“The Changing Role of the U.S. Military:  The Defense Department and U.S. Public Diplomacy”

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy held a special event in conjunction with the Eisenhower Series College Program, "The Changing Role of the U.S. Military: The Defense Department and U.S. Public Diplomacy." The Center hosted a public diplomacy discussion with senior colonels of the United States armed forces.

Special guests included Col. Thomas W. McShane, U.S. Army; Lt. Col. Thomas E. Ayres, U.S. Army; Lt. Col. Joe DeAntona, U.S. Army; and Cmdr. Donald Keith "Bones" Ulrich, U.S. Navy. The senior military officers discussed how their jobs and roles, including that of their subordinates, have changed in a post-9/11 world particularly as it relates to public diplomacy.


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