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#Sweden on the Road


Sweden’s Ambassador to the United States, Björn Lyrvall, discusses the #Sweden on The Road campaign which is connecting with members of the American public to discuss various topics of mutual interest to the Swedish-American agenda such as trade, sustainable living, green technologies, innovation, and international corporation.

Sweden to Recognise Palestinian State


Sweden is to "recognise the state of Palestine", Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has said, the first long-term EU member country to do so. "The conflict between Israel and Palestine can only be solved with a two-state solution," he said during his inaugural address in parliament.

Somaliland: Opposition Leaders Launched Public Diplomacy in Sweden


A delegation of Justice & Welfare Party UCID who is on working visit to Sweden has met with the mayor of Vasteras Mr. Andres Teljeback. UCID delegation is headed by Mr. Said Omar, a senior Justice & Welfare Party has held in-depth discussions with Mr. Andres that lasted for hours and spoke about the possibility that the town of Vasteras should have working ties with Las Anod, Sool’s provincial capital. 

The New Diplomacy


The current UNO publication, Numero 17, La Nueva Diplomacia, features articles focusing on new diplomacy and international relations, and includes a piece by CPD Director, Jay Wang titled Nation Branding Revisited. Other articles cover topics ranging from Soft Power and Digital Diplomacy to Economic Diplomacy and the role of non-state actors in diplomatic relations.

Russia, Israel, Poland, Sweden Play Crucial Role in Digital Diplomacy Network While Ukraine Lags Behind


Internet, its online media sources and numerous digital services have become an essential part of international data exchange as well as a powerful instrument to influence public opinion worldwide. What countries are the most advanced users of the new digital tools? A research project conducted at Tel Aviv University's Department of Communications into the practice of "digital diplomacy" yielded rather unexpected results.

After Crimea, Sweden Flirts With Joining NATO


It's a good time to have friends in Eastern Europe. Leaders in the region, who have reacted to Russia's occupation of Crimea by expressing fears that they could be next, are now taking solace in their alliances. "Thanks be to God, we are NATO members," exclaimed Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite last week.

Exceptions To The Democratic Rule


In 2012, after having been sentenced to 11 years in prison for "terrorism" for illegally entering Ethiopia from Somalia in the presence of the Ogaden National Liberation Front, Swedish journalists Johan Persson and Martin Schibbye took the advice of their legal council, confessed to their "crimes" and requested an official pardon. It was a pragmatic move - both journalists vehemently denied the charges and considered any confession to be a charade - taken to save their own skins.

Sweden and Switzerland Launch Joint Campaign to Help Chinese Tourists Tell Them Apart


Sweden and Switzerland have launched a joint campaign to help Chinese tourists tell the two countries apart. While the mix-up isn't solely a problem for the Chinese, it has become a particular issue for those from the Asian nation because both countries' names are written similarly in Mandarin — Ruidian (Sweden) and Ruishi (Switzerland) — and begin with the same symbol.