“Google’s Foreign Policy: The Shift from Industrial to Post-Industrial” with Ernest Wilson

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Professor Ernest Wilson discussed new developments and changes in foreign policy due to industrialization and technology.

Ernest Wilson, who was recently named as a senior fellow at the USC Center on Public Diplomacy, holds a joint appointment as Professor in the Department of Government and Politics and in the Department of African-American Studies. Dr. Wilson is also Faculty Associate of the School of Business and Management and the School of Public Affairs, University of Maryland, College Park. In 2004, Dr. Wilson published The Information Revolution and Developing Countries (MIT Press) and Diversity and U.S. Foreign Policy (Routledge Press). Two books are forthcoming in 2005 on the global IT governance and the politics of IT diffusion in Africa. He is Editor-in-Chief of the new journal Information Technologies and International Development (MIT Press). He is also the author of “What Is Internet Governance and Where Does It Come From?" (Journal of Public Policy, 2005).

His areas of expertise include international relations, public policy, leadership, information and communications technology, African studies, and comparative politics.


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