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Runway Show Weaves Relationship Between Mongolia and Turkey


On Friday, June 20, Serap Pollard, the first Turkish designer in London, displayed her AW14 collection at the Embassy of Turkey in Ulaanbaatar in a runway show as part of a week of cultural events to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Turkey. Pollard’s collection, displayed in front of the crowd of roughly 100, comprised of the international business and fashion community, also embraced a polycentric philosophy.

South Korean, Mongolian Movies Win Awards at Busan Fest


Movies from South Korea and Mongolia have won $30,000 New Currents Awards for emerging filmmakers at Asia’s largest film festival. Busan International Film Festival organizers said Saturday that the festival’s biggest prizes went to “Pascha” by South Korean director Ahn Seonkyoung and “Remote Control” by Mongolia’s Sakhya Byamba. It’s the first time a Mongolian movie entered and won the competition in the festival’s 18 years.

Mobile Kindergarten for Nomadic Mongolian Children


The kindergarten is in a traditional Mongolian ger, with a thick quilted lining and a carpet on the floor. Children’s pictures are pinned to the wooden frame. Outside, it is raining, and heavy clouds blanket the hills. The ger is pitched in the middle of a wide, flat valley. Some children arrive on foot, with older brothers carrying them across a river. Others arrive with their parents on horseback, motorbike or tractor.

Flash News from Mongolian Economic Forum 2013


Mongolia is trying to increase the National Brand Index to at least inside the top 50 in the world. The two day "Mongolian Economic Forum" has opened today at the Parliament. Prime Minister Altankhyag has addressed the importance of increasing the brand image of Mongolia as they have not even achieved within the top 50 in the world.

Mongolia’s Coal Diplomacy


Mongolia’s coal resources have thrust the world’s least densely populated country into the midst of geopolitical diplomacy. Dealing with the current coking coal market downturn is just one concern for Mongolia’s national coal mining company, Mongolian Mining (MMC) (HKEX:0975).

Public Diplomacy


Public Diplomacy is one of the new trends in international relations. To begin, let’s settle on a simple definition of Public Diplomacy, “that element of diplomacy that involves a government reaching out to a public, rather than to another government.”

About the role of cultural diplomacy in the foreign policy


Cultural and humanitarian diplomacy is multifaceted including cultural policy, information and advocacy. There is a reason for naming the traditional diplomacy as the “hard power”, while the cultural or public diplomacy is called as the “soft power”.