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Pushing the Boundaries of Digital Diplomacy in Kosovo


Google “Kosovo”, and Petrit Selimi knows exactly what you’re going to see: dry, diplo-speak scouting reports at best, and depressing references to past conflicts at worst. It’s not exactly the promotional buzz a fledgling country with sights set on global integration would hope for. 

Twitter Urges Celebrities to Tweet at Each Other


Twitter just made it easier for celebrities, and other verified users, to interact with each other on the platform. Two new features rolled out on Wednesday will increase the visibility of verified users in each other's feeds — effectively encouraging high-profile users to trade more compliments, insults or expressions of undying love.

CPD Blog: Top 5 Posts - June 2014


An overview of CPD's most popular blogs last month on topics ranging from Iranian soccer diplomacy to Turkey's Armenian initiative.

Internet Governance at NetMundial: Public Diplomacy and the Perception Gap


In April, a unique group of over 600 Internet founders, geeks, civil society advocates, government officials, corporate lobbyists, and academics gathered in São Paulo to debate the future of the Internet. Out of the discussion came the NetMundial Multistakeholder Agreement of Sao Paulo, a set of principles and road map for the future of Internet governance. Ostensibly catalyzed by Edward Snowden’s revelations of U.S.

Iran's Dubious Digital Revolution


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has taken steps to reach the country's powerful youth constituency since his election in June 2013, using Twitter and talking about the importance of the Internet in an effort to connect. The country has a young, tech-savvy population, more than half of which is under the age of 30, making it an important voice in determining the country's future.  But despite Rouhani's outreach, using the Internet remains difficult in Iran amid government repression.