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Bhutan, The World's Last TV Holdout, Is Now At The Vanguard Of Tech


Bhutan was the world’s last hold-out against television and is regarded by travelers as a Himalayan Shangri-La. But Bhutan’s decision to make itself the poster boy for electric transport is further proof of its willingness to embrace technology as part of its unique Gross National Happiness development model, says its prime minister.

Man Helps Bhutanese Learn To Manage Money


As an aide to the prime minister of Bhutan, Takao Takahashi helped deepen people’s understanding of the need to manage their money in the rapidly growing South Asian country valuing “gross national happiness.” The 31-year-old, who now works for the World Bank in Washington, said that although Bhutan’s consumption is surging amid rapid economic growth, its people have little knowledge about how to manage their money.

Reality Hits Charming Bhutan


A land of pristine natural beauty and spectacular scenery, Bhutan is a dream tourist destination. Visitors from far and wide marvel at its lush green mountains and silvery snow peaks together with the centuries-old fortresses and monasteries dotted across this Himalayan nation. The citizens of Bhutan are regarded as being among the happiest in the world.

Should Governments Try to Make Us Happy?


When a Guardian journalist visited Bhutan recently, the country’s “mystical” quotient did not disappoint. Among other things, the writer noted “men and women laboring in song,” a woman “scampering around churning a pot of yak butter tea,” and the “sound of mule bells ringing in the valley.” As he reaches the remote mountain home of a local herder, the man quips, as though starring in a tourism commercial, "You know, happiness is a place."

The soft power of happiness


On Monday 2 April 2012, the UN will implement Resolution 65/39 which places 'happiness' officially on the global agenda....This is a major triumph for Bhutan's soft power. Forty years ago, the King of this nation established Gross National Happiness (GNH) as an alternative to Gross National Product (GNP)

Cultural centre opens in Thimphu


“I’d like to see this centre develop not only as a forum for India’s cultural excellence, but as a stage for the expression of the best in Bhutanese creativity.” This was what one of India’s most revered public figures, Dr Karan Singh expects of the Nehru-Wangchuck cultural centre...