Understanding and Combating Disinformation in Public Diplomacy

On March 14, 2024, CPD hosted a conversation on combating disinformation in public diplomacy at the USC Capital Campus in Washington, D.C. >


From “Wolf Warrior Diplomacy” To “Lone Wolf Diplomacy": The New Logic of Digital PD

Recent trends in digitalized public diplomacy demonstrate that digital tools are increasingly used to undermine connectedness and to strengthen separateness. >


Public Diplomacy in the News: The Foreign Service Turns 100, Elon Musk’s Diplomatic Alliances

“Public Diplomacy in the News” is a CPD Blog series by Andrew Dubbins, featuring noteworthy recent stories in public diplomacy. >


An Inter-Event Comparison of Two Historic Global Mega Events

CPD Visiting Scholar and U.S. Public Diplomat in Residence Matthew Asada conducts the first inter-event comparison of FIFA 2022 and Expo 2020.  >