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Myanmar's Tourism Boom Endangers Fragile Ecosystems


Silhouetted against the newly risen sun are fishermen in their wide-brimmed, conical hats. They paddle by twisting a leg around their oar and balancing on the end of elegant, hand-carved pirogues, creating a picture postcard of Myanmar, also known as Burma.

WATCH: Hip Hop Music Celebrates Myanmar-Japan Diplomatic Relations


This video features a hip hop music festival to celebrate 60 years of  Myanmar-Japan diplomatic relations and was held in Yangon, Burma. The festival was organized by the Japan embassy in Myanmar and featured hip hop artist from both Myanmar and Japan. Cultural diplomacy was on display by celebrating shared music and dance.  

Japan, Myanmar Sign Investment Pact


Japan and Myanmar on Sunday signed an investment treaty to nurture closer business ties as the once secluded Southeast Asian country opens its fast-growing economy to more foreign commerce. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Myanmar President Thein Sein signed the deal in summit talks following a gathering of leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Tokyo.

Myanmar’s President Asks Philippines For More Aid


Myanmar's president called Thursday for more investment and development assistance from the Philippines, saying his country needs help to catch up with the rest of Southeast Asia after emerging from nearly two decades of economic sanctions. President Thein Sein's visit represents a milestone in relations with the Philippines, one of the harshest critics of Myanmar's former ruling junta.

What Action, If Any, Should Be Taken By Outside Actors To Support Reform In Myanmar?


Despite impressive changes over the past three years, Myanmar (or Burma) now faces growing insecurity and rising disappointment among citizens that reform has not brought higher standards of living. Interethnic and interreligious unrest now threaten to halt reforms altogether, depress much-needed investment, and could even lead to broader regional tensions.