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#Sweden on the Road


Sweden’s Ambassador to the United States, Björn Lyrvall, discusses the #Sweden on The Road campaign which is connecting with members of the American public to discuss various topics of mutual interest to the Swedish-American agenda such as trade, sustainable living, green technologies, innovation, and international corporation.

Global Officials to Issue Communique Warming of Economic Risk


Finance and development ministers from around the world next week will warn of considerable downside risks to the global economy, and call for an effort to protect the world's poor, according to the draft of a communique they plan to issue after a meeting on Saturday.

Europeans Say Both Israel and Hamas to Blame for Gaza Toll


Opinion polls conducted by the Israeli foreign ministry in France, Germany and Britain indicate that residents of these countries hold Israel and Hamas responsible in equal measure for the death toll in Operation Protective Edge, the Israeli website Ynet reported.

The Big Stick Behind Google’s Soft Power Approach to Europe


In the US, where rules on the disclosure are stricter, technology groups report far higher spending on lobbying. Google, for example, spent $8.85m in the first half of 2014 alone in the US – nearly four times what it said it spent lobbying the EU for the whole of 2013. Google declined to comment on this article. But its efforts in Europe are part of its “soft power” approach towards influencing policy makers.