u.s.-mexico relations

León Krauze and Pamela Starr share their expert insights on November 10.

Arturo Sarukhan, Pamela Starr and Leon Krauze discussed how America is viewed from across the border in Mexico.

Donald Trump

"For Donald Trump, Mexico’s government is not an amigo..."

Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan discussed about the importance of public diplomacy partnerships between Mexico and the United States. 

In this video, a CPD roundtable of experts discusses the hypothetical idea of a joint bid by the U.S. and Mexico to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup and its implications for this bilateral relationship.

May 19, 2014

Can public diplomacy help bridge the gap between reality and perceptions? Learn more from the latest installment of CPD Monitor.

Read Ambassador Sarukhan's thoughts on the two countries' strategic relationship.

The U.S.-Mexico partnership faces serious challenges, not the least of which is the disconnect between each nation's public perception and reality.