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Punish Putin by Opening the Door to Russia's Best and Brightest


Immigration policy was the first weapon used to punish Vladimir Putin and his cronies following their Crimean consumption. Travel sanctions were imposed and U.S. visas denied to a handful of Putin colleagues with the intended message being: You are criminals and unwelcome in the United States.

Confucius Institutes: Hardly a Threat to Academic Freedoms


One significant feature in U.S.-Chinese relations in recent years has been the establishment of Confucius Institutes in many American universities, where faculty from China provide instruction in Chinese language and offer programs on Chinese culture to American audiences. Just as some view China’s increasing global power with trepidation, many also see the spread of these institutes in an ominous light.

Brazil Targets 1M With Olympic Language Training


Organizers of the Rio 2016 Olympics on Thursday revealed plans to provide language training for more than a million people ahead of the event. Brazil ranks behind many of its counterparts in the language learning stakes, comparative international studies show, and few people speak English outside major cities.

Facebook Reveals Online Education App For Rwanda


Facebook is helping to roll out a pilot online education program in Rwanda, as part of its pitch to bring internet to the unconnected world. Dubbed SocialEDU, the new initiative was revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Monday and comes the same day as the social media giant's founder Mark Zuckerberg gives a keynote speech at the event.

Knesset Committee Slams Plan To Teach Law In English


The Knesset Education Committee said Tuesday it vehemently opposes a recent push to establish English-language degree programs in law, saying such studies could undermine the place of Hebrew in Israeli society and facilitate emigration. Mks said they would only allow English-language law programs that cater exclusively to foreign students.