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Dancers Strike a Tandava Pose over Govt Order


Union culture minister Shripad Yesso Naik has no clue about a storm brewing in his backyard. In what is perceived to be a "misguided effort to save money" for the ministry, a few bureaucrats have come out with an order that has made dancers across the country lose their poise. The order, which fixes the selection methodology for the Festivals of India that are held abroad, is likely to have a serious impact on the country's soft diplomacy.

Why North Korean Cheerleaders May Soon Descend on the South


When you think of North Korea, "cheerleaders" may not be the first thing that springs to mind.  But the news that Pyongyang plans to send a "cheerleading squad" to the South Korean city of Incheon for the upcoming Asian Games is not just a surprising and weird news story – it may actually be quite an important political sign.

Cultural Diplomacy: Hip Hop Diplomacy in India


In this podcast, Rockower and 2-Tone explain the value of hip hop as a form of cultural diplomacy, and give first person accounts of their experiences in India. This is a rare glimpse at some of the creative work the United States is doing overseas, complete with audio samples of 2-Tone’s work.

Defectors Land on Their Feet


Cuba takes special measures to hold on to one of its most precious cultural resources: ballet dancers. To discourage defections, authorities sometimes keep talented performers from touring or warn younger artists that finding a ballet job will be tough in an unappreciative capitalist world.

‘Hiplomacy’: Iraq’s New Generation of Hip Hop Activists


On Friday, October 18 at American University, the Public & Cultural Diplomacy Forum will be hosting a performance from First Step Iraq, a group of dancers and rappers from Baghdad, Basra, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, as part of their “Hiplomacy” tour this Fall. The Iraqi artists will present a show that reflects their daily struggle to practice their craft and showcase their talent in the often hostile environment of their home country. The performance will be followed by a Q+A session on this innovative cultural diplomacy program.

Cross-Cultural Melange


Two varied art forms staged recently at Greenix Village, a heritage art centre in Fort Kochi, as part of the inauguration of a hospitality service, left the audience spellbound. Ottamthullal presented by National Hartmut Schmidt, a German, and Tanoura, an Egyptian dance, presented by the internationally renowned artiste Hussein Muhammed, was an exotic treat. It was a perfect melange of cross-cultural exchange.

Russian Youth Ensemble Delights Crowd at PUMC


Despite soggy conditions, including a brief downpour, more than 100 people still showed up for the St. Petersburg, Russia-based youth ensemble, Golden Gates at Poinciana United Methodist Church last Thursday. By imitating dancers, sampling instruments or copying the rhythmic clapping and foot stomping of Russian dance, the audience got a taste of faraway culture when the youth ensemble performed a 90-minute show providing an entertaining and authentic glimpse into Old Russia.