Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon proposed reviving a Seoul-Pyongyang football exchange program to a senior North Korean sports official on Sunday. [...] "Gyeongseong-Pyongyang Football was quite popular back in the day, and if it comes back to life, I think Seoul residents will welcome it with open arms," Park told Chang. "I hope you'll give it careful consideration."

Positioned in the top ranks of connectivity, internet speed, smartphone ownership, and social media usage, South Korea should be a leader in the use of digital technologies in public diplomacy. It should be an avid adapter – ready to build upon its strengths to upgrade and improve its public diplomacy for a new technological era. But it’s not. It faces distinct political, cultural, and technological challenges to reach its full potential.

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Korea faces distinct political, cultural, and technological challenges to reach its full potential.

Concerns are growing the diplomatic strains may spill over into sociocultural and people-to-people exchanges between the two countries despite their deepening economic interdependence. [...] But in the eyes of Park Euna, ambassador for public diplomacy at the Foreign Ministry, now is time for Seoul to step up efforts to reach out to citizens of not only China but other countries around the world, helping promote their understanding of and eventually reach its foreign policy goals.

PEN International, a literary organization aiming to globalize Korean literature overseas [...] "Literature is food for the soul and a mirror of the world. It has a cathartic effect on our hearts. Korean literature is struggling to be appreciated overseas due to a lack of administrative support and translations. We will continue to hold forums and publish second and third books onwards to accelerate the globalization of Korean literature."

The mayor of South Korea's capital says he wants to take a more amicable approach to relations with North Korea after months of tensions going back to Pyongyang's fourth nuclear test in January. [...] The mayor's first proposal would improve the water quality of the Taedong River in Pyongyang and to make water infrastructure enhancements.

Attracting young talent is now a mounting task for leaders around the world and Seoul is no exception. That was the topic at a meeting of the Seoul International Business Advisory Council (SIBAC), a group of 25 volunteer advisors that gives the mayor policy recommendations, Friday.

The Seoul metropolitan government unveiled a copy of a sculpture symbolizing Copenhagen at a waterside park in Seoul on Monday as part of efforts to deepen its friendship and cooperation with the Danish capital. [...] Monday’s event, held as part of a cultural exchange program between Seoul and Copenhagen, came after the two sides set up a sculpture with an image of a historical and cultural Seoul relic