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IOC Moves to Forbid Discrimination in Future Olympics


The International Olympic Committee will require future host cities to abide by rules that forbid any kind of discrimination, a move prompted by the outcry caused by Russia's adoption of a law banning so-called gay "propaganda" ahead of the 2014 Sochi Winter Games. The new clause — seen by The Associated Press — requires the host city and national Olympic committee to "conduct all activities in a manner which promotes and enhances the fundamental principles and values of Olympism, in particular the prohibition of any form of discrimination with regard to a c

Sports Events Boost Nations: Opposing View


While mega-events can involve colossal facilities of little use post-event, they can also provide reputational benefits and be seen as an investment in a nation's brand.

Priced Out of Rio's Booming Favelas, Brazil's Poor Resort to Mass Squatting


This week, a thousand homeless families in São Paulo reportedly moved into a site just two miles from the opening venue of the World Cup. They were bussed to the site by the Landless Workers' Movement, which says the occupation aims to highlight the failure of government promises to improve social housing.

Sochi's Bleak Future: What Happens To Olympic Cities After The Olympics Are Over?


For a city, there’s nothing quite like the glory of winning an Olympic bid. The highly competitive process starts nine years before the games and involves untold amounts of campaigning and planning. Once selected, fortunate cities have seven years to prepare, updating their infrastructure and building new, impressive facilities. If they pull it off, they get two weeks to show it all off to the entire world.

WATCH: We Are All Athletes


This video features members of the U.S. Olympic Team and the U.S. Paralympic Team competing in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. The video’s theme, "We are all Athletes," emphasizes that although the lives of Olympic and Paralympic athletes may differ in some ways, they are all dreamers, competitors, champions, and teammates.