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An overview of non-state actors' role in various advocacy and public diplomacy campaigns.

Bill Gates doesn't agree with President Donald Trump's plan to cut aid for the world's poorest. The billionaire philanthropist had a chance to share his concerns directly with the commander-in-chief.[...] Details about the exchange weren't immediately available, but Gates Foundation spokeswoman Sarah Logan said in an email before the meeting that Gates would be talking with U.S. government officials about development initiatives.

February 17, 2017

Everyone – from elected officials and bureaucrats to voters and taxpayers – can learn from the world’s largest charitable foundation about effective development spending. And these lessons are particularly relevant at a time when 56 percent of Europeans believe their governments should focus solely on domestic issues and let recipient countries deal with problems as best they can. 

On Monday, at the United Nations climate summit in Paris that has drawn together leaders from most of the countries on Earth, Gates unveiled his plan to create a multibillion-dollar fund to pay for research on clean and renewable energy.

A girl receives a polio vaccination

Stanislav Saling's case study of GAVI.

It's been the social media hit of the summer — some of the world's biggest celebrities dousing themselves with buckets of ice water to raise money for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), better known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Teaming up with the Gates Foundation isn't just a charitable move on the part of the Chinese government. The partnership is a perfect example of soft power--the spreading of influence through propaganda, public works, and cultural prestige.

Polio has all but been eradicated from the Earth, but not quite. So Bill Gates and the soccer club FC Barcelona are joining forces to push the effort past the goal line. They're calling it the "More than a Goal. End Polio" campaign...Barcelona plans to spread the message through in-stadium advertisements, announcements during matches, and via social media to the millions of followers worldwide.