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South Korea to Exert ‘Soft Power’ Internationally Through Books


Paju Bookcity, a 21st-century hub for the South Korean book trade less than an hour’s drive from Seoul, appears oddly deserted under limpid blue skies. But amid its understated eco-architecture are keys to understanding not just this harmonious, riverside industrial estate but also moves by South Korea to turn hardbacks into soft power.

Brazil’s Rich Ban Biographies Via Arcane Law


Like torture and curfews, book banning in Brazil went out with the military dictatorship almost 30 years ago. Back then, intellectuals, artists, and politicians hailed the end of the long night of authoritarian rule (1964 to 1985) with a burst of creativity and civic commotion. É proibido proibir—“Prohibition is prohibited,”—proclaimed singer and songwriter Caetano Veloso, who was censored under the military and spent years in exile. Veloso’s slogan became the meme for the new era of democratic liberty.

First English-Language Bookstore Opens in Cuba


“Cuba Libro” is Cuba’s very first English language bookstore. It opened its door to customers last week. Conner Gorry, a New York City native living in Havana, first came up with the idea. She envisioned a comfortable place for book lovers to leaf through English-language books. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Gorry about “Cuba Libro” and the complexities of operating a small business in the island.

Pakistani Teen Malala Yousafzai to Author Book


The Pakistani teenager who survived an assassination attempt and inspired a worldwide movement for girls' education will soon become a published author. Malala Yousafzai, 15, says she wants her book, "I Am Malala," to reveal and help children across the world who still struggle to get to school.

Public Diplomacy released


Public Diplomacy is not a new phenomenon; it is rather a magnification of what is going on in the 21th century world. Authors of Public Diplomacy regard the September 11, 2001 event as a turning point in line with the interests and wants of the west.

Iran to form secretariat for foreign fairs


According to the public relations office of the Cultural Department of the Ministry, Ali Esmaeili said that the secretariat is necessary for proper planning and efficient presence of Iran in international exhibitions.

Hay Festival Xalapa: Mexican crime novels centre stage


One of the great excitements of Hay’s international festivals is getting to know major writers who are often barely known, if at all, in Britain. The oldest of these figures currently in Xalapa, Mexico, is Sergio Pitol, a 79-year old Mexican who hobbles round the town in a faded grey suit and tie, looking like an intellectual from another era.

More than 30 booked for fair


Thirty-two public servants are flitting to Frankfurt for a controversial book fair, which New Zealand is attending as a guest at a cost of $6 million. The Ministry of Culture and Heritage is sending seven staff, and Treasury has two officials going. English will open the October 9 party.