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Space Race — America Orbits Around its Troubles


No wonder NASA is looking up. It just awarded contracts, worth up to $6.8 billion, to Boeing and SpaceX to carry astronauts back and forth to the International Space Station, ending our reliance on the Russians for travel services in space. The deal sets the scene for a new and exciting chapter in American space travel at a time when Americans need a "boost. 

Under Secretary Stengel: US in Information 'Battle' with IS, Russia


U.S. Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Richard Stengel says that in the face of strong foreign propaganda machines such as Russia and the Islamic State, the U.S. needs to harden its "soft power" with its own participation in the global conversation.

Russian Social Media Network Joins Others by Rejecting Isis


The fundamentalist militant group ISIS has capitalized on the power of social media to spread its message and recruit new followers, but social networks and governments are fighting back. On Thursday, VKontakte, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, announced it will ban accounts affiliated with the ISIS terrorist group.

The Media War Over Crimea and Consequences for Russian Public Opinion


How did the messaging contest between Russian and Western media over the conflict in Crimea influence Russian audiences? Did mediated public diplomacy through the Western media outlets about the potential costs of Russia’s foreign policy have any impact? Was the strategic promotion of Russian nationalism and historic empire-building by the...

Russian Doctors, Nurses Practice Health-Care Diplomacy in La Crosse


Health care diplomacy trumps political tension between the United States and Russia for a delegation of doctors and nurses visiting La Crosse to glean ideas to improve care back home. The two doctors and three nurses are rubbing elbows with their counterparts and others at Gundersen Health System this week as part of World Services of La Crosse’s Bridging Cancer Care project.

The EU Should Use More Soft Power Towards Russia


The EU’s sanctions on Russia are not having their desired effect. At least in the short term, they even appear to be reinforcing Russia’s position. The EU policy approach to the Ukraine situation needs to factor in the mainstream Russian media narrative. Doing so suggests that the EU should be using more soft power.

Estonia Summons Russian Ambassador over Border 'Abduction'


Estonia has summoned the Russian ambassador over what the Tallinn government says is the cross-border abduction of an Estonian intelligence officer operating on the Estonian side of the Russian border. The Estonian Foreign Ministry says the security officer was seized Friday by unknown gunmen and taken into Russian territory.  Moscow says the man was operating on its side of the border and is suspected of being a spy.

Diplomacy In The Open As Rivals Trade Tweets


Diplomacy is traditionally carried out behind closed doors, in hushed rooms, with perhaps a bowl of Ferrero Rocher to hand to put ambassadors at ease. Diplomacy 2.0, though, is carried out in public and, like everything else on social media, with a fair amount of sarcasm.