities of a recently arrived self-defense group here. The vigilantes gained acceptance when they recently ran off a cartel accused of everything from extracting extortion payments to making people it didn’t like in the community disappear.

Brazil’s Slow And Uncertain Shift From Protectionism To Free Trade


Over the last two decades, Brazil’s trade policy has centered on two main negotiations. At the regional level, Brasília has spent much of its time and effort trying to lay the groundwork for a common economic space in the Southern Cone of South America. Since 1991, Mercosur, the Common Market of the South, has been the centerpiece of that strategy.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Join The Government


If you have a compelling start-up idea, the Chilean government will give you $40,000 to move there and build it. The Chilean embassy in your country will grant you a one-year visa within days. When you arrive in Chile, you’ll have free offices, fast Wi-Fi, unlimited coffee and croissants, and a community of intrepid friends. Not surprisingly, the Chilean program has received thousands of applications from entrepreneurs worldwide.

When Nation Branding Fails, Who’s To Blame?


In 2010, I returned to London to meet again with the nation-branding consultants I had interviewed three years earlier. I expected to encounter a very different portrait of the field from the one that had been painted for me a few years earlier. Aftershocks from the global financial crisis of 2008 – 2009 continued to make themselves felt, upending the foundations of market value.