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Obama Hosts Annual Ramadan Iftar at the White House


U.S. President Barack Obama hosted Tuesday an Iftar at the White House in celebration of the Holy Month of Ramadan.  The Iftar, which has become an annual tradition at the White House, gathered diplomats from the Arab and Muslim world. 

Kosher Iftar: UK Synagogue Marks Ramadan with Interfaith Meal


This week, a UK-based synagogue hosted its first iftar with members of both the local Jewish and Muslim communities.  With Ramadan being a time of reflection and peace, the Jewish-Muslim interfaith iftar at the synagogue, was a way for “Jewish and Muslim communities to come together in the UK to provide a light of hope for our co-religionists in the Middle East,” according to Mustafa Field, director of Faiths Forum London.

The Relatives of a Murdered Palestinian Teen Receive Comfort From an Unlikely Source


As tensions between Palestinians and Israelis remain high, there is a moment of hope in the middle of everything that is bleak: The father of a murdered Palestinian teenager was consoled by the uncle of a slain Israeli teenager.  "We expressed our deep empathy with their sorrow, from one bereaved family to another bereaved family," said Yishai Fraenkel, the uncle of Naftali Fraenkel, one of three Israeli teenagers found dead after being abducted on June 12.

Video Purportedly Shows Islamic State Leader


A man claiming to be the self-appointed caliph of the Islamic State jihadist group made what is thought to be his first taped appearance in a video that circulated on social media Saturday.  Previously there were only two known images of the notoriously elusive Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.

Iraqi Gov't, ISIS Trade Barbs on Social Media


As ISIS continues to successfully blaze a path through territory and the digital landscape, Iraq's numerous stakeholders reassess their roles in ensuring the young republic's existence.

‘Glam and Modest’: DKNY Launches Ramadan Collection


U.S.-based fashion powerhouse DKNY has launched a Ramadan Summer 2014 collection styled by two women from the Middle East and available in the region.  Yalda Golsharifi, fashion editor of Styles Magazine; and Tamara al-Gabbani, a fashion designer in Dubai, created the collected geared towards women.

UK Imams Urge British Muslims to Shun Syria and Iraq


More than 100 Islamic prayer-leaders from various denominations of Sunni and Shiite Muslims have signed a letter calling on British Muslims not to travel to Iraq or Syria to fight.  Security services say the influx of Western Muslims to Syria creates a threat to the West, when radicalized fighters return home from fighting in the region.