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A new episode of the BBC History Hour podcast reviews the beginning of its international broadcasting services in Portuguese and Spanish.

December 20, 2017

How Bolivia is re-branding the coca leaf in hopes of reclaiming the crop's cultural and (legal) economic potential.

Luke Dalla Bona, a former Sault resident currently living and working in Ecuador, has a plan to help a small South American community prosper by getting a completely natural product on the market. [...] After the earthquake took a painful bite out of Agua Blanca’s tourism revenue, the villagers, Dalla Bona said, decided to pursue bottling of natural shampoo, using the surrounding forest as a resource.

The symbolic gesture of picking São Paulo for the grand opening of Japan House hints at the value attributed by Japan to its strategic global partnership with Brasília. [...] unless Tokyo and Brasília decide to go for a thorough re-evaluation of the terms upon which their dysfunctional bilateral cooperation was structured over time, and think of innovative ways to carry it through in the future, Japan House will be of little help in making the ties that unite the two countries even bolder.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry will this year spend €251,862.16 on development projects to impoverished countries. The money will be distributed across 12 different projects from local non-governmental development organisations (NGDOs) across Asia, Africa and South America as part of the government’s Official Development Assistance policy.

RISE (Premieres January 27th)

A new series focuses on indigenous communities across the Americas.

The Malaysian embassy in Santiago has embarked on a Public Diplomacy Programme with a group of high school students [...] in an effort to further promote Malaysia, specifically in the region. Malaysian Ambassador to Chile, Datuk Dr Mohamad Rameez Yahaya, said that during the programme, the students got to know Malaysia better through video shows on tourism in Malaysia 

Taken overall, the medium and long-term reputational and economic impact of previous Olympics has frequently been overstated for host nations. However, in the midst of its current troubles, Brazil now has a significant opportunity to use the world’s largest sport event for a positive brand makeover that could produce a lasting legacy for the country.