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CPD Blog Submission Guidelines:

Please email submissions as an attached, editable document per the guidelines below to

Editorial style on the CPD Blog is based on the AP (Associated Press) Stylebook. We receive many inquiries and submissions, and on average an initial response from the editorial team can be expected within 2–3 business days. Please note that it may not be possible to publish time-sensitive or breaking news.

  • Topics must clearly refer to public diplomacy, as reflected in your title, introduction and conclusion.
  • Length / Word Count: 1,000 words maximum. Exceptions may be made at the CPD Blog Manager's discretion.
  • Summary: Please provide a one-line synopsis of your thesis. Maximum 20 words.
  • Citations / References: All claims and facts must be cited. To cite sources, please hyperlink the appropriate phrases in your text with URLs. Incorporate all academic-style footnotes or endnotes directly into your paragraph text. If your submission requires citation beyond in-text placement, please let us know in your email.
  • Social Media: If relevant, provide your Twitter handle or LinkedIn URL.
  • All Direct Quotes must include either a hyperlink to the source or a description of how the author obtained the quote (e.g., personal interview).
  • American English spelling and Associated Press (AP) Stylebook are generally used to copyedit CPD Blog posts, e.g., no serial comma, and we encourage submissions per these guidelines.
  • *New Bloggers* Please provide a high-resolution photo (headshot) as a separate file attachment (.jpg, .png), short bio and email address for the author and any co-authors. 
  • Photos / Images may be submitted along with your piece as separate file attachments (.jpg, .png) along with 1) permission to use, 2) credit or attribution, and 3) caption information if needed for clarity. Generally, a copyright-free image will be selected at the discretion of the CPD Blog Manager.
  • Re-posts elsewhere are encouraged, and we ask that you please include proper attribution and a URL / hyperlink to the original post on our website. Previously published work re-posted to the CPD Blog will include attribution with a URL / hyperlink at the top.
  • Please declare any connections or affiliations that may have bearing on your blog submission.
  • Please provide a short title and suggested keywords, i.e. cultural diplomacy, gastrodiplomacy, soft power, etc.
  • Submissions are subject to review and editing by CPD’s editorial staff. Authors may be asked to revise or copyedit before publication. CPD reserves the right to determine what is unacceptable content or formatting on a case-by-case basis.
  • After a blog post is published, no substantive changes will be made to the text or images. 


Thanks for your interest in the CPD Blog, and we look forward to reviewing your work.