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Fourth of July

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Diplomacy Wordle

Katharina Höne challenges Shaun Riordan's recent blog about the threat of "new diplomacies".

In a recent CPD Blog post, Shaun Riordan appeals to us to "stop inventing 'new diplomacies'" and argues that "we must end the obsession with creating new 'types' of diplomacy." [...] Should we, as scholars and practitioners of diplomacy, be concerned? [...] Rather than a categorical rejection, the proper response is to sharpen our intellectual tools and get to work.

Diplomacy in Scrabble Tiles

Shaun Riordan on how creating more subsets of diplomacy can lead to confusion about what diplomacy actually is.

Bruce's List Graphic 2017

The new edition of Bruce's List features works from the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, James Pamment, Condoleezza Rice, and more.

Hundreds of citizen diplomats will arrive in Washington, D.C., this week for the Global Ties U.S. National Meeting, the first of many events and outreach efforts throughout 2015 to mark the 75th anniversary of State Department international exchange programs.

In an interview with The Washington Post in November, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called the U.S.-Japan alliance “the cornerstone of Japanese diplomacy,” a stance supported by the U.S. State Department, whose website asserts, “Japan contributes irreplaceable political, financial and moral support to U.S.-Japan diplomatic efforts.” However, such official comments on Tokyo-Washington ties are misleading, believes Sayo Saruta, the director of Japanese think tank New Diplomacy Initiative.

When the president of the United States moved to normalize relations with the communist nation, many on the right cried foul. (...) These criticisms refer not to President Obama's new Cuba policy, but to President Nixon's opening to China in 1971. Nixon's critics were on the wrong side of history then, just as Obama's critics are now.