City Diplomacy

Cities across the world are increasingly poised – and being called upon – to play a greater role in addressing challenges at the international level, from climate change and immigration, to the health and security of citizens. This initiative will provide a framework for creating the first-of-its-kind capacity-building program for effective city diplomacy. 

CPD Publications, Analysis and Multimedia Content

City Diplomacy - Public Diplomacy Magazine (Summer/Fall 2017) 
LA's Global Stories: Religion in Los Angeles - video story with USC Dean of Religious Life, Varun Soni (Nov. 2017)
Q&A with CPD: Eric Garcetti - an exclusive interview with the 42nd Mayor of Los Angeles (Jan. 2017).

Conferences and Workshops

The Future of City Diplomacy - a one-day summit in partnership with the Los Angeles Mayor's Office of International Affairs (April 2018)

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City Diplomacy

January 30, 2018

As geopolitics and economies shift toward the Pacific Rim, Los Angeles is ideally situated to play a key role in addressing common regional and global challenges.

With over half of humanity living in urban settlements, the role of cities in defining the parameters of everyday life is an undeniable influence. This project was designed to illustrate how global cities interact with global governance, particularly in the Climate Leadership Group or ‘C40.’ 

This project draws on the ‘cosmopolitan turn’ in social thought to reconsider city diplomacy in spatial terms, including urban planning, architecture and network theory.