With a new school year dawning, education officials are grappling with whether to remove the names, images and statues of Confederate figures from public schools — especially since some are now filled with students of color. [...] “Racism, bigotry, and a blatant lack of patriotism,” she wrote in her petition. “These are not values of South Carolinians and should not continue to be enshrined in a place of learning.” 

The United Nations World Tourism Organization Commission for Africa (UNWTOCAF) 59th conference participants stressed the need for re-branding Africa to develop the continent's tourism sector. [...] The major challenge facing Africa is the negative images held about the continent. A constitutional amendment or a gun shot at any par tarnishes the entire continent, according to him.

Examples of nation branding from Delhi to Luxembourg were featured in this week's PD headlines.

Back in 2012, the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak set up a department tasked with building the Malaysia nation brand. [...] We did offer up plenty of ideas, one of which was that the Malaysian singer-entertainer, Yuna, should be the face of any Malaysia nation branding initiative.

“Real change” was Justin Trudeau’s campaign slogan last year. While these are still early days, the change – in both style and substance – has already been palpable. [...] Justin Trudeau is rebranding Canada as an open, progressive, plural society.