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U.S. Still Has Fans Among Israeli and Filipinos, But Mideast is Less Than Impressed


Israelis are the world's second biggest fans of America, with their 84 percent favorable opinion trailing only that of the Filipinos, with 92 percent. When ethnicity is taken into account, Israeli Jews are neck-to-neck with the Filipinos, with a 91 percent favorable opinion. Only 46 percent of Israeli Arabs are favorable to America, however. 

PH Radio Programs Now Available to Filipinos in US via Mobile Phone


Filipinos in the United States can now listen to radio broadcasts from the Philippines on their mobile phones with the launching of the second phase of a public diplomacy initiative to connect them with the motherland. The availability in the US of broadcasts from six leading Filipino radio stations, including the Catholic-run Radio Veritas, was announced by the Philippine Embassy and AudioNow, the world’s leading call-to-listen platform, on the occasion of the 116th anniversary of Philippine independence.

Xenophobia and Public Discontent in Singapore


The online ruckus over the planned Philippine Independence Day celebration on Orchard Road in Singapore is the latest ominous sign of rising xenophobia in the prosperous city state.

US, Philippines Launch Military Drills


The U.S. and Philippine militaries have launched a large, 10-day, annual military exercise amid increasing tensions in the disputed South China Sea.

Why America Can’t Contain China


So Philippine and American officials formally inked a basing agreement during President Obama’s visit to the archipelago. Rather than reestablish permanent bases, the deal will allow U.S. military units to rotate through three to five Philippine facilities — the details are still being sorted out — and to stage equipment and munitions there for combat and disaster-relief missions. Huzzah!