Science Diplomacy & the Prevention of Conflict

Conference Opening Dinner and Keynote Address: Vaughan Turekian

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy was pleased to host a conference in collaboration with USIP's Center of Innovation for Science Technology and Peacebuilding to further academic understanding of science diplomacy as a valuable element in the wider field of public diplomacy. Science diplomacy provides an opportunity for scientists around the world to work together on projects that address humanity's most pressing challenges, including sustainable development, preserving the environment, and fighting disease and hunger to prevent conflict around the world.

For more information about the complete conference agenda for Friday, February 5, please click here.

Opening Dinner and Keynote Address

Vaughan Turekian
Director of the Center for Science Diplomacy
American Association for the Advancement of Science

This conference and subsequent CPD publications will explore the merits and challenges of science diplomacy, not solely as conducted by the United States, but by nations across the world. By creating a forum for practitioners and experts, who discussed current and past projects in science diplomacy, we hope to achieve a better understanding of what science diplomacy can and cannot accomplish, thereby creating a greater understanding of how, when, and where it can most effectively be deployed.

For more information about the Center's research project on Science Diplomacy, please visit our Science Diplomacy Monitor.


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