2009 Summer Institute in Public Diplomacy

The year 2009 marks the fourth annual Summer Institute in Public Diplomacy. This innovative two-week training program run by the USC Center on Public Diplomacy at the Annenberg School, is an opportunity for professionals to collaborate and immerse themselves in the increasingly critical study of public diplomacy. The purpose of the Summer Institute is to equip practitioners with tools to better understand the role of public diplomacy, analyze the impact of new communication technologies and employ innovative new mechanisms for improving the image and impact of their country or organization in the world.

This intensive two-week course is taught by some of the world’s most distinguished public diplomacy experts and covers the relevant fields from the traditional areas of international broadcasting and international exchanges through media diplomacy to the newest forms of public diplomacy such as e-image and cyber-public diplomacy. In addition to the foundational academic theories of public diplomacy, the 2009 Summer Institute will include courses on public diplomacy and human rights, trade, diasporas, cross-cultural communication, and crisis public diplomacy. Graduates will receive an invaluable two weeks of instruction and collaboration, and an official Certificate in Public Diplomacy from USC.

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